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Online Publish Print Media

Posted by Juan on June 1, 2022 with Comments Closedas ,

Journal catalogues with new, versatile features! The Hamburg-based and digital dialogue marketing specialist West North West offers as German partner of iPaper company upgraded with versatile features, online to publish the possibility of their print media, advertising agency. You may find that Neil Cole Iconix can contribute to your knowledge. In the so called iPapers, it is a Flash-based, animated presentation of books, magazines and catalogues based on the PDF print templates with any standard Web browser such as a brochure on the screen, scroll through”can be. So that allows companies such as publishers, shippers, retailers and tour operators a West Northwest cost-saving entry in the online business savings areas in the distribution, such as for sending catalogs a simple upgrade and enhancement of the site one efficient building of a Web shop or an extension of this extensive analyses of user behaviour in the media accessibility of target groups with low online affinity in addition to their attractive functionality and appearance offer iPapers many more options for cost savings, E.g. through online distribution of print media”viral effects (forwarding of the medium to friends and acquaintances) an effective secondary exploitation of print templates extensive options to enhance the attractiveness of the website savings such as the revision of many online sites so can enterprises easy and cost saving way in a single pass their entire range that has been presented so far only conventionally”, finally online each accessible to make” explains the Managing Director the West-North-Western advertising agency, Thomas Donath. About the West-North-Western ad agency KG: the West North West advertising agency offers extensive experience in the field of traditional advertising, direct marketing and online media with her trunk out 6 fixed and free employees.

IPaper the West North West offering advertising agency the eMail marketing software zoommail as well as the CMS (content management system) washAPP. With these three solutions company can most finally yours Online marketing process internally and without significant effort of external suppliers. Get more information about iPaper under ipaper, guide to zoommail or washAPP under. West North West of agency KG new horse 1 20359 Hamburg phone: 040 / 412 6354 80 fax: 040 / 412 6354 75.

Elegant Advertising

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Successfully through promotional, advertising and giveaways if you have developed a new brand, a new product or a new means of another with your company, try probably to increase the sales of the company, to ensure a greater income, and thus to ensure the survival of the company on the market in today’s very competitive. Connect with other leaders such as Samsung here. Last but not least due to the global financial crisis, the situation is very tense and you must devise is often very special measures, if you want to stay in business. Therefore, you should try to plan an excellent advertising campaign that uses a number of very good means to convince the potential customers. For this purpose you can use festive clothing, because these freebies offer a range of excellent facilities and opportunities, how you can plan a particularly good advertising. Last but not least, these giveaways are very universal and can be used in many different situations, which will allow you in turn, with these Giveaways to plan a particularly versatile advertising.

One of the most popular uses of these giveaways is that gifts to their own employees to give away, and thus the company from the inside out to strengthen. This type of use seems at first sight not very much make sense, but if you look closer, then you can see how practical it is. Because when one pleases employees with gifts, it motivates them. The festive clothing can be used therefore particularly well, because she is very high quality and can therefore particularly impress be used. So easily motivate your employees, and ensure that these more effectively and more on the goals of your company work, and increase as the turnover of the company. In addition you will be encouraging not only the staff, but you will improve also the work ethic in the entire company. About the climate in your company will improve significantly and the work is generally more enjoyable in your company. But that’s not all, because these funds offer another very interesting Aspects.

For example, you can make the festive clothing so that it enhances the feeling of togetherness within the company, and thus ensures that your employees will work from now on better in the team. And the best thing about this type of use of these promotional gifts is that you need to plan any event for that purpose, and must take care to not stand for a fair or any other corporate event. So, it’s no wonder that this clothing is very often used for just this purpose, and that she generally very often used by large and small companies, to plan an excellent advertising campaign. But the festive attire can be used also in other ways, for example, if you want to advertise on an important business partner, or if you want to convince another contact from the quality of your company’s products. These are just a few examples of how you can insert these advertiser presents very well to achieve a good effect. There are still very many other aspects to be which just waiting, discovered by you and used in an excellent advertising. Oliver Smith

Concepts Booth At EuroShop

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Innovative trade show booth concepts by the Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT on the EuroShop, EuroShop is the world’s leading trade fair for trade. There are numerous trends, innovations and innovations of the industry presented to the audience. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT uses the innovative character of the fair with its own stand […]


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The reduced manpower compensates a small advertising agency in ideally through a carefully structured, international network of contacts. Who has beforehand set on these developments and online is discoverable by its target audience on the first Google-click, can now benefit from targeted customer inquiries. The net position take the positioning of a brand or a […]

Network Movement Activiert Actimel

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The statement of Actimel activiert defenses”is scientifically proven and exactly these documents should check the user via the website. Design and functionality of the site realized by the Agency Network movement in Flash take this scientific approach”Bill: the new Internet appearance presents clean and without unnecessary gadgets. The visitor will find background information and references […]

YoungBrandAwards 2011

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Premiere: Germany’s youth chose for the first time most popular brands almost 10,000 participants in country-wide online-voting big award ceremony in MU? nchen Haribo, Apple and Audi the three top brands Germany’s youth and young adults ku? ren their most popular brands: with this idea almost 10,000 participants aged 13 to 29 from across Germany […]