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The business of fake antivirus has two faces, on the one hand seeks to infect computers and by another that lured victims to buy the license of the program. There is a whole market organized behind this, anyone can register a system of affiliates and start promoting fake antivirus. In the following screenshot you can see part of the catalogue offered by one of these systems, the sales commissions are 75%: catalogue of fake antivirus to sell these fraudulent programs are can promote in any way, although in theory spam and other illegal methods are not allowed, given the nature of the products in reality it is one worth all in order to achieve a user purchase the program and install it. In the following screenshot you can see an email that promotes one of these fake antivirus, apparently it’s a new version of Antivirus 2010, even offer a coupon code: mail that promotes a false antivirus when you click is accessed the next page which offers everywhere download the program, prior purchase with credit card: page of the fake antivirus purchase card to purchase program highlight the good design of the site, something necessary to convince victims, if you notice the first screenshot you can see this page appears in the catalogue of affiliates. We must be cautious when it comes to download and buy security programs, many seem real but in reality don’t serve for anything. Find information on the products and views of other users is best when in doubt.


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If Jules Verne would raise his head to one of his most famous, the German professor Otto Lidenbrock, look for the route to reach the center of the earth through an invention like the elevator. And is that if researchers now walk in the idea of a space elevator can give us, like scouts, to places as remote and unthinkable as the moon. KONE, a leading manufacturer of vertical transportation (elevators, escalators and automatic doors) has done the reverse operation. That is, created in Lohja (Finland) Tytyri mine. There, at a depth of 333 feet, make sweat any of the lifts to prove with absolute safety and security measures. The reason for this hole in the depths of the earth is nothing but to seek optimal solutions for enhancing lifting solutions on the market. “The hollow of the mine is an underground community with a network of galleries, roads and tunnels for secure test innovative lifts, explains Monica Martin, Director of Marketing KONE Spain.

“It’s the highest testing center worldwide and of itself a great innovation. There, at a speed of 17 meters per second “launch” the elevators to see their strength and reliability. ” In this well-sized and sits on a limestone mine equipment KONE innovation has changed the concept of elevator testing tower. “For all these tests the center extends an operating structure with an intricate network of holes, transportation routes and tunnels that allow efficient and safe installation of lifts testing team,” Martin stressed. In this pit the equipment installation of elevators for your tests, uses a solid transportation routes and rapid assembly into the hole.

So, as if the miners should address, KONE engineers carried out in two pits dug advanced studies in areas such as transmission systems, motor controls, ride comfort, the influence of pressure air safety and installation methods. “The fact that the environment is embedded in solid rock makes highly stable installation serves as a laboratory of external conditions,” adds Martin. . Contact information is here: Steve Case.

Breast Enlargement Operations

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Therefore, from a quickly abandoned. Then in 1936, Schwartzman first performed the operation on the implementation of the mammary glands of glass beads, resulting in chest acquired firm and unnatural shape. In the late 40s appeared liquid silicone, which is widely used in Japan for breast enlargement in the so-called geisha. Silicone caused severe inflammatory reactions and migrated. In the 50s there were the first synthetic prostheses made of their first evalonovoy sponge, then from eterona, but it soon became clear around them formed a very rough connective tissue capsule. Which caused deformation of the chest and severe pain.

The so-called revolution in breast augmentation surgeons performed the American F. Gregow and T. Cronin applying silicone implants in the shell, which were filled with saline or silicone gel. Learn more at this site: Pete Cashmore. The basic technology is used today, have changed only the composition of materials and a variety of shapes and sizes of implants, the manufacturers of new generations of implants offer a lifetime warranty on their quality. But no matter how good and qualitative implants were not in all cases we can achieve good results.

And this is not caused by the implants with and with the variety of cases which address the patient. Most encountered this condition after amputation of the breast cancer, aplasia or hypoplasia of mammary glands with the absence of adipose tissue in the chest, etc. Installed implants can give the desired shape, but it negated the result of the operation tactile sensations when the implant is determined simply by touch. And the fact that the implants, it is still a foreign body (although the quality of life of which is guaranteed). According to many surgeons are same should be replaced with new ones – after 13-16 years, and it is not convenient for everybody. Recently a lot of information about the Brava Breast Enlarger System developed by the American surgeon Roger Kay Kuori. This system allows for preparation for the procedure of breast augmentation own fat (fat grafting). The advantages of this method is that adipose tissue itself does not cause pathological reactions in the breast, the natural to the touch, and do not require replacement in the future. Except of the vacuum bra Brava Breast Enlarger can be used in cases of hypoplasia of the mammary gland to increase its own tissues, which are better fitted to conceal the implant. But the most promising, in my look, I think the use of this system in combination with patients undergoing fatgraftingom mastectomy for cancer. Since in this operation removes not only iron but also the subcutaneous tissue, breast muscle. That leads to a significant shortage of tissue, and does not promise to install the implant. A transplant operation TRAM-flap is very traumatic, has a greater risk of complications, which makes it not very attractive for patients. As you can see the attention to the female breast and its present form long ago. Changing only the methods and means of influence to change its shape and volume that with advances in technology are trying to do less risky, more predictable and giving the most natural result.

A Few Words About Geotextiles

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Geotextile (Dorn) – Environmentally friendly non-woven polypropylene material of infinite-polyester fibers, which ensures its high physical and mechanical properties and versatility in a variety of construction areas. Is resistant to various chemical compounds (alkalis, acids), frost-resistant. For more information see Pete Cashmore. Geotextile (Dorn) differs in material density, density selection carried out by experts Our […]

Choose Upholstered Furniture

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Upholstered furniture – this is the most complicated group of furniture with the purchase. All securely and carefully hidden, and sewn closed. You can not see what materials were used as manufactured frame and much more. And it depends on it, Will your sofa longevity, another equal and beloved family member, or "die" young, somewhere […]

Buying Auto Parts Online

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In recent years, increasing numbers of people who prefer shopping on the Internet. Do not stand aside and spare parts intended for cars. Thanks to the Internet you can find almost all the auto parts that are you need. You no longer need to spend your time on various trips to the shops and markets. […]

Pentax Optio NB LEGO

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The years have passed since first appeared for the first time the games type LEGO, who have both served for the development of the work of children in formative age, which also represents an entertaining way to pass the time, even for young people and adults. The truth is that the figures of the LEGO […]

Urquijo Bank

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The Association Provincial businessmen of mine of anthracite (Apema) of Leon, announces the immediate loss of more than a thousand jobs due to the fulfilment of the commitment to Kyoto, which calls for reducing CO2 emissions. A limit to the overall health of the species situation human, in a rich society and with energy diversification […]

SQL Server

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Asked about the decision-making capacity of technicians who you serve and the level of access to servers. The support is free of charge or charges? If present, it prompts to specify them in writing. In case of failure in the web hosting, such as server failure or disaster, with what speed does the company respond […]

Francisco Matarazzo

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To prevent males bigger, Getlio government Vargas grants to moratorium ace debts and decrees the Law of Usury. While the necessary agriculture I assist of it governmental to survive, the industry, that also passes for tragic vicissitudes, does without the intervention in its favor. All the times that are consulted, when the federal government speaks […]