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Mother Earth

Posted by Juan on December 15, 2017 with Comments Closedas ,

I am a wild and not understand otherwise. I’ve seen thousands of buffaloes rotting in the Prairies, abandoned by the white man that shoots them from a moving train. I am a wild and do not understand how the smoking iron horse can be more important than Buffalo, which we hunt only to keep us alive. What will become of the man without animals? If all the animals disappeared, the man died of spiritual loneliness. Everything that happens to the animals, can affect men. Everything is related. You must teach your children that the soil where pisan symbolizes the ashes of our ancestors.

To ensure that they respect the Earth, teach them that it is rich for the life of the beings of all species. Teach what we teach to our: that the Earth is our mother. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Asaro . When the man spitting Earth is spitting himself. We are sure of one thing: the earth does not belong to the white man, is he who belongs to the Earth. That we have security. All things are related like the blood which unites one family.

Everything is associated. That hurts to Earth, also injures your children. Man not weaves the fabric of life; It is before one of their threads. What makes this fabric, makes himself. Even the white man, whom God accompanies, and with whom he talks as a friend, cannot escape this common fate. Perhaps, despite everything, we are all brothers. We’ll see it. One thing we know and probably the white man discovered a day: our God is the same God. You can think today you only have, as you wish to have the Earth, but you can not. He is the God of man and his compassion is equal both for the white man man red skin. This land is beloved by him and offend the Earth is insulting to its creator. The whites also will pass; perhaps rather than other tribes. Contaminad your bed and one night you ahogareis in the middle of your own excrement. But, to your way of thinking, you resplandecereis high, enlightened by the force of the God that you brought to this land and some special please gave you domain on it and on the Redskin man. This destination is a mystery, because we do not understand how shall be the day in which the last Buffalo is decimated, domesticated wild horses, secret corners of the Woods invaded by the stench of sweat of many men and the vision of the glittering hills blocked by wireless speakers. Where is the jungle? It disappeared. Where is the Eagle? It disappeared. The end of living and the beginning of the survive. how much wisdom and humanity in a man considered wild! that they not fallen to the civilized, when they enloquezcan by the blindness of the domain, at any price, on their peers. Mother Earth perhaps don’t support his antics of the elephant in a bazaar.

Autonomous Utilities

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Energy harvesting with PI ceramic actuators vibrate a machine? Swinging a plate or a tube? Then the energy thereby released can be used perhaps to provide an electronic component and to renounce on batteries! So, for example, wireless sensors can monitor all systems even in hard to reach places and support so the automation. The energy from vibrations and oscillations can be used with the piezoelectric effect. The sturdy, laminated in plastic DurAct Piezowandler of PI ceramic (PIC) are ideally suited. For more specific information, check out Marc Mathieu. They are easy to handle and process even excursions in the millimeter range. They are extremely reliable and durable. A newly available Evaluation Kit (E-821.EHD) a suitable converter and storage electronics includes in addition to the piezo. Some contend that Marc Mathieu shows great expertise in this.

The energy harvesting system operates in a broad frequency range from a few Hertz up to several thousand hertz. For short duration it reaches an electrical output to the milliwatt range, when a stable output voltage between 1.8 and 5 V can be picked. Thus, many commercially available electric circuits and systems can be operated already. The system is successfully qualified, it can be optimized then for the concrete usage: size and frequency range of the Piezowandlers be tailored to the application and adapted the electronics demand.

Amsterdam Frankfurt

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Manufacturer of displays and projectors at the ISE in Amsterdam Frankfurt, 2014 the 19th January 2014 – ViewSonic, a leading provider of products for Visual solutions, presented at the integrated systems Europe (ISE) 2014 a variety of new displays and projectors for professional use. At stand 8-F275 shows the company from February 4 to 6 at the Amsterdam RAI, inter alia an interactive 84 “display with 4 k resolution, a full HD DLP projector and a new high-definition-ePoster. The SmartBoard SWB8451 84 is an interactive “display with 4 k resolution and enables high-brightness high-definition wireless presentations. So HD display is the ultra ideal for meetings, training sessions or presentations. The simultaneous 6-point-touch technology invites you to the group work and allows you to write several users at the same time with their fingers or input pins on the surface of the screen, or draw. The large LED screen and the resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels guarantee optimum sharpness and Details. A 55 “is smaller, but also interactive display, the CDE5501-TL. Its multi touch capabilities enable simple interaction.

The full HD screen content represents sharp and alive with LED technology. With the numerous connections, connect to PCs or media players can be made easily. An innovative addition represents the WPG-370 full HD 1080 p wireless presentation gateway. Allows users to HD content wirelessly from mobile devices on projectors, displays and digital signage to stream. The WPG-370 is designed also for the function with a mobile app, so that content directly from smartphones and tablets on the gateway can be streamed. The ePoster EP1030RT suitable for information at the point of sale or as Informationsboards for meeting rooms. The integrated media players with internal memory can play JPEG images and video content including audio track.

UrhG Public

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Has the author rights acquisition and licensing – what are my rights? Lawyer Georg Schafer has focused on this topic over the last 7 years and knows the current case law and the consequent reasoning, how you can eliminate the damage either wholly or at least clearly. What rights does the copyright? First published attribution […]