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PBX Equipment

Posted by Juan on March 28, 2014 with Comments Closedas ,

Company T & T-telecom, which is already more than 10 years of experience in the technology marketplace, and telecommunications, announced the emergence of a new stabilization equipment. Several of the proposed equipment added stabilizers and single phase three-phase AC voltage. As a developer and manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, the company T & T-telecom offers a wide range of wireless equipment, equipment Seal subscriber lines (equipment "last mile"), as well as office digital PBX systems. Stabilizers offered by T & T-telecom, the simplest and most reliable way to protect electrical equipment and appliances for domestic and industrial use from the effects of impulse voltage. Power stabilizers are indispensable devices to protect equipment against surge voltage surges in the mains. Stable performance and high speed voltage control stabilizers help prevent overloads occurring at start-up of electric washing machines, refrigerators, pumps and other electrical appliances without communication interference.

The use of stabilizers ensure high noise immunity for the stable operation of electrical networks with extremely low quality of electricity. Voltage regulators have the most SCM a wide operating input voltage range. Thanks to a patented method of regulation, regulators virtually distort the shape of the output voltage and are characterized by low levels of switching interference. Unlike the vast majority of product manufacturers, voltage SCM have thermal protection that provides increased reliability and fire safety regulator, especially when it work on non-performing facilities.

Samsung GtI Galaxy

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Regarding The design Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S business phone Samsung introduced a modification of a high quality that combines a stylish appearance and extensive functionality in today’s communicator. An impressive range of technical features that are concentrated in this model, particularly likely to appeal to people with active life position, who admire the limiting characteristics. Technocratism model and emphasizes the close-coupled design, and extremely concise design and ergonomics, and solid size 122.6×64.5×10.1mm at the bar weights just 118 grams. Glossy front surface of the fiberglass model, reliably is protected from scratches, serves as a touch screen. Implemented in the model display technology SuperAMOLED, and provides a resolution 480x800tochek impressive richness and clarity. The level of emission matrix, in combination with a palette of 16.7mln. colors can affect anyone follower TFT-screen.

In addition, the display GT-I9000 Galaxy S differs remarkably subtle performance matrix. The use of small lithium – ion Battery capacity 1500mAch provides for a day at: one hour of telephone conversations per day, two hours of music listening, one hour of active use Wi-Fi; one hour of navigation with the use of GPS; systematic updating postal functions. Model Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S is equipped with a Samsung S5PC110, made on the basis of technology Cortex A8, slightly modified, with exposed rib clock frequencies at 1 GHz. Main value of this element is effective CPU, a video decompressor sverhproizvoditelnom with speeds up to 30 frames per second, in the presence of an accelerator OpenGL-grafPowerVRSGX540, capable of handling up to 90mln. objects that far ahead competitors. Pictures taken the camera, impeccable balance and vary the sharpness, they are quite suitable for printing in format A6-A5. Evening – not the best for a photo shoot, but in daylight the camera Galaxy S in 5-megapixel can substitute for any ultra-compact unit. Available smartphone – 512 MB of RAM and almost 2GB of memory to store system data, as well as many items for sverhaktualnyh use cellular networks, the organization of sound processing, the use of wireless communication services, play unconverted video, providing navigation through GPS-receiver and shooting with HD-quality.

In the GT-I9000 Galaxy S implemented a software platform Android 2.1 running Linux, as a tool for organizing user interface has been used Touch Wiz 3. Android 2.1 platform includes a number of programs like Maps, Search, Talk, Mail, and a great number widgets that can simplify the use of various services such as Facebook. The technical side of the model is striking, so GT-I9000 Galaxy S is effective. The smartphone has a number of new opportunities that constantly feel as if, with buy it you turned a page of technical history, “iron” in this model, unequivocally, the best design of a stylish display of any higher praise. Really smart phone, use this – a pure pleasure!

Store Application

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The App Store’s iPhone operates on the mobile network and Wi-Fi, which means it is accessible from almost anywhere, so that the user can buy and download via wireless applications and start using them instantly. Some of the applications are free and others have a price that is paid through the user’s account on iTunes ®, as well as the App Store notifies the user of the appearance of any updates to the applications that it owns. The App Store is also available on iTunes for Mac or PC, and synchronizes itself iTune

RAM Devices

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How to choose a laptop problem faced by many users. Well let's try to help them, must first be determined by how much we expect to purchase a laptop. Then set goals, and rather a function that should execute the computer. For people who constantly move from place to place more comfortable with the screen […]

Ethernet System

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To implement the RF control module has a radio receiver 433 MHz, and for GSM / GPRS connection – Built-in industrial phone. In addition, the module is GPRS-T3 jack for connecting an external microphone (Jack 3,5 mm), so that security of the GSM system can perform audioverifikatsiyu: after receiving a disturbing SMS-ku, the user can […]