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Team Conflicts

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Currently, the situation has changed dramatically the development of childhood. Tense social, economic, demographic, ecological situation causes the increase of negative tendencies in the development of personality future generations. For even more opinions, read materials from Mikkel Svane. Among them particular concern progressive alienation, heightened anxiety, the spiritual disorientation of children, increasing their cruelty, aggressiveness, potential conflict. The most acute of these trends are of school age – ostroprotekayuschem period of transition a child from their own childhood to adulthood. According to psychologists psychoanalytic direction, the phenomenon of teenage conflicts are inevitable, because the person attempts to integrate new sexual impulses lead to internal upheavals, personality disorders, and reduction of social adaptation. To reduce the negative effects collision of sexual impulses with social taboos, the teenager "is using" psychological defense mechanisms (suppression, repression, projection, identification, rationalization, and sublimation), which distort the perception of a situation that can act as one of the factors of interpersonal conflicts. Conflict management, we consider how to organize communication between opponents to produce their total traffic to and which serves as overcoming the destructive logic of a natural conflict. On this basis the relevance of the topic defined by the following aspects: our attention should also address the special situation of schoolchildren; need to find a common ground of a changing world and the process of establishing this kind of adolescent at this age, both emotionally – personal communication, as well as clarify the influence of prevailing social the situation to him; further aspect was the need to study the motives of emotional choice in interpersonal relationships that adolescents, in turn, expressed the need for change in education school work, the emergence of new educational technologies. Despite the fact that the domestic psycho-pedogogicheskoy science, sociology and philosophy, studied many aspects of the conflict, most of them different traditional negative attitude towards the phenomenon itself. In domestic science in contrast to Western research is not a reorientation of research on the initially positive orientation with respect to conflict. In particular, virtually no studies on the formation of a conflict of competence as a property of providing mutual personal and educational growth in all areas of conflict.

Iceland Scientists

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'We have shown that by manipulating the same time, as the light that illuminates the event reaches the viewer, perhaps in some way to hide the flow of time. If you stand at the end of the corridor and carry out a similar manipulation of a person walking on the corridor, then to the casual observer it will move in spurts. So theoretically, this person will be able to do something so that an observer will not notice ', – he continued. Previously, scientists have managed to make the light round certain objects, thus making them invisible. But this is another invention, assured the researcher Alberto Favaro. Here, the light bends around objects do not. 'Imagine that you want to cross the road, complete moving vehicles without stopping the movement there. To do this, you slow down those cars that have not yet reached the pedestrian crossing, and cars that are passing or have already passed it, you accelerate.

Because of this there is a gap in the thick of vehicles in which a pedestrian can cross the road. Although the observer, who was on another site would be expensive, would have seen a continuous stream of cars' – said Favaro. To create a temporary span a two-billionths of a second, the researchers took more than three kilometers of fiber optic cable wound on a reel. With current technology, to hide a second time, you will need more than 300 million km of cable, but if the speed of light will reduce, it will be able to hide from sight, and longer intervals vremeni.Opyat forecast cataclysmic forecasts of Spanish scholars to the end of the XXI century part of the territory on Earth will be flooded because of rising oceans, and in other parts of the world comes the ice age. This writes the RBC daily.

According to scientists from the University of Seville, in the next 100 years the oceans will make a serious offensive on land. Researchers believe that the cause of rising water in the ocean is warming. Until the end of this century under the water may be Denmark, the Netherlands, Scotland and Iceland. Flood threat and will affect island states in the Southern Hemisphere, located in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. But the Earth and threatening other natural disaster. Because of the cooling sea of the Gulf Stream in the UK, Ireland and parts of Canada can come ice age, scientists say. The computer model showed that at the present time in the oceans there are processes similar to those that have taken place on earth to be the last ice age 20 thousand years ago. According to the researchers, at that point in the was not the Gulf Stream.

Academician Zel

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J. B. Zeldovich and RA Sunyaev. At a given temperature, which can be determined by X-ray spectrum of the gas, its brightness depends on the radius of a cloud of gas and the electron density in it. On the other hand, from the same quantities depends on the shift to shorter wavelengths illuminating the background […]

Educational System

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According to it, to have high quotient spiritual (QS) implies to be capable to use the spiritual to have a richer and fuller life of direction, adjusted sense of purpose and personal direction. The QS increases ours horizontes and it becomes in them more creative. It is an intelligence that stimulates in them. It is […]

Portuguese Grammatical

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It has who if it feels more comfortable to the speech of what when writing for not obtaining to organize thoughts and until living deeply an impediment due to the limitations provoked for the lack of knowledge of the specific techniques. ‘ ‘ The statement is not constructed with one accumulated of words and oraes.’ […]

Portuguese Distance

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IFRN-UAB broad Course of After-Graduation sense in Portuguese and Mathematical Language in a Transdisciplinar Perspective Polar region of Luis Gomes Pupil: Maria of the Favours of Abrantes Weaveeing reflections concerning the Education in the distance Maria of the Favours of Abrantes* the present text has the intention in the distance to stand out and to […]

Sewing Machine

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How to choose a sewing machine? You decide to buy a sewing machine and can not decide which one? It is not surprising, because to date there is really such a huge selection. A sewing machine is not so commodities to be bought casually and make it really easy. Step 1. We leave in search […]

The Role Of Language In The Life Of The Future Engineer

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In these difficult times – during the dawn of globalization – the knowledge of one or two foreign languages – an urgent need, not just measure intelligence and learning. By professional, social or personal reasons, the knowledge of At least one foreign language is a must for anyone who wants to keep pace with the […]