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Federal Government

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DECT phones are widespread and often phones as harmful shows since the mid-1990s it the DECT. They were initially ridiculed, they were soon against conventional phones. The phone, which was only suitable for mass production with the DECT standard, revolutionized the phone behavior a little. Because the DECT phone, which while not the first wireless standard is but the most widespread, provided for a new and free behavior during a telephone conversation. While the phone earlier in the hallway close to the telephone socket, the DECT can be phone today anywhere in the apartment. Although the phone is available now for over 15 years because of its radiation in the criticism, proved still no health damage to someone. Even if you regularly several hours on the phone, no disease results.

Besides, Germany provides a good health care and extremely cautious radiation protection limits for the approval of new DECT devices. ECO DECT phones are recommended to counter that criticism, all the major manufacturers have developed eco devices, so environmentally DECT devices. They send some only a fraction of the radiation and consume less energy at the same time. However, these devices have a drawback: the first two to four seconds (depending on the model) you can’t hear the ringing, because the device must first establish a connection. The DECT phone, which it already for years as analog and ISDN telephone, has an excellent voice quality.

Should there still be communication problems, usually a signal on the line malfunction. The phone itself is rarely the cause of poor voice quality, because today’s microphones and codecs are very powerful. Who is the radiation of the DECT telephone may do to, which has two alternatives. He completely dispenses with a wireless telephone or using only a cell phone. The latter is now available in almost every household and is certainly a good alternative, because most network providers now have fixed network numbers for mobile phones. This way, you can restrict a radiation source. The corded phone is, however, no alternative, because often the telephone socket at a very impractical point is located. Extensions for the telephone cable cost not only money, but also enormously degrade the voice quality. Furthermore, each cable is a potential source of interference problems. Smog harms health but what is even the risk of a phone? For years, environmentalists argue about the smog, which causes each phone. Not only that this damage to the environment also takes the smog affect our health. That’s why the Federal Government created limits. Can a DECT these values not be less than phone, it may not be sold. Put into perspective however it is necessary that danger”. Because while it is true that there are several million devices, cause what smog but there are greater polluters, which promoted State-even. So far, no (verifiable) case is known where someone has suffered a serious illness through a cellular phone. Even if some people repeatedly complain about such devices, no real negative effect on the body can be in scientific studies prove. The use of a DECT phone is thus completely unproblematic and represents no danger for humans and animals. However, there is still a reason to buy an eco-DECT-phone. Because in times of rising energy costs, it certainly makes sense to buy a phone with low power consumption. While phones with a permanent radio connection up to 90% consume more power than herkomlliche phones, shines an eco-phone with lower power consumption.

Informatics Research Group

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Wireless mesh networks with P2P applications make Leipzig possible, the Jun 2008 – start the research project UbiMesh the Chair of computer networks and distributed systems and the Foundation Chair of Deutsche Telekom for applied telematics at the Institute for computer science at the University of Leipzig in cooperation with the Chair of marketing at the University of Leipzig: ubiquitous broadband Internet access using wireless mesh networks and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications. In this research project, fully funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF), a know-how and technology transfer from the University of Leipzig in the industry will take place. Thus, innovative research results for a successful economic development for companies in the new Lander be harnessed. The project aims at establishing a wireless mesh network with new protocol software and P2P applications for the mobile high-speed Internet access via Wi-Fi network technology. So mobile users do not use your laptop, PDA or mobile phone only free in the Web surfing, but also get messages to send or Exchange photos, images and video clips. The software prototypes developed by the Informatics Research Group provide this functionality and also provide a high-performance data transfer.

In addition, supply gaps with missing DSL fixed network access, which often occur in rural areas, can be connected with this new technology. This software is based on internationally recognized research results. In addition to the maturation of the existing software to marketable products, business investigations represent a further goal of the research project. Thus, the viability of new business models for the future mobile Internet is examined. In the framework of the project, Internet service providers, software vendors, and network hardware manufacturer can participate for free in an industry Advisory Board. In addition to practical experience with wireless mesh networks and P2P applications the industry partners receive comprehensive know-how on technical trends for the future mobile Internet and related new business models. More information available under online. Prof. Dr. Christoph Lindemann

Cameras Spy Hidden

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As if you want to keep under surveillance to the nanny for your children or need to find out who is viewing the documents that you leave in your working desk, hidden video cameras are perfect tools to get jobs done. Available spies there are hundreds of cameras. They can be disguised as common elements that would probably never be identified as an alarm clock, a teddy bear, mirrors or even signs on the wall. This allows you to choose which best fits your home or work environment and place them somewhere near the protected area without raising any suspicion. With recent advances in wireless technology, hidden video cameras are normally able to transmit video in real time. This gives the unique opportunity to see react to anything that might be happening at this time. All that is needed is contact with hidden video cameras via a computer with connection to Internet. If you don’t have one, don’t worry the majority of cameras hidden can recording at least several hours of video.

This also makes it much easier to gather evidence for a misconduct of whom need to spy. Hidden video cameras exclusively belonged once to the world of James Bond, but are now very popular and relatively inexpensive that anyone can buy. So small that only they can be noticed by a naked eye, so good that they can provide high quality pictures and videos of objects, even at a distance.

Meru Networks

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This technology encounters especially good response from customers, rather carefully on their network infrastructure changes or installing the annoying”inline devices are. Insightix NAC utilizes agentless visibility functionality and thus represents a unique NAC solution, which provides a network access control in real time”, explains Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. […]

Examples Of Patterns

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There are many types of patterns that can occur in the game of life, such as static patterns ( “life static” in English still lifes), recurring patterns ( “oscillators, Oscillators, a static set of life) and patterns that move around the board ( “spacecraft”, spaceships). The simplest example of these three kinds of patterns are […]

Proper Installation

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The boiler must be installed by personnel authorized by the Ministry of industry, while respecting the laws and regulations in force in the matter, however, it will be necessary to meet the following general recommendations when it comes to the installation of the boiler: the boiler location must be installed in a sufficiently ventilated. This […]

Haute Couture

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Diets, supplements, vitamins, stretching exercises, miracle pills, machines, stretching, sports, electrodes, yoga, meditation, surgery truly can we go crazy trying dozens of improbable solutions to the question of how to grow in stature. A Council? Calm down a moment and close your eyes. Forget for a moment of his stature and imagine the normal fields […]

The Cost Per Click

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There are few cases in which a brilliant idea with limited resources has become an international success. The first idea to begin setting up a website is to give time to time. Those people who think making money online fast and easy is wrong. This path is barred to ordinary mortals. Having a presence on […]

Etienne Pfimlin

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CE qui permettra au groupe d ‘eviter d’ autres deboires lies ala crise actuelle of the Subprimes. Les pertes you groupe subscription au subprime sont ridicules, de l’ordre de 300 Moi. . Corn ce sont toujours 300 million de trop selon de nombreux societaires. Malgre tout Pflimlin continue sa d ‘ expansion strategy et s […]

Human Meetings

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But careful: if you're a mere mortal privileged belonging to that sect of the human species still has a job, or at least belongs to a group where it has enough sympathy to be regularly invited to meetings, it is likely that frequently seen on the necessity of submitting to martyrdom spending a good part […]