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Making Books

Posted by Juan on December 31, 2012 with Comments Closedas

My book that I wrote with my thoughts. Feelings To love, a so good feeling that it makes to float, the desire to love me to feel makes me well, with me and all. The love is so true that it transmits peace, joy, tranquilidade, a full happiness of imaginations. To my they leave me thoughts in very happy peace and, therefore I love liking the life and having always somebody to share, to follow, to help and to give joy at the moments that is necessary. The homesickness is good, therefore it indicates that we like and we value the people who we love that we want well, that we need them to share and to divide sad and happy moments of our lives. Who loves is capable of everything to live happy to the side of the loved person, who loves of truth knows to give love and to receive affection from who also values and loves of truth. In the life we have many feelings, but what it moves these feelings is the reason, therefore if we think good things we will have good and tranquilos feelings, but if we think about bad things we will have negative and sad feelings. An important feeling in the life of the people exists very that is the friendship feeling, however this feeling nor always is found in the people. To have friends is not to have a prize or a thing any, to have friends is as to have a gift that God gave in them. Optimum and true friend is God, therefore it not mind, does not criticize and not juga our attitudes, for the opposite it in the aid very, therefore we need it the time all and it is always present stops always helping in them. He continues

Biometric Systems For Computer (PC )

Posted by Juan on December 25, 2012 with Comments Closedas

Computer accessories are used in biometrics systems to interpret the physical characteristics of people. Something inherent in each individual and not transferable to access systems or locations without the person having to remember passwords or carry cards embedded chips that can be stolen, copied or lost. These systems are composed of a biometric device that captures the physical features of the person and a biometric software that analyzes and processes to verify that the individual is who he claims to be. safety, convenience and speed are three characteristic features of biometric security are accelerating the adoption of these systems in pursuit of total security. Typically, these biometrics are based on the characteristics of the iris, face, voice, hand or fingerprints. a The most common biometric device is currently the fingerprint reader (fingerprint reader) because these can be also as an accessory will manage PC, which when connected to USB port of the computer and then install the software that usually comes with the reader, allows for example, replacing the Windows password for the user’s fingerprint or encrypt files using the fingerprint as the key. Several devices are fingerprint readers, when I recommend choosing one and endless Software included with the reader, which with its characteristics of strength, durability, small size, false finger sensor detector and efficiency with all type of tracks, make it a good choice for any office environment both in and outdoors.

a The main use of biometric systems is the control of persons, whether in income, the shift within the company through checkpoints or in the output. There are a variety of biometric solutions: control assistance (replacing clocks), intermediate checkpoints in sensitive areas of an organization, identification (for clubs and libraries), personal identification to prove his identity as a means for authorizing procedures and formalities. An example of a biometric system is the software functional i-Footprints for access control and personal assistance, which is based on a reading fingerprints. There is a new trend towards devices that do not involve contact with the biometric device by the user, to prevent failures due to wear or dirt and make the process more friendly. In this sense facial recognition technology is gaining ground, and that using a web camera and biometric capture device and software capable of detecting the features of the face, it becomes a great alternative to conventional systems, due to low cost of implementation and maintenance, as well as its greater acceptance among users because they are already familiar with web cameras through chat programs and social networks. He uses this system of recognition and identification of face to perform access control and personal assistance. Biometric Another use of facial recognition system is to detect user moods and according to it, perform some action, such as the new patent from Sony, you choose a song within a play-list line the detected mood.

Being Happy

Posted by Juan on December 4, 2012 with Comments Closedas

Papa arrived in house in that happy late-night of the life; he was not for less, therefore he had bought a new device of sound. The year was 1983, then ' ' device of som' ' of that time trambolho meant one great, with some separate parts or modules (record player, touch-ribbons, radio AM/FM, great boxes of sound) that, with the aid of many and long wires, they were joined and they worked together stops giving in them optimum of music (if vc are feeling lack of the module touch-cd' s forgets at that time did not have nor the concept of compact disc)! Good, but this new acquisition of my father was more or less one of top of line that had to the time then, to protect it of external agents (it reads the curious boys that they lived in that house, therefore rambled dangerously close to the place where it would go to be installed the equipment) it had a wonderful idea: it constructed, with its proper hands, a ortaleza to keep in way insurance very its precious one well. Wooden bulk was an immense horizontal box, a trunk, with compartments for some modules and its wires and with a great equally firm cover that came with gigantic a cadeado one of iron that, when locked, in the only existing key if it only opened. I want here to make a commentary: this fact that I am telling if passed, as the reader already perceived, has thirty years almost; today the sound device does not exist more, but the immense trunk and its frightful cadeado if find in my house, one room, already without the original compartments and that today my wife uses to keep clean clothes that need to be last (and muuuita thing fits). Coming back what it interests: the only one, or the only parts that were of are of this trunk were the boxes of sound, because, in the mind me father ' ' how the boys could damage in some known way mere boxes of sound? ' ' He did not have as! Therefore everything was perfectly safe.