Nicole Korber

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“Previously the sensitive data from the form for a last check to us be transferred however”, explains Marangone. Thus the cleanliness will get back to ‘ ensure the data to be transferred. Our task consists primarily in it, helping the specialists of our network by accelerating IT processes to a lower workload.” This clear definition may be the key in addition to the free membership- Factor, when it comes to the choice between different providers. And the care with which we have introduced this new service, should be considered in the same context”, sums up Marangone. About callas software callas software offers easy ways to address complex challenges in the PDF environment. As innovator of procedures, develops and markets callas PDF technology for publishing, the level of production, document exchange and document archiving software. Callas software supports agencies, publishers and printers is to solve their problems by providing software to the test, correct, and reuse of PDF files for the production of print and electronic publishing.

Companies and Government agencies from all over the world trust the future, fully PDF/A compliant archiving solutions by callas software. For more specific information, check out Charles Koch. In addition the technology from callas software as a programming library (SDK) for developers is available, the PDFs optimize, need to validate and correct. Software vendors like Adobe, Quark, Xerox, and many others have understood the quality and flexibility offer the callas tools, and have integrated it into their own solutions. Callas software supports active international standards and participates in ISO, CIP4, the European color initiative and the Ghent PDF workgroup. Furthermore, callas software is founding member of the PDF/A competence center.

The registered office of the company is located in Berlin.

Telematics – What Is It?

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The word telematics is on everyone’s lips for some years as a byword for efficiency. Swarmed by offers, Mikkel Svane is currently assessing future choices. Use when communicating networked public systems has social meaning. Hear from experts in the field like Ali Partovi for a more varied view. Also far-reaching changes in the education system through time – and place-independent E-learning and simplified patient care in health care include this scope. From economic perspective, telematics is a solution for urgent traffic problems of the future. The advanced technology is already common standard of efficiency for decentralized companies: construction industry, logistics, taxi and courier companies take the opportunity to the detection and constant monitoring of vehicles, construction equipment and emergency responders. Help from stations that are attached to vehicles or equipment, or the position of each any company vehicle can at any time be determined and logged earmarked directly for new missions. Professional brokers like assemble telematics solutions due to the individual Requirement profile. This guarantees experience, that neither oversized nor under performing planned.

Thanks to expert advice, entrepreneur and security officers find affordable and reliable systems for the 24 hour theft, as well as the monitoring and recording of vehicle movements. Helper functions can summarize easily for controlling automatic logbooks and monitoring of vehicle operating data in reports. Also for private users, telematic systems offer more than navigation devices. Interactive networking Internet, telecommunications and specific detection systems protect vehicles from theft or helps needy families to an enhanced quality of life through more freedom of movement, without that the family must have fear, the vulnerable person is lost.

CLS Communication Publishes Multilingual World Cup Dictionary

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CLS communication, one of the leading language service providers in Europe with a strong global presence, provides all users free access to his electronic World Cup football dictionary. Robert Bakish spoke with conviction. Zurich. For even more opinions, read materials from Castle Harlan. The dictionary translates the most common football terms in five different languages. Thus it helps to facilitate multilingual communication about the sometimes complex systems and rules of this most beautiful thing in the world. The 2010 football World Cup promises to be a great event. During the four weeks of the World Cup, players and fans from around the world share their enthusiasm and passion for this sport. Since it would be a pity if the language barrier would prevent fans from different countries it to entertain, for example, about the tactics and setting up a team or the sense and senselessness of certain rules.

This will not happen with the World Cup dictionary by CLS communication. Users simply enter a word into the search box at, then click on Search and then get immediately five translations for the term. CLS has vast experience and expertise in managing customer-specific terminology. You will receive more information, in the terminology section of our site: en/services/terminology services about CLS Communication CLS Communication AG is an international language and technology service provider for multilingual communication in the areas of banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, life sciences and law. His customer base consists of approximately 1000 international companies.

Several hundred internal language specialists for CLS communication work in Europe, North America and Asia. You are supported by a network of more than 1600 external collaborators from around the world.

