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Great Pyramid

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But this hypothesis does not explain much. The issue remains unresolved. Modern consciousness is difficult to reconcile with the fact that for many years and untold money spent to ensure that appease the dead, even leaving food for the afterlife. And because of the existence of pyramids continue to search for various reasons: they were built by aliens, they are encrypted astronomical, magical knowledge of the ancient priests, they contain a prediction of the future. Digital magic of the Great Pyramid of Cheops was so popular that by measuring it in all directions, and adding the results, fans have predicted anything. Visit Steve Wozniak for more clarity on the issue.

One such researcher even predicted the outbreak of World War II, but with an error for a year and it seems that after the war ended. Meanwhile, the closest to the mystery of the ancient Greeks came sphinxes. The Sphinx asked Oedipus: "Who walks in the morning on four legs, two in the afternoon and evening on three? ". Man. For more specific information, check out Founder of Zendesk. In the riddle of the Sphinx lies an allegory of human life. The mystery of the pyramids – the mystery of life and death.

These buildings embodied quite inhumane human fear death and the human hope of future life. The pyramids were not only luxury homes of the dead. They were a fortress. Their purpose – to protect the dead. Pyramids forty centuries have stood and been able to cope with wind and time, but not with human greed. Pharaohs were buried in the know and luxuries that they themselves in no way denied after death.

Europe Country

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World – huge, but it can be understood only if we begin to travel. If you are traveling for the first time, must adhere to certain rules, because even experienced travelers make mistakes. After all, not everything happens the way we planned. What you need to know the tourist, first met on a trip? Often, before leaving in front of you gets pleased questions that are best solved in advance. Even before the trip make sure that someone will feed your pets, water the flowers, so these home care is not marred by your departure. Rely on these responsibilities to their relatives or good friends whom you trust. Anything's better to decide in advance and not left to the last moment.Obyazatelno take care of their health insurance. Make sure that it will be valid for your entire stay in another country.

Be sure to check the deadline by which your passport will be valid. Same refer to the exchange rate in the country where you plan to go, perhaps you would be better to exchange money at home, not to stay at a loss in exchange. Exchange rates in another country can be unpredictable, especially, do not change money on the street, rogues just that and a trip zhdut.Vozmite tanning and after. They will certainly come in handy. Be sure to bring necessary medicines in another country you may be hard to get it. Many drugs in a foreign country can be sold only on prescription or very expensive. Take a band-aid, brilliant green, the proceeds from allergies, proven analgesic and some pills for the stomach.

If you suffer from chronic illnesses, take the tools that will help you with their aggravation. Of course, it is desirable that all of this you do not come in handy! The day before leaving, think about how you will get to the airport, will be Do you have someone to accompany. At the airport take the exit itself, not later than three hours – this should be enough to pass all necessary registration procedures. The most popular exotic and sightseeing Tours: Tours in Thailand will let you not only to enjoy the sea and sun, but to plunge into the wonderful Buddhist kulturu.Tury in Greece – a holiday for everyone. Tours in Greece combines interesting sightseeing tours and beautiful plyazhi.Tury the Maldives – a delightful world of islands, amazing beaches, sunsets, the ocean will live the most pleasant memories. As well as tours in Europe tours Scandinavia and others. Godspeed!

Condor Builds Network

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New flights to North America and the Balkans travel to North America are highly in demand. Therefore, the airline Condor has announced to expand its corresponding flight program in the summer of 2012 to 30 percent. To the existing North America routes are offered more often, on the other hand, new destinations are added with […]

Switzerland Basel

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Hostel JBN is the first backpackers hostel in the canton’s capital and its nice combination of espresso bar and uncomplicated guest house. In the heart of Chur’s nightlife, the ‘GEETA’ is located between restaurants, bars, clubs and even a bowling alley and is very stylish. Interlaken is one of the most popular destinations in Switzerland […]


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What do I need to go by car from the Ukraine in Montenegro? Just want a little free time and, of course, owning a car ! And so, this is all you have, what now? Now let's decide how we go, given his experience, we can go to Montenegro three routes: 1. Mukachevo (Ukraine) – […]

Odometer GPS

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The odometer for bike are electronic devices for bicycle that allow to know the main parameters of a cycling route, such as speed, distance traveled and time spent. There are currently odometer for bike that are real computers, with a multitude of functions advanced as a heart rate monitor, altimeter, GPS, calories consumed, inclinometer, compass, […]