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DynamicDrive GmbH

Posted by Juan on June 9, 2023 with Comments Closedas

Recently the Web site has undergone an update every day thousands of readers in the Internet of an endless flood of information be exposed. Almost every minute change messages or included new facts about a topic. To reach the public, with an own news there is a big challenge for the informational. has committed so some years ago to the task, to provide the most interesting messages a day time and open thousands of readers. Recently, the website has undergone an update. Along with a user friendly design is also a new section under the name girl of the week”available.

The user can watch 20 aesthetic images of an attractive woman, by the editorial staff of to the current girl of the week every Monday morning”is selected. Also, girl of the day is in the category of”every day to see a new photo of a charming lady. The high-resolution images offer maximum quality, even when the girl of the week”by the dynamic photo gallery it becomes apparent. The online marketing agency DynamicDrive GmbH & co. KG provides a way to gather current information fast readers with the independent news portal. On the home page, the most important facts are clearly summarized to each post and represented.

The selection between different categories enables filtering for an even most interesting news. Own opinions, feedback or facts on each item can be delivered via the built-in comment feature. With the update of the portal website adapts to the needs of the reader. In the foreground are the rapid provision of information, a clarity of the presented articles, as well as a user-friendly interface. With, you stay on the pulse of time. Your press contact: Dynamicdrive GmbH & co. KG Mr. Olaf Kerner of Konigsbrucker str. 28 01099 Dresden Tel.: 0351 3747293 E-mail: about the DynamicDrive GmbH & co. KG the Agency was DynamicDrive 2004 by Dipl.-ing. Olaf Kerner in Dresden, Germany founded. The Field of activity covers since then innovative solutions in the online marketing field from among those particularly context-sensitive advertising networks such as Google AdWords. Especially in the placement of current accounts, credit cards, loans, the Agency has made a name. In 2006, followed by the transformation of the legal form of a GmbH & co. KG, also the start of an own portal Division coincided with the.

Stefan Steinbrenner

Posted by Juan on June 3, 2023 with Comments Closedas

The Admention media GmbH launches exclusive cooperation with the advertising network ADperformance is a 65,8, specializing in the marketing of large and small Web sites. Admention media GmbH has established many excellent contacts to end customers and agencies despite your short history, which help to promote our websites effectively and optimally. This positioning in the market, Admention media waives a monthly minimum delivery quantity. The two managing directors Stefan Steinbrenner and Jacek Feliniak agree we are really delighted to have found a partner who covers the whole Postviewbereich for us, builds them professionally and further developed”. Through this strategic partnership we can, as usual, full marketing of pages focus on and further advance the agency business as well as the end-customer business.” ADperformance is a brand of the S & P Agency for brand communication GmbH and specializes in performance and display campaigns. Through the exclusive partnership with Admention GmbH in the field of Postview together is a long-term partnership. I am delighted the contract with the Admention media and the partnership for 2010. I’m sure to have found a good partner in the area of performance with Admention media campaigns.” So Nina Haller, the brains behind ADperformance by the exclusive contract it again managed to secure itself a not inconsiderable Trafficvolumen exclusively ADperformance and still confirms the clear path.

I would like to offer a solid inventory of Trafficflachen with ADperformance and grow together with my partners. The partnerships sought by me are selected and I have not chosen the Admention media without reason. Admention media is just like ADperformance on a long-term, slow growth. With the Admention media GmbH as a solid partner in the portfolio we will achieve a lot.” In just a few months, ADperformance has established itself as a fixture in the area of performance and display marketing. More information under and

Kongoo – The New German Search Engine

Posted by Juan on February 9, 2019 with Comments Closedas

New German search engine makes it hard for 2010 subscription traps re-examine Swen k now its search engine Kongoo.NET. In addition to the typical things such as image search and video search, Kongoo has a new idea in the luggage. “Kongoo Protect” is the new magic word and includes a protection mechanism that before entering […]

Contact Network

Posted by Juan on June 2, 2015 with Comments Closedas brings graphic designers, photographers, writers and programmers together the new Internet portal is immediately online. is a contact network for creative, and creates a digital home for graphic designers, photographers, programmers and copywriters. The website is both communication and contact network and project platform for the creative industries. The Portal provides the […] Goes Online

Posted by Juan on April 14, 2014 with Comments Closedas is finally ready, the project of HEXCOM finally goes online! the HEXCOM UG provides project of wireless online starting immediately his new site and focus is the Wi-Fi wireless, clearly measurement addressed networks so that all operators of 802.11 a / b / g / n wireless LAN, no matter whether planners, […]