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Swimming Cap

Posted by Juan on February 28, 2012 with Comments Closedas ,

Why swimming cap? Keeps your hair relatively dry Protects your hair from the adverse effects of chlorinated water reduces the water resistance when swimming Keeps your body warm, as in the voyage of a large part of the human body loses heat through the head removes hair from the face, prevents them from tangling, and wrapping the hair around the gum swimming glasses swimming Serves fashion accessory. In particular, many manufacturers when new swimwear collections at the same time produce hats with the same design that allows the athlete to look more individually What are the dimensions of swimming caps? Do swimming caps no separation by size. Latex and silicone caps are suitable for all adults, since both the material sufficiently strong and flexible. For the most part, depends on the elasticity of the cap and used by technology. For children there are special children's hats, which are more optimally suited to children's heads and avoid undue pressure on the baby's head. What are types of swimming caps? Latex caps are cheaper than silicone. They are more subtle and much harder to dress down by specific qualities of latex as a material.

In addition, after school lifting hat gives a lot of discomfort, because his hair stuck to it and rip when removing. Latex as the material is very thin and sticky, so latex caps relatively fragile and easily torn. Must carefully used by people prone to allergies. Silicone caps are more expensive than latex. They are strong and durable. Unlike latex caps are available in bright and varied colors, as well as more pleasing to the touch.

So if you see a bright, beautiful hat with any pattern, it is likely that it is made of 100% silicone. In addition, anti-allergenic silicone caps. Another advantage is that Silicone caps are more elastic and more comfortable on the head (they can be stretched more than 2-fold compared to their original size). Dear hats are made of silicone so that the full wrap around the head swimmer without forming wrinkles. There are also cloth cap for swimming. They are meant for rest and provide maximum comfort during use (but let the water). Cloth cap manufactured from polyamide elastomer, polyester, lycra, etc. They are less pressed to his head, but less suitable for training and speed swimming, due to the fact that the said materials have a higher coefficient of friction Unlike the "rubber". There are expensive models of caps made from composite materials. For example, the inner part – Lycra exterior – silicone or polyurethane. That combines the comfort and optimum friction with the water. How to wear a swimming cap? The most simple and effective way to wear a swimming cap – is inserted into it ladnoni, stretch her arms to the side, tilt your head and start pulling on a cap with the top to the neck. If you have long hair, it is best to collect them in a bun on top and after that begin to wear a hat. This will keep your hair relatively dry and protect them from water. How to care for swimming cap? After each use, rinse the cap with cold water and let it dry a minimum folded. Do not leave the cap to dry in direct sunlight. Avoid sharp objects (eg, bobby pins or earrings) that may cause deformation or rupture of a cap. Latex caps after drying is recommended to sprinkle talcum powder. Source:

Choosing Stairs

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Already at the stage of designing the house to prepare and discuss options for the stairs, so that it was convenient and comfortable for all occupants. Production of stairs, is a laborious process that requires a certain dexterity and skill. Very often during the construction placed a temporary metal frame ladder, and then, without distinction, his attempt to sheathe the tree. But this problem is difficult to implement, and would be cheaper to order a one-piece wooden staircase. A large area of the house, allows you to put solid concrete staircase.

And in the future zadekorirovat it to your liking. If the space for a ladder is not enough, we can provide U-shaped or screw with a triangular steps. But we should remember that the angle for a ladder must be about 35-40 , the maximum angle should not exceed 45 . Matter of convenience stairs, this addition also a security issue. Therefore, the ladder must have fencing. The distance between the balusters should be between 150 mm and the height of fences shall be not less than 850 millimeters. Recommended step width for stairs is 250-300 mm. On the security setting is also a great influence provides material levels.

For example, if they are made of smooth polished stone, it is worth the additional lay carpet, and fix it with special holders. The classic material for the steps already long time, is wood and stone. Currently there and ceramic monolithic step for facing ladders. Of course, building a ladder, it is important to use high-quality and safe materials. Wooden steps, as should normally be glued from separate bars which are placed on special technology. Stone can be used only cut from blocks, as well as the produced explosive way, sooner or later manifest itself cracks. Choosing material for a ladder, you need to do working drawings and full specifications of all the details of which it is made. Materials for the manufacture of the following steps: the pillars at the beginning and end of each march between them should be charged, followed by the balusters, and behind them the stages already. If the staircase is composed entirely of wood, then began to produce "bowstring", that is the basis. Rigidity of construction fencing provide supporting columns, section 80-120 mm, and the handrail. Balusters mostly bear decorative fencing function. It is worth a lot of attention paid to color and the staircase, he usually gets to the color of windows, doors, etc. In Later, if he does not like it, the cost of replacement is approximately the amount of new stairs. Since the ladder will have to dismantle, wash off the paint, sanded, painted and mounted again. Proper use of ladders – is another important component in the selection. It is not necessary to install the stairs in a closed room, where nobody lives, humidity drops them down to 0% and, consequently, the tree dries out, and the stairs just come into disrepair.