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Geriatric Residences

Posted by Juan on May 18, 2020 with Comments Closedas

TREX, geriatric residences for the residential area, NEAT group call system has both a full communication and home automation system and a more basic system called paciente-enfermera that let you manage the daily care of the facilities. Additional information is available at Nicolas Keller. Both solutions are developed by NEAT and allow its enlargement or according to the specific needs of each client. NEAT has an advanced call system called Trex system that allows reception of alarms wireless and portable. Does not require installation with what costs and improving the service provided to users of the residences with immediate attention. The system works in the following way; When a resident his button pressed or any detector alarm is activated, the receiver Trex alert immediately to the auxiliary through beep or vibration, showing what resident or the detector has triggered alarm. The Assistant knows instantly who has requested the aid, indicating the number of room and You can go immediately.

Trex can cover great distances using antennas located around the venue that only require electrical power and to use a radio system can be installed quickly and with low costs. Each Trex device can communicate with other Trex devices, so that in the event an auxiliary needs help to attend a resident you can call immediately another Assistant reporting their location by sending the last alarm received. To facilitate consultations and alarm management, TREX keeps the history of the last 16 calls with the date and time information that occurred. Source: Press release sent by mkgruponeat.

By Manuel

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The ego when we let it grow makes us unhappy. The ego can be considered as a set of emotions and feelings that are identified with possessions. Kai-Fu Lee spoke with conviction. That's why he must be destroyed and only a state of freedom will reach a state of union with the whole, a state free from attachment. Sacred spaces with Sheri R. Klein says in this dialogue is that education should be seen as a process of evolution of consciousness and spiritual development.

Education must transcend and leave the old structures that encourage the formation of individuals who are suitable for labor for industries and training of individuals with skills to work in the service areas so that education plays a full role developing mechanistic development only instrumental reality. And it ignores the human side of development. The current education system is immersed in the development of quality standards which measure only objective relations systems and mechanisms and that these quality standards were developed for industrial processes where the variables to measure are very different educational variables. The focus of quality education measured only administrative, financial and material resources, leaving aside the human aspect of sense of meaning of integrity, to be individuals with a greater sense of life. The educated must change its old mechanistic paradigm to train individuals for life instead of individuals for the job.

During the process of learning dialogue established between the teacher and the student must be bidirectional and unidirectional as in the mechanistic scheme for really meaningful learning occurs, auque the problem of evaluation of