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Kongoo – The New German Search Engine

Posted by Juan on February 9, 2019 with Comments Closedas

New German search engine makes it hard for 2010 subscription traps re-examine Swen k now its search engine Kongoo.NET. In addition to the typical things such as image search and video search, Kongoo has a new idea in the luggage. “Kongoo Protect” is the new magic word and includes a protection mechanism that before entering the user a page warning that if in this subscription traps, viruses or other nonsense such as phishing or Gewinnspielfallen is located. Technology investor is likely to agree. This innovation is new search system due to a, which in addition to the tips of the user relies on forums or reconciles the general terms and conditions of the Web pages with their home. The user can define his comment to each search result and thus affect the display order. Thus, the user is the moderator of the search engine at the same time. So to speak, a Web 2.0 search engine and making it unique. Use the user can replace in the community site behind to Kongoo with other users and has space for photos and sound files, can the instant Kongoo network”and get to know other people. Tried with this concept of community and search engine Kongoo now since 2010 a place in the landscape of the Web to get. The growing number of users. Is still Kongoo in the beta phase, but the trail clearly upwards. Of course make more from the technology, Swen searches desperately k sponsors who want to promote in the community, the mobile Web page or in the search engine itself. Here the motto is: who comes first is also a first, if Kongoo.NET is great. Kongoo is already active and can be used. Create an exciting attention you should be also on the active search”. Here, the search results vary directly as it enters search words. And this there are defaults in any other system on the Internet. Even when the search Tycoon you have to create a special account for this. It remains to be seen what innovations will still follow.

Contact Network

Posted by Juan on June 2, 2015 with Comments Closedas brings graphic designers, photographers, writers and programmers together the new Internet portal is immediately online. is a contact network for creative, and creates a digital home for graphic designers, photographers, programmers and copywriters. The website is both communication and contact network and project platform for the creative industries. The Portal provides the ability to communicate and to get into the business freelancers, employees, and clients from different fields. The founders Andreas Reimer and Marcus Seidel responded with the creation of on the rapid development and growing demand creative endeavours in the field of online. “Andreas Reimer says: the trend in these areas is inexorably away from the classical employment relationship in the direction of the project activity this trend we want to take into account with” The user of can create a comprehensive online profile with photo, skills, references and portfolio. Freelancers can the numerous Project tendering crawl to find new jobs.

Clients can find a diverse pool of professional graphic designers, photographers, writers and programmers, they can access back. is a dynamic, growing community of creative. On the website, the users will find many tips and downloads, which will make easier the daily work and provide food for thought. In the community areas of the portal such as such as the Forum, the members on the know-how of the other user in solving problems and answering questions can trust. The calls for projects and job offers are another important feature of Customer can rely in finding appropriate creative endeavours on numerous tools and search filters (E.g. search for skills, postcode, hourly, etc.). Also, they have the possibility to publish invitations to tender on the portal.

In incoming applications can once again the references, experiences and abilities of the candidate be compared. The application process takes place completely on the portal. Annoying paperwork or interview Marathon fall away on both sides. The launch of the network by a special welcome action “accompanied: the first 5,000 members for get a premium account for free for a year. “Marcus Seidel, one of the founders of, summarizes: after over five months preparatory work and numerous sleepless next we are extremely satisfied with the results, and together with our members look forward to the further development of the network”. If you have questions, please contact following press contact: Berliner Allee 39 13088 Berlin Mr Andreas Reimer Tel: 030-20614885 Goes Online

Posted by Juan on April 14, 2014 with Comments Closedas is finally ready, the project of HEXCOM finally goes online! the HEXCOM UG provides project of wireless online starting immediately his new site and focus is the Wi-Fi wireless, clearly measurement addressed networks so that all operators of 802.11 a / b / g / n wireless LAN, no matter whether planners, […]