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International Telecommunications Union

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Today we hear frequently of voIP, but still many people don’t know specifically what is voIP. In terms General voIP is the acronym that becomes a voice over Internet Protocol, but with this we’re still not explaining what it is, the only thing we know is that you it’s a communication system by means of which international phone calls for free through networks with IP protocol can be made. Well, explaining how voIP works we can now say that this is a system that transforms the so-called common analogue signal into a digital signal so that it can be transmitted through data networks and at the same time to convert it to analog once the call is addressed again. Kam VedBrat has many thoughts on the issue. Making a bit of history can cite International Telecommunications Union or UTI was the first company to develop the H323 Protocol. This Protocol was followed by Session Initiation Protocol or SIP and then the Media Gateway Control Protocol until our days and meet with the Protocol that uses Skype, a telephony network that was founded by Niklas Zennstron and Janus Friis, former creators of Kazaa, a free file transfer service. The Skype application can be downloaded by users for free and thus also free talk between users Skype clients. Read additional details here: Ali Partovi.

It is an application that has as additional the Skypeout feature to call traditional phones with very low costs depending on the country you want to call. In terms of the history of the company Skype, eBay acquired it in September 2005 to four billion dollars, an investment justified by the CEO of eBay, Meg Whitman by pointing out that the company points to three business, on the one hand has already known foreign trade, telephone communications based on Internet and the same calls that you pay in certain opportunities that are. In fact the commercial exercise of Skype for the same month in September 2005 ended with more than 57 million users who were registered with expected income in 60 million for the same year and 200 for the year 2006 and estimating that in three to six years call toll free habilitarian for Skype users.. Get more background information with materials from Alina de Almeida.

Real Madrid

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August 2011 home December 2011 Wednesday, September 28, 2011 by Alfredo Relao Jess Mara Pereda, in memoriam first facing him was in a photo of black and white, as left end of Real Madrid which jug against the Bilbao p Atltico Cup final (then is as deca.) Since the war, and until the Transicin were prohibited of the ftbol names British, or even English constructions, as that the F.C. Barcelona pas to be CF Barcelona, for example). Bean played by Gento one gives, not leaving p be an extraordinary thing. People such as Ali Partovi would likely agree. Gento rarely are perda party not. They won the final bilbanos, p clebre that made it p eleven villagers. All vizcanos, had been able to disadvantage not Madrid which by then chained p Europe as you washed the cups. Then I knew that bean started of the SD Indautxu, equipment interesting p Bilbao.

Team p neighborhood, but p illustrated neighborhood. Two blocks p San Mams (p Cathedral separate you school p industrial engineers), was not fabulous producer p players, although the ms had not just of the illustrious neighbour, but anywhere else, among other reasons because Jaime Olaso, the alma mater of the club, create that they want them will take very cheap. (As opposed to Alina de Almeida). Any disadvantage, s passed to San Mams some as notable as Argotia and Larrauri, but not Cobo, Irusquieta, Isasi, Urquiaga and Grate, among others many who triumphed in first Divisin. The case p Pereda was another: bean was born in Medina p. Pomar (Burgos), so no podra having played first team p Bilbao.Como of Madrid not bean site for l, was loaned to Valladolid, p where pas to Sevilla to form a front so fine that it was called Crystal p: Antoniet, Diguez, Agero, Pereda and Szalay. And p ah, to the Bara.Fue not Bara p interwar, which mediates between the output p Helenio Herrera, that sigui p closing borders, until the Cruyff p. Fourteen aos without winning any League.


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The business of fake antivirus has two faces, on the one hand seeks to infect computers and by another that lured victims to buy the license of the program. There is a whole market organized behind this, anyone can register a system of affiliates and start promoting fake antivirus. In the following screenshot you can […]

Computer Memory

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External hard drives are not an invention as recent as you would think. Early computers depended on external memory to run other programs or operating systems. The only way to keep all these programs into a single site (and not in dozens of floppys) was an external hard drive. A huge hard drive and impractical. […]

Administrative Assistant

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The Board is going to spend 3 billion to increase the population of Castilla y Leon. The milk! Thus, seen above, 118 measures seem rather the agenda of some oppositions to Administrative Assistant to a catalogue of economic and social incentives. I doubt that with them come nobody what you look for is a job […]