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The Seiko quartz astron, the world’s first quartz wristwatch, her 40th birthday celebrated on December 25. The Seiko quartz astron, the world’s first quartz wristwatch, her 40th birthday celebrated on December 25. The clock has revolutionized our relationship at the time, because overnight the course deviation was no longer measured by wrist watches in seconds per day, but in seconds per year. Seiko’s quartz engagement began in 1959 with the project 59A in laboratories in Suwa, which are high up in the mountains of Japan. Ten years later, on Christmas day 1969, Seiko sold the quartz ASTRON for the first time and thus changed the entire time measurement. Although the Swiss watch industry their quartz wristwatch later brought onto the market, Seiko marketed its watches with a distinct advantage: the company was at that time almost all the components a watch even here, quartz oscillators and LCDs included, while in the Switzerland a great cottage industry with thousands of companies, specializing in the production of certain items. In times when the Swiss production often was delayed by supply problems with the parts, Seiko acted already entirely self-sufficient. The phenomenon of quartz timekeeping was not new, but Seiko’s engineers wouldn’t let go of the problem to miniaturize the parts, so that they fit into the housing a wrist watch.

“With success: 1958 the company had completed a practical quartz timepiece for broadcasters, it was Seiko, in 1962 to develop only a marine quartz chronometer” weighed 30 kg, and two years later as a portable quartz chronometer 3 kg on the scale. The 1964 developed quartz crystal chronometer QC-951 was the first quartz timepiece was ever used at the Olympic Games. “Then were working on the further miniaturization of technology in the framework of the project of 59A and manufactured small quartz watches for obtained competitions as well as versions in the bullet trains” were used in the Japanese car. With the introduction of the quartz astron, which was at that time as expensive as a car of the middle class, Seiko presented ground-breaking developments in the Quartz technology. Acquired numerous inventions of Seikos as the quartz oscillator in the form of tuning fork, the open step motor as well as the C-MOS IC, a novel integrated circuit have been within a very short time from other manufacturers and are still today recognised standards in the manufacturing of quartz watches.

By Seiko made these inventions available to other companies, the quartz revolution was an event that changed the entire world of timekeeping. The ASTRON of only one hundred were produced, applies as a springboard to Seikos more technical innovations such as the 1973 featured first LCD quartz watch of the world with six-digit digital display (caliber 0614), the first digital multi function watch in the world from 1975 (caliber 063), the kinetic watch from 1988, and in 2004 of the world’s first watch with elektrophoresischem display (caliber G510). On April 26, 2004 Seiko’s commitment in the quartz technology with the IEEE milestone award of the Institute was honored of electrical and electronic Inc. engineers. Innovations in the areas of be with the milestones”of the IEEE Recognized electronics, information and communication. The IEEE is a worldwide Professional Association of engineers in electrical engineering and computer science, headquartered in New York City.

Typical Weaknesses

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ec4u with practical tips to improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of Karlsruhe, targeted 09.02.2011 – today’s customer management is no longer conceivable without modern CRM solutions, but this in no way implies that their conductivity is exhausted or they operated under economic conditions. On the contrary practice shows consulting in the enterprise according to Mario Pufahl, partner of ec4u expert ag, often diverse weaknesses. The consultant outlined the main problems: 1 to General strategic objectives: the term CRM strategy is fast, actually lacks the CRM projects in practice but all too often the necessarily specific orientation. So lacking not only a detailed description, use CRM to contribution for the company, but at least as often no adequate overall cost calculation (total cost of ownership) are made. The economic calculations and benefit considerations are but elemental to the success and also as a basis for assessing future scenario changes essential.

2. complex projects have been squeezed in minimalist technical concepts: who has not the actual technical requirements sufficiently differentiated described at the beginning and too little considered this particularly users with their specific requirements, then in practice with considerable problems of struggling. Especially repair work are necessary or power restrictions have to be tolerated. Because ever more generally and unpraziser it is the harder the intentions, precisely to achieve the goal. Accordingly, a great care in the professional design must be developed, as it lays the groundwork for the later implementation and describes the framework for the expenditure and resource planning. 3. CRM systems were brought without sufficient testing to use: not in theory but in most real use conditions to determine ways in which the technical requirements can also actually precisely have been implemented and whether the system can be controlled by the users. Therefore there is a clean test concept and a needs-based test coordination. Also sufficient time for the testing must be available under practical conditions, so that not only technically but also process that can be tested.

Country Houses Walls

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Construction of any house, as you know, start with the construction of the foundation. The cost of it could be 8-10 percent or more the cost of the house. It should also be aware that the material strength of the foundation (or concrete, etc.) is used to large excess, and the size of the foundation (width) is determined primarily by low soil strength (average of 2 kg / sq. cm.) The most common type of foundation of the manor house in every village or outside the city just is ribbon, ie a continuous ribbon (side) have staged under all walls of the house. It is made of monolithic concrete, rubble concrete or prefabricated concrete blocks. Such a design foundation uneconomical.

It is advisable to use a building with a basement. Reduce the cost base in various ways. For example, the device of the columnar base. This foundation (sometimes, but very rarely put a brick on fundamet bad ground) consists of individual parts (columns), located at a distance of 120-200 cm from each other, but always in the corners of walls and under the intersections of exterior and interior walls. Poles are placed on the jumper, then rely on that wall. The width of columns must be at least the thickness of the wall. Scheme pier foundation shown in Fig.

5. A very important issue, also defining the cost base, is the depth of its foundations. If the building has a basement, the depth laying the foundation will be dictated by the depth of the basement. Usually it is 2.3-2.5 m above the ground or first floor about 2 m above the ground. Otherwise, enter the building without a basement. Learn more at: Steve Wozniak. Here the depth of the trench for the foundation external walls will depend mainly on the following factors: a) the type of soil, and b) the level of groundwater, and c) the depth of soil freezing.

Aerodynamic Body Kit

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That in the normal execution of the contrary. Bodykit thresholds prevents lateral eddies, which squeeze the car off the road. Aerodynamic body kit is not only used to make original appearance of the car, but for a real improvement in the behavior of your car on the road. In countries such as usa, Germany, Japan, […]

Right Technique

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On the bait, ready and go. The choice of the right bait fishing is one of the most popular hobbies of the Germans. The right bait is crucial especially in carnivorous fish. There are the right bait for any purpose. Very situational, the experienced anglers between the different groups must choose an indicator suitable for […]