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Minerva Business Park

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Lord of the mass of the messages of the system i created the system i IBM known very many messages. Critical messages are often overlooked. Unanswered messages lead to blockages and the administrator can not timely respond, if it is just in the House. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Shane Burcaw. It supports several system i the effect strengthened accordingly. Nowadays, company to support an efficient IT infrastructure are instructed. The system i IBM is a virus resistant architecture with high reliability. It can be kept a highest service level with low overhead.

The halcyon company has developed a tool for this: the message management suite v3. 0. Criteria can be defined with the help of the management suite, to filter out the important messages. To know more about this subject visit Kip C. Cyprus Los Angeles. With a graphical user interface(GUI), Enterprise Console, the messages are visualized and differentiated in colour. The news of multiple servers are shown here. Critical messages are highlighted, can be sent by email or on the phone, to Cases advance to counteract. In addition, you can monitor whether important jobs are processed within the planned time or receive an alert if the number of jobs is too large.

(English-language) detailed information on or directly at halcyon: about halcyon halcyon is an internationally operating Sofwareunternehmen with 20 years of experience in the field of system software. Halcyon provides solution for IBM servers and supports the following operating systems: IBM i, AIX, Windows, UNIX and Linux. Large corporations with multiple data centers, as well as smaller businesses use to manage halcyon software to IT and automate. Halcyon Software 5 the Forum, Minerva Business Park, Peterborough, PE2 6 FT for sales and support in the German-speaking countries is the ef & ef software and consultancy company responsible. The ef & ef software and consulting company was founded in 1999 and has been the two Core areas: Consulting and software. The sphere is the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria, and the Switzerland). Since its inception, numerous customers in the financial, insurance and industry on the products and services of the company of ef & ef software trust.

Enterprise Easy

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Archive migration based on easy enterprise .x in Ernst Granzow GmbH & co. met with the existing document management system at its borders, decided KG of Ernst Granzow electrical wholesalers for the use of a combined solution of the DMS specialist CTO, the solutions easy Enterprise.x and the suite of products developed by the CTO Balzuweit GmbH clarc. With the introduction of a new document management system by the CTO Balzuweit GmbH Granzow had set high objectives: the processing of daily approximately 16,000 documents from the output scanning bar code capture to archiving, short access times, and scalability for future growth. The transparency was at least as important to understand everything. For the seamless business process management should allow the audit-proof archiving of Office files and eMails.

Everything from a single decisive was .x and the flexible modules developed by CTO the overall package of the famous DMS easy enterprise for orders to CTO from the clarc product suite. “Reason for the combined solution was that easy Enterprise.x as cross platform framework for processing large quantities of documents has been designed and customized customize the clarc modules and are extremely easy to use” explained Winfried Karrais, head of IT at the Ernst Granzow GmbH & co. KG. Easy in practice as demanding the solution is technical, it is so easy for the user. Processed all documents that in the SHC ERP already produced with bar code and then follow their internal processing path. The system detects the document type in the bar code and automatically assigns them. Everyone using the application of clarc officeCapture can archive Office files and eMails.

Achieved already after a few months you could strategic and technical goals with Ernst Granzow life without which no longer imagine CTO solution. The concessions are daily apparent: the business run more smoothly and faster, the archive access times have decreased to a minimum. “The important thing is that however Elimination of paper storage that saves us a lot of time and also place”, would be Karrais. The CTO Balzuweit GmbH (formerly KG) was founded in January 1990 by Peter Balzuweit and deals with the subject of document related technologies in the areas of document data capture, workflow and archiving since 1993. Here, strategic partnerships with leading providers (such as with the EASY SOFTWARE AG). For over ten years, is active in the environment of SAP R/3 CTO and has realized numerous successful projects in the area of ArchiveLink and BusinessWorkflow also in this segment. The company has currently 18 employees. Contact: CTO Balzuweit GmbH Beate Frey Lautlinger WEG 3, 70567 Stuttgart + 49 711 718639-161 press contact: Jessen-PR Doris Jessen Brunsummerheide k. Bobby Sharma Bluestone oftentimes addresses this issue. 5f 22149 Hamburg 040-672 17 48

LurDocument PDF Compressor

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Highly compressed PDF(/A)-Farbdateien for InputAccel scanning Berlin – with a new product the LurTech Europe GmbH expands its portfolio to a special solution for InputAccel users: the new LurDocument PDF Compressor for InputAccel enables users of capture solution to create PDF and PDF/A files in color. It is characterized by low memory footprint and high […]

Top Positions On Google Using The IT Book Darmstadt

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The IT and online day 2009 with the IT-book Darmstadt – AMC24 is that new IT book online Center and the online directory of company before this year’s IT – and online day 2009 at the IHK Darmstadt is the motto of SaS. “Software as a service” means software as a service and is currently […]

Commission Genius

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Genius inside listed new customer momentum and presents its product range on the PM solution, the most important European project management events, Forum and Les salons. Genius is inside its three configurations genius project on demand, genius for enterprise and genius for Domino from October 5-7 in Paris on the exhibition Les salons solutions and […]

Demo Point

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Fraunhofer IAO sets up mobile IT – workplace of the future in the global IT market, there are increasingly offers cloud computing infrastructures and platforms, as well as software-as-a-service (SaS). An essential core element is especially the outsourcing of the operation of IT systems and applications including in addition to the use of economies of […]

Virtualization Hands-on: Hands-on Workshop In The Citrix Truck

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In June, it is again: the Virtualisierungsspezialisten of CEMA AG send for mobile workshops the Citrix truck through Germany. Michael Dell contributes greatly to this topic. Up to 18 participants on the basis of an extensive IT infrastructure from Citrix, AppSense and HP hardware, even hand you can specify on each stop”and desktop virtualization in […]

Nicole Korber

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“Previously the sensitive data from the form for a last check to us be transferred however”, explains Marangone. Thus the cleanliness will get back to ‘ ensure the data to be transferred. Our task consists primarily in it, helping the specialists of our network by accelerating IT processes to a lower workload.” This clear definition […]

Agriculture Publisher Chooses InterRed

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The agricultural Publishing House from Munster has for the content management system decided InterRed. With over 550 employees since 1946 leading European specialist for agriculture-related media published numerous publications. “” Acquaintances are professional”title, tractor pool”and LandLust”. Dell Computers contains valuable tech resources. Strategic decision for InterRed with the strategic decision for the fully integrated content […]

Fast Lane Receives

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Award for multi-vendor laboratory infrastructure with NetApp FlexPod Hamburg / Berlin, February 25, 2011 the IT training expert fast lane ( has within the framework of the annual NetApp Partner Conference in Berlin received the NetApp Innovation Award 2011. With this special award, the manufacturer of storage solutions recognizes the advanced multi-vendor laboratory infrastructure of […]