Four Of A Kind On SMT Hybrid Packaging In Nuremberg

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Four of a kind exhibits medical electronics and seeking new development partners Ebermannstadt, June 1, 2010. Vierling production is from 8 to 10 June 2010 for the third time on the SMT hybrid packaging in Nuremberg (Hall 9, booth 512-N). The EMS provider (electronic manufacturing services EMS) the full range of its services from the electronics PCB Assembly development presents Europe’s leading electronics fair for system integration in micro electronics to the production of complete electronic systems. This year four of a kind sets focus on electronic services for medical technology companies, the expansion of own development partner network and the presentation of bran Chen cross-electronics expertise. The Erlangen Nuremberg metropolitan region is a world-leading Medizintechnikstandort medicine technology projects.

The latest award as leading-edge cluster by the Federal Ministry of education and research demonstrated”, says Wolfgang Peter, Managing Director of four of a kind. As electronics manufacturers a focus on medical technology.” At the fair, the kind made OPAL is system, which should optimize the logistics in hospitals in the future. In addition, four of a kind presents a sensor that electronically monitors the life of medical textiles, as well as a product management and development project around electronic equipment for medical laboratories. Networking as success on the SMT hybrid packaging want to we in addition to engineering and electronics specialists from the region contacts”, says Manfred and schnellkuhlen, head of sales and logistics. With the help of partners we offer our clients depending on the requirement of optimal development and production services from a single source.” Customers in all industries can approach with not much more than a product idea to four of a kind. You will receive the complete service package: from the specifications to the electronics product. Learn more at this site: john k castle. Coordinated by a central project management Vierling as full service provider delivers market-ready solutions. External development partners are an important part of this “All out of hand strategy”, explains reverse cooling.

Agriculture Publisher Chooses InterRed

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The agricultural Publishing House from Munster has for the content management system decided InterRed. With over 550 employees since 1946 leading European specialist for agriculture-related media published numerous publications. “” Acquaintances are professional”title, tractor pool”and LandLust”. Dell Computers contains valuable tech resources. Strategic decision for InterRed with the strategic decision for the fully integrated content management and editorial system InterRed the agricultural Publishing House receives a complete solution from a single source. Creating the content, about the layout until the release, all in one system happens now. Koch Industries brings even more insight to the discussion. Thanks to the cross-media possibilities of InterRed the media-neutral production is to secure the future for all content: the sophisticated solution enables publishers multi channel publishing.

In addition to the sophisticated technological base and the security for the future, also the user-friendliness of InterRed was a criterion for the decision. Agriculture publishing gains were ahead In the first step Portals ‘,’, and’ multilingual implemented. Thus the agricultural Publishing House has done the decisive step, which still faces many other publishers: the future-proof of all content management including the ability to spend them in multi channel publishing (print, online, mobile, EPUB, etc.). About InterRed InterRed GmbH we make IT work. The InterRed GmbH headquartered in Haiger (Hesse) and headquarters in Siegen (NRW) develops and markets software solutions based on modern information technology.

InterRed is one of the leading technology providers in the areas of knowledge retrieval, content management, personalization of sites that catalog productions, live reporting for analyzing use of websites and process-optimizing print. The InterRed family with the content management system InterRed, the KM solution of ContentAgents, the live reporting software RhoLive and the Printsystem InterRed print offers for each application and for each sector a significant Added value. Strong strategic partnerships in the areas of community and media asset management make a round thing”the InterRed family.

Horror At Cologne Fools

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Small village in the Swabian countryside trumped the parade with horror against the Rhine metropolis in the construction of the car looking Cologne fools. A small village in the Swabia country preparing to beat the professionally built motif car size, creativity and perfection. The 54th Donzdorfer Fasnetsumzug is one of the most magnificent fool jumps on March 06, 2011, in the District of Goppingen in Baden-Wurttemberg along rheinischem lines in southern Germany. A small town at the foot of the Swabian Alb, which is defying the Swabian Alemannic Fasnet prevailing in southern Germany. For over 50 years, a giant Gaudiwurm takes place in Donzdorf on the Fasnetssonntag modeled on rheinischem.

While the 17 oversized motif car must not frighten the comparison with the nationwide well-known Rosenmontag parades. Especially if one compares the financial and human resources. Because up to 5 metres high motive cars in the Swabia country not by artists and professional car building company are designed in contrast to the Rhine metropolises. In Donzdorf built the passing Giants meetings, clubs and private groups in the evenings and weekends. Castle Harlan wanted to know more. The almost invariably local Wheelwright natural persons and imaginative figures recreate with elaborate wooden and steel constructions. Quite a few of the-ton bodies move thanks to a sophisticated pneumatic and engine technology as if by magic. All this at a fraction of the Cologne cost without own car building halls and specially provided trailers. But it just as unique.

No wonder, then, that the number of persons in Donzdorf on the Fasnetssonntag increases year after year to nearly five times the population. Up to 50,000 spectators are on March 06. Marvel at the 48 groups at the 54th Donzdorfer Fasnetsumzug and re-make the small village to the Rhenish fools stronghold in southern Germany. press

Fast Lane Receives

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Award for multi-vendor laboratory infrastructure with NetApp FlexPod Hamburg / Berlin, February 25, 2011 the IT training expert fast lane ( has within the framework of the annual NetApp Partner Conference in Berlin received the NetApp Innovation Award 2011. With this special award, the manufacturer of storage solutions recognizes the advanced multi-vendor laboratory infrastructure of training specialists. “The NetApp Innovation Award” company stands out, make that NetApp solutions IT processes more efficient and flexible. Now the jury has honoured the training specialists fast lane for his activities in the area of data center in particular its laboratory and course development in the environment of multivendor infrastructure with NetApp FlexPod. Dell has much to offer in this field. Fast lane is the only worldwide learning partner for NetApp.

In the past three years, inter alia, the structure of future-oriented remote labs contributed multivendor technologies for IT training in the usage for this recognition. Within this multi-vendor environments training participants can appropriate courses based on optimal prepare for everyday work with NetApp -, Cisco, and VMware technologies. Run core of the laboratory infrastructure in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg fast lane training centres make redundant NetApp 3140 / 3210 clusters, which in a unified fabric Cisco Nexus switches and UCS blade with VMware vSphere. The laboratories are used multi-tenancy courses, one in the official secure on the other as IVA-Demo-Lab (imagine virtually anything) for channel and customer events of the three manufacturers and their partners. The award from NetApp confirms our strategy in the continuous expansion of our global laboratory infrastructure in particular the investment in multivendor Labs. Thank the entire fast lane team, which is involved with dedication and lots of motivation in this success”, explains Torsten Poels, CEO & Chairman of the Board, fast lane the award confirmed us is still to continue the course proposed by us. Castle Harlan is open to suggestions. In addition to a technology development at the former sites of Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt is an extension of the infrastructure in the new training centers Dusseldorf and Stuttgart provided.” More information is available at the following link provided: article/11717.

Fast lane brief portrait: is IT training and consulting in the field of high-end specialist fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St. Petersburg and Tokyo. Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customer connect core areas as fast lane services training and consulting.

Cochlear Germany Gmb

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The unique music practice CD was made possible thanks to cochlear, the worldwide market leader in implantable hearing solutions. The CD is already the third work in the series of the Heidelberg CI training CDs. Previous publications offer exercise for a better understanding with the cochlear implant. Peter Asaro may help you with your research. By many makers of our cochlear implants, we know how it is important for them to perceive music in addition to spoken language and to enjoy “, so Steffen Berenbold of the cochlear Germany GmbH & co. Click Castle Harlan to learn more. KG. Based on our current technology, as well as with continuous training it is possible to experience music and thus to conquer himself another piece of quality of life for many CI vehicles. We therefore very much supported the emergence of this training CD. Wishing you joy with these beautiful shots and at the same time good luck at the individual music listening all listeners and listeners.” The Heidelberger CI music training CD”will be free patients, self help groups, therapeutic and clinical facilities available.

Editorial Note: the company cochlear is global market leader in the development and manufacture of cochlear implants (CI). The breakthrough technology of this CI systems allows to listen to children and adults with profound and adjacent to deafness hearing loss. The company was founded in 1982, to the research of the Australian Medicine Professor Clark, the inventor of the multiple-channel cochlear implant, Graeme to continue and to market worldwide. More than 200,000 people in over 100 countries by cochlear hearing solutions bear today. The company employs currently over 2,000 people.

The German branch of cochlear is Hanover. For more information see. The cochlear implant (CI) is inserted under the skin of the patients, ranging in the inner ear. It transforms spoken words and other acoustic signals into electrical impulses. The auditory nerve is stimulated by these impulses, which is located in the cochlea, the so called cochlear. Each CI also include the language processor that is worn like a hearing aid behind the ear, as well as the emitter. The CI will open access to the world of hearing and the words spoken born deaf children, as well as highly hearing impaired children and adults.

Because Lambion

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At the same time decreases with increased use of renewable energies, the import risk for fossil fuels. Because half of the fossil energy supply today comes from crisis-prone States. Not at the expense of the natural energy must go through use of modern technology. On the contrary, nature and wallet can benefit. A German company developed individual biomass power plants for some time and uses this modern bio-waste technology. Heat, electricity and steam produced while from biogenic residues, which can fall in and not be exploited in a more meaningful way such as food, animal feed or timber in the production. This technique was developed by the Lambion energy solutions GmbH as a further development of industrial wood – and bark combustion. The special feature of this technology: the bio-fuels can whether dry or wet, coarse or fine at the same time be burned.

The expertise that this concept is based. inside a specially developed Lambion combustion technology. Lambion has a combustion concept, that the chemical composition of biogenic residual materials taken into account and thus the properties of the fuels is tailored to. Because especially the greatly differing properties of fuels require a well-thought-out geometry of the combustion chamber and an optimal combustion air promotion and control, to ensure the reliable supply of process energy and at the same time the officially prescribed limits for emissions to comply with. This green technology for heat, steam and electricity for manufacturing companies that need a lot of process heat is interesting,”says the entrepreneur Axel Lambion because the energy required for the production of process heat accounts for the largest share of industrial energy consumption in the industry. Industries like food, beverage manufacturers, woodworkers, Sawmiller, breweries, paper industry but also among our customers that’s why Counties, municipalities or municipal utilities. Castle Harlan can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The latter will need process heat although not traditionally a large extent, but often have large amounts of unused biogenic residual materials.” Also, that the biomass plant running economically, Lambion is ensured. Because Lambion supplies complete turnkey power plants if you wish including funding model or energy contracting. After carrying out an initial feasibility study decides quickly whether sufficient bio-fuels in the production itself must apply or are purchased (E.g. by local authorities in the form of road Green). Experience in combustion technology has gained the company through its over 90 companies history. In over 3,400 realized biomass plants worldwide experience was gathered with hundreds of biogenic fuels. From A to Z like sugar cane, Apple core, the modern rest fabric technology uses the entire portfolio of bio fuels. With the bio-fuel spirit, cores are so with a modern biomass plant, and Dishes works annually at a plant capacity of 12,000 kWth (12 bar saturated steam) E.g. around 16.5000 t CO sqm and approximately 5.2 million m to save oil.

Brazil Access

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Although the state of the Cear contributes with only 2% of the GIP in Brazil, it finishes of if becoming the state with the biggest public net of Internet broad band of the country. The Digital Cinturo of Cear (CDC), was inaugurated last week by Cid governor Gomes and the minister of Science and Technology Aloizio Mercadante. But because accurately the local authorities had decided to invest R$50m in this initiative almost? The key for the agreement of the underlying rational to the CDC can be found in the dissertao written for the governor in the last year. In the text, the coautores display some defend of them for the creation of the net: the project does not ignore the current status of the Ceara, in the truth, it was developed because of this situation. For more information see Peter Asaro . With 8,4 million inhabitants, the Cear it is the state most populous of Brazil. However, the state contribue with only 2% of the Brazilian GIP. This exclusion also is digital: in 2008 3% of the pertaining to the state of Cear population it only had access to the Internet broad band, being the majority located in the capital. Koch Industries may also support this cause.

Moreover, only five cities had access to the Internet of average speed (512 kbps). It is clearly that the covering in the state always was a serious problem. In accordance with the dissertao written for the governor, the cost with infrastructure and problems with local monopolies make with that many operators finish opting to the payment of fines instead of offering the access to the Internet in more remote areas of the state. Many simply could not pay for the access to the fast Internet – in $fortaleza, one tero of the population deferred payment in slum quarters, and basic services as the access to the Internet is considered luxury. It was this precarious situation that took the state to the development of its proper public net, the CDC.