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Surprising Success For The Hit Of The Year Tour 2012

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More information about the seller of the year tour which now long since legendary TV will broadcast “The hit of the year” for years by many pop fans excited perceived and belongs to the most successful entertainment programs at all. Recently Robotics expert sought to clarify these questions. Annually, all eagerly to this highlight. After already the TV show “Music for you” on a tour of sensational launched last year, the nationwide live to establish “The hit of the year” idea because large audience requests. We can now say one in any case with security – this tour is really hit suspicious. If you look at the first month of January alone, many houses were completely sold out, that literally delights audiences and all tread for sequel. In the high-equipped to the highest extent light and sound technology every spectator feels contented.

The over 3stundige program with elite artists of grade A is the absolute madness. Veteran Bernhard Brink, who be 40-year-old this year Anniversary, its 60th celebrates birthday and released his new album “how far do you go” on the will, presented as a presenter and singer a veritable Fireworks with strong new titles such as E.g. “I want”, “your dreams and ‘Is different’. The man with the 2 G points alias Gerd Grabowski or better known as G.G.Anderson the audience moved with his “Lena”, or with old hits such as “Mama Lorraine” or “Summer night in Rome” in the truest sense of the word in Ecstasy. The very attractive Maira Rothe shows not only as their skills, but also as a singer and Duet partner of Bernhard Brink. As soon as the battle cry “come on, lets dance” sounds, it holds more seats certainly no viewers.

The Austrian chart topper Nik P. has currently with his songs such as E.g. “Where love calls your name”, “The man in the Moon” and “The stranger” everything at your fingertips. The sympathetic Dresden Schlager singer Olaf Berger published his new album “Stations” on the 30.03.2012. On the “Hit of the year tour 2012” he kidnapped us with his “night owls”, “If your eyes reveals a night” and “Leave me, if I sleep” on a very interesting musical journey. But there is still a very fascinating woman in this round. There is talk of Nicole, us already at that time in 1982 and today with its Grand Prix hit “a little peace” a message is communicated. “Here I come” is the motto of their new CD, which will be published on the 16.03.2012 at least for now. All in all more accurately considered provided a really wide range of music the audience. For everyone there is something. And it doesn’t matter whether young or old – everyone will be overwhelmed. During the break, as well as at the end of the program the audience has the possibility to get an autograph or a photo of his favorite artist or favorite artist. More tour dates: 24 59227 Ahlen City Hall 19.30 25.02.12 04746 Hartha HarthArena 19: 00 03.03.12 09009 Chemnitz City Hall 7: 30 pm 04.03.12 03046 Cottbus City Hall 17: 00 09.03.12 17358 Stadthalle Torgelow 20.00 10.03.12 15749 Mittenwalde multi-purpose hall 19: 00 11.03.12 06112 Halle Steintor-Variete 16.00 25.03.12 01067 Dresden Kulturpalast 16.00 14.04.12 38871 Ilsenburg resin country Hall 19:30 with Bernhard Brink, Claudia Jung, G.G.Anderson, Olaf Berger, Maira Rothe, Andreas Martin 15.04.12 98527 Suhl CCS 16:00 with Bernhard Brink, Claudia Jung, G.G.Anderson, Olaf Berger, Maira Rothe, Andreas Martin 29.04.12 01877 Bischofswerda Kulturhaus 16.00 extra concert!

Marketing Hotel

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Day after day, millions of users surfing the web in search of products and services, and one of the most popular in cyberspace is undoubtedly the hotel marketing. Recently, several studies have shown that 90% of people who have planned a trip conducted online consultations about reservation of tickets, hotels, tourist attractions etc. A lot of companies related to tourism and hospitality have not turn a deaf ear to this trend and therefore offer their services through the web. Given the large number of sites of this type, the implementation of strategies that increase the visibility of the brand to online level has become an essential part of the marketing of the company. Hotels and restaurants not only have to compete every day with new establishments that are incorporated into the market, they must articulate strategies to attract a lawsuit more unfaithful everyday looking to monetize your money with the best products and services. We must not forget that the customer, today, crawls on the network, looking for rooms with their bonds or select offers of promotion that continuously advertised, make reservations in restaurants of culinary fusion, tries to find the new cuisine at good prices and is happy travelling where offer them an all inclusive. For all this and more, Marketing becomes an essential element of management and only those who know how to move in these turbulent and challenging waters may aspire to achieve what you propose.

The marketing concept has evolved much since its ancient meaning as a synonym for sales, distribution, advertising or market research. Nations and companies in development are increasingly paying more attention to this discipline, the hotel marketing, given their need to compete effectively in today’s tough markets. There are different interpretations regarding the breadth of the contents of the hotel marketing and in general: to) Marketing as a synonym for advertising, promotion and sales action. (b) Marketing as a set of methods or market research systems. (c) Marketing as a driving system. This last concept is one that is oriented to the entire company and its members to meet needs and desires of consumers, which are economic opportunities for her. Only discovering the motivations and desires of buyers, or guests, the hotel may achieve their own goals of growth and profitability in any of the areas of the same.