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Closer To The Patient Thanks To Secure Mobile Solutions

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Projects of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology provide new mobile IT applications for the health economy value added for the patients create in Rostock: that is the stated goal of the deployment of mobile solutions in the health care industry. Great potential lies in the combination of IT and health. In the foreground are the reduction of costs and reducing the susceptibility of processes. In addition allow mobile solutions in rural or sparsely populated regions increasing the quality of medical care. These objectives are implemented in the developments of the VitBIT SimoBIT-funded projects, Med-on-@ix and OPAL health.

On the SimoBIT-talk in the framework of the 18 market square they today presented health of BioCon Valley’s project office in Rostock its innovative mobile solutions. The Federal Ministry of Economics and technology promotes the development of secure mobile IT applications especially in the health sector with SimoBIT. Just in this industry comes the themes Security and privacy important to. We are pleased that the projects here their new solutions can present important location Rostock where for the development of medical technologies. \”Expect everyone to go a big step toward more cooperation on the way into the networked medical future\”, Dr. Michael Zinke says of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). In addition to presentations by representatives of the BioCon Valley GmbH, the IHK Rostock and the SimoBIT research, the individual projects clearly demonstrated their developments.

Med-on-@IX has built a tele-emergency medical system, from which the patient due to the better and faster availability of highly competent notarztlichen help of the Telenotzartes to benefit. The shortage of doctors is increasingly noticeable especially in underdeveloped and rural areas. Here can thanks to the new system, that is, optimized usage processes already in trial use in the Aachen region and therefore emergency operations more economical be made. VitBIT creates new mobile solutions for the ambulatory care services.

Stress Management

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It is important to understand that stress relief – it has some errors when it has accumulated so much that it spills over the edge. To the limit, of course, it is better not to bring. The proposed technique will help you not only relieve stress, but learn to carry out its prevention. From head to pyatPomnite what is meant by 'soul went into the heels'? How do you feel like that, do this exercise. Lower leg heel down lightly hitting her on the floor and then rolling it at each contact nosok.Pri heel with the floor, imagine how the flow of vital energy rises from the heel to the back of the legs to the back, passes over his head, and then descends to the front leg, nice envelop you. From the first minutes Implementation of this technique you will feel the rush of courage and peace of mind. Send stress on perekurKogda we are in a state of equilibrium, our breathing smooth and measured. Feeling the excitement or stress, remember how you breathe, when calm.

Begin breathing to return his usual comfortable condition. Take a deep breath, fold his lips, a little holding his breath, exhale. Imagine that your lips – this handset and your experiences – it's smoke. Exhaling, lift your head up and start to let the smoke rings, depicting images of people or situations that you are concerned. Under high reaction of the body to stress – this stress. Listen to your body under stress.

Civil Industrial Engineer

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Average analysis laboratory response times. Times of replacement of elements of filter and lubricants. Peter Asaro can provide more clarity in the matter. Frequency of replacement filter parts and lubricants. Inspection of routine proactive and predictive maintenance machinery, should generate recordable status reports. This is often more critical than any report of oil analysis laboratory. […]


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Suitable to the situation the location of the sound processor on the head is balanced perfectly. An effective noise cancellation, an effective feedback management, as well as a reduction in wind noise allow listening and understanding even in the most challenging acoustic environment. The datalogging function ensures optimal success in the fine tuning. Innovative wireless […]