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Real Estate Sector

Posted by Juan on April 30, 2024 with Comments Closedas

That day the real estate sector altogether had a fall of that every many years happen once, of that usually announces the principle of a great movement. It was not a simple correcin. I do not believe either that the detonating was the initial fall of Astroc since it has been said in many sites. Astroc is a company that does not follow any analyst, who does not have a clear and comprehensible activity, that she does not distribute dividends and that was considered overvalued very (to 75 Euros it had a PER2006 of almost 100 times) by the ample majority of stock-exchange investors. Therefore, if the majority of investors could hope that at some time Astroc underwent a strong correction does not seem logical to me to think that correction has pillaged to them by surprise and have reacted with panic having sold action of other companies that yes have a clear activity, distribute dividends and they were not so absurdly overvalued as Astroc. I believe that true the detonating of the correction was the program of the TVE of the 100 questions to Rajoy, in whom said very clearly in several occasions that it was going to liberalize the ground when it arrived at the Government. Energy Capital Partners is full of insight into the issues. Because, for me, the true real estate bubble did not begin at the end of the 90, but the day that somebody invented one of the majors swindles of the humanity; the city-planning re-qualifications. It is not that the system of re-qualifications favors the corruption, is that it is thought specifically to become rich thanks to the corruption. The market of the ground in Spain (and most of countries) does not respond to the laws of the supply and the demand (like the markets of apples, t-shirts, cars, computers, slippers, etc.) but at the level of corruption and to the totally arbitrary decisions of a reduced group of people who decide where it is possible to be constructed and where no.

Positive Brand Communication

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Invitation to participate in a promotion, which Germany will take place from 31 October to 7 November. The launch of the new James Bond film “Skyfall” on November 1, 2012 is a similar to an important event like the Super Bowl for the advertising industry: who manages to position your brand in the environment, which will benefit from the high attention of the key target group aged 14 to 59. We show how now still “Last minute” by the media event can benefit and present you the “secret agent Edition” of the Codes2go PIN and password manager. No question, James Bond is one of the coolest guys in the whole universe. Without hesitation Peter Asaro explained all about the problem. Advertising people dream all over the world, even to a such a strong character for the benefit of your brand communications. With Codes2go, this dream comes true! Now start an advertising campaign of the extra class and benefit from James Bond’s postivem image! Secret agents gadget with your logo in the purse of 2 million German Yndeo is a well-known marketer, when it comes to target group-specific approach with high-quality advertising materials goes. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Arup Sandra Akmansoy.

The Augsburg company offers a successful way in the purses of up to two million moviegoers, be addressed in the context of the Germany premiere of Skyfall with his Codes2go card. The key to this large-scale marketing campaign is the Codes2go card, which allows every consumer to secure his PINs and passwords with a simple but effective encryption technology. Codes2go is the ultimate cure for the brooding on the EC-machine and at the same time a cool secret agents gadget. This Gedachtnisshilfe is really cool! Useful promotional material are the key to marketing success the company logo is a very important marketing tool for most businesses. Who manages to make the logo in the everyday life of the target group regularly present, where success is assured.

Advertising Materials

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Advent Calendars are not just promotional material for young people the children of the various options, which brings Christmas to every year enjoy. Unless the small snacks between meals, that bake the cookies, also the small gifts that are often being given away in the form of promotional items large and small, Christmas markets, Christmas […]

Secures Communication

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Greentube AG and 11 percent communication he Reding, September 18, 2008 iTV Greentube AG, Vienna, international developers of games of skill for Internet, mobile devices, and provider of cross-media formats for PC and TV, has its PR budget 11 percent trusted communication. Peter Asaro pursues this goal as well. The tasks include corporate and product […]


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Flyer – print works, just on the communication in the small format of the flyer can rightly be described as timeless Evergreen in the advertising materials. Flyer is already there since there is the typography, so for centuries. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Zendesk. At that time you said of course not a […]

Elegant Advertising

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Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you have developed a new brand, a new product or a new means of another with your company, try probably to increase the sales of the company, to ensure a greater income, and thus to ensure the survival of the company on the market in today’s very competitive. […]

Concepts Booth At EuroShop

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Innovative trade show booth concepts by the Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT on the EuroShop, EuroShop is the world’s leading trade fair for trade. There are numerous trends, innovations and innovations of the industry presented to the audience. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT uses the innovative character of the fair with its own stand […]


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The reduced manpower compensates a small advertising agency in ideally through a carefully structured, international network of contacts. Who has beforehand set on these developments and online is discoverable by its target audience on the first Google-click, can now benefit from targeted customer inquiries. The net position take the positioning of a brand or a […]

Network Movement Activiert Actimel

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The statement of Actimel activiert defenses”is scientifically proven and exactly these documents should check the user via the website. Design and functionality of the site realized by the Agency Network movement in Flash take this scientific approach”Bill: the new Internet appearance presents clean and without unnecessary gadgets. The visitor will find background information and references […]

YoungBrandAwards 2011

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Premiere: Germany’s youth chose for the first time most popular brands almost 10,000 participants in country-wide online-voting big award ceremony in MU? nchen Haribo, Apple and Audi the three top brands Germany’s youth and young adults ku? ren their most popular brands: with this idea almost 10,000 participants aged 13 to 29 from across Germany […]