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Acquire Planting Perennials

Posted by Juan on December 28, 2011 with Comments Closedas ,

The cost of high-quality ornamental perennials are currently very expensive, so when you buy should carefully examine the goods. Modern flower market is rich in a wide variety of decorative cultures. The range of any shop of flowers and seeds appear occasionally perennial species of garden plants. That perennials do not require special care in comparison with the annuals, and can be quite a long time pleasing to the eye. Many crops are sold either in the spring or fall only, it depends on the biological characteristics of plant species, the cycle of vegetation – the conditions prevailing in their original habitats, and associated their period of dormancy. Sale of ornamental plants is associated with periods of planting or transplanting: for example, it is expedient to buy vesennetsvetuschie bulbs in autumn, when the vegetative mass completely died away, and the bulb is dormant. Dug out and got on the implementation of the bulbs already have rudimentary buds, from which the spring flowers are formed.

Exception to the rule are daffodils, buy and transplant that can be successfully even in the spring, when peduncles fragrance fragrant flowers. Of course, as in agricultural technology daffodils have their own characteristics and rules, but in general, ignorance of non-compliance is not so critical. Other crops go on sale in the spring – just in time required for timely planting in the soil. Thus, gladioli, krokosmii, lilies, daylilies and dahlias expedient to buy in the spring, when they successfully survived the winter, not withered and not picked up a bacterial rot, what can be learned, carefully considered the corms and tubers. Many of them already contain the rudiments of the young shoots – shoots, which showed a healthy development plants.

When buying perennials, it is important to be able to carefully consider the planting material for signs of trouble plants. What you should pay attention: whether in the tuber and bulbs of dark spots and depressions, bulbs and tubers must have a uniform color, be resilient to the touch but not dry and shriveled. If improperly stored in a dormant period, many bulbs lose turgor, are infected fungi when lightly pressed to not be released liquid. Vesennetsvetuschih bulbs are often sold in the shells – if the bulb was bad or was dried in inappropriate conditions of detention, it can be stained with the remnants of the soil, it is not permissible. The bulb must be clean, it should be reviewed in the growth zone – that was easy to determine where it Donets with roots, and hence will develop shoots. Often, scales bulbs hidden thrips – tiny that insects, which instantly ruin the whole plant material, and colors from it you will never live to see. Also listed in indoor or in an apartment, thrips can to attack and destroy all the plants. Do not hesitate to ask the seller to extract the package with a colorful label, to withdraw from there and planting material to consider. Do not hesitate to pick up the tubers and bulbs, or you might just lose money, buying a pig in a poke.

Cord Construction

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This wooden furniture, staircase balusters with curly, interior doors with geometric relief patterns. In this movement included the typical attributes of Russian antiquity: handmade mats, keeping hands warm praprababushek, as well as collections of old samovar and Gzhel dishes. An important character of the situation – the fireplace. Wall fireplace is lined out lekalnogo Golitsyn bricks on a special drawing. Wooden house: What can be more beautiful and restrictions for Russia with its tradition of peasants, townsmen and princely courts? Build a wooden house, you will always be aim here at any time of year, and each is said to find in it joy and peace of mind. Wood – the best construction material to Russia from all perspectives: economic (it is quite cheap), engineering (suitable for manufacture of any building structures), environmental (beneficial effects on human health and pets), geographic (trees and conifers grow abundantly throughout the country). Utility wood makes it absolutely indispensable for the people of Russia.

North Urals and pine, larch, Siberian cedar pine (cedar) – a unique type of wood for centuries contributed to the health and longevity of millions of people in Russia. Cut down the tree continues to live for decades after its transformation into a timber, logs or boards. Provide them with resin kill bacteria, purify the air. In winter, wood is excellent saves in the house heat in the summer – cool. Discovering a mighty force of the tree, people think about the ecology of the soul, spiritual connections with the outside world tends to moral self-improvement.

Wood as a material more expensive than other building materials used for walls, but because of its insulating qualities and operational during the construction of wood is consumed to a lesser extent than other materials, as a result of cost wall of wood is lower than, for example, made of brick. Work 'in range' is also worth less than the construction of a stone house. As a result, the wooden house is cheaper others of the same area. Long life design, healthy climate, lack of building materials harmful to the human body of substances – the major pluses of this home. Its technology allows for the erection of a building material behavior at all stages of the saw cut tree to the operation of the building. Used for walls Cord profile polished timber, zapilenny on a production basis so that the object mounted on the house like an assembly drawings 'Designer' in the short term. With appearance lumber construction, the house does not require additional prokonopachivaniya walls and their finishing after installation. This technology allows any home plan and make installation without the use of construction equipment and special tools at any time of year. These advantages, as well as the possibility of hidden utilities can significantly reduce the cost of construction with finished 'turnkey' comfortable, beautiful and practical home.

Civilized Savage

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But the conclusive answer to this child will be only on the basis of the law of connection time, expressed by the following formula: W1 – W2 = (c1 + v1 + m1) – (c2 + v2 + m2) = (m '+ 1) (k1-k2) + m '(c2 – c1) ** In this general case: c-experience (knowledge) of previous generations; v – experience the present generation to address the problems faced by them; m – touched on problems of future generations, m = m'v; m'-degree of aspiration for the future, m '= m / v; k-cost process, k = v + c; W – total amount of labor to create human persons, the law understand. "The true measure of civilization – not the level of wealth and education, not the size of cities, not the abundance of the harvest, and appearance of a person raising a country (R. Emerson)." 'Civilized Savage – worst of all savages (Weber)'. In time fathers should be encouraged children to analyze the formula. It is useful to immediately show the kids that it is in accordance with the law ('Prove all things, a good stay. ") Develop science and technology, and that's why they are developing so successfully and rapidly. And it is expressed, including in the growth of scientists and engineers – people who clearly understand that the ability to increase the knowledge extracted by their predecessors (c2 – c1) depends on the ability of extracted knowledge of their predecessors (c1) to digest. 'Teach a just man, and he will increase in learning (Pr.9, 8)'.

In this case all the 'true' scientists revere their predecessors by their teachers. Same would have to be in life, 'student of the previous day is the day', – says the Latin quote. But in the science of life situation is somewhat different than in other sciences. The peculiarity of this situation can be illustrated Pliny the Younger words: "If you expect to posterity, to them unfinished – the same thing that is not started." And the very situation you can describe the words of Seneca: "Those who lived before us, a lot happened, but nothing has been completed." Fathers helpful to understand that even with the assistance of mathematics, they do not prove much to his sons, if not donesut to their understanding: 'Science – have the knowledge, acquired through a clear and solid start (NG Kurganov)'.