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General Manager Work

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You thus not would be making that new reality should work in its favour. We understand that although described can be measured bad or good, it not you generate more income. HIGHER revenues provide them the reason why you have your business: sell well we understand also that if because of their higher costs and not to lose, you would be forced to charge more than their competitors without a differential sustenance and that happens if who you buy thinks that you claimed you others (its competence it shall be) or that it treated him badly?. Will express you your protest by this fact, not finding a better way of protest: stop buying him or POSTERGANDOLE LA date of payment to make that LA new reality work to your FAVOR and band more and copper best, let’s see 4 actions: 1.- as you know, rapid changes affect the results of a company, to a much greater extent whose organization gathers: scarce talents, with little or no permanent training, with people of low professional level or technician are you waiting for? WITH people so not is can be require succeed in the economy of the 21st century, that does not FORGIVE the IMPROVISATION 2.-as the process of change on its people will not be from one day to another, it is imperative to protect themselves, optimizing your current organization. OPTIMIZE is plan Iincorporar in its people the philosophy and the action of the Total sale. TOTAL sale is that from the goalkeeper to the General Manager, all will justify their jobs, provided they are useful in order to serve each customer in your company well, with efficiency. Each and every one will know, can and will want sell well 3.-is PROTeGe and made more powerful and efficient your BUSINESS, whether from the goalkeeper to the Manager, they are part of a culture of change, where its controls and your people work and are a single team. As a team, all assume Auto discipline in expenses, schedules, to meet offered, to make and follow a work PLAN and stick to it 4.-it protects your business, if all his people following his example as a leader, agrees to be bold, provided as such, knowing, OK and make it in day to day, can and will need to overcome to themselves and therefore its competence only so your people can accompany him to live and enjoy the triumph today, in the harsh world of the Crisis now, of their collections and more sales already don’t worry all want to negotiate with the successful!.

Youth Policy

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That ended in 2009, announced by the President of the Russian Federation "Year of Youth. We can already draw the main outcomes of the meeting and on this basis, we can assume the main directions of future activities. Without a doubt the most important event of the Year of Youth – a meeting of the State Council of the Russian Federation on youth policy, which was held on July 17, 2009. Requests to the President of the Russian Federation at the State Council and Russian Prime Minister at a meeting of the Organizing Committee, have a strategic character and give a serious impetus to the development of our industry in the country. On which the country's president Dmitri Medvedev said that the youth problems recently received much attention in this direction taken certain steps, but this does not mean that all issues are resolved, on the contrary, it is rather just the beginning of work. As part of the plans Youth of the Year in the Russian regions, has passed a variety of activities and events, and, seemingly, live so rejoice young man, but the Year of Youth revealed a number of challenges in matters of regulatory management and implementation of state youth policy. Until now was never adopted the Federal Law "On main principles of state youth policy in Russia." Thus, has not passed a long-awaited separation of responsibilities in the implementation of youth policy at the federal, regional and municipal levels. It is not possible to establish in all Russian regions united threshold level of young people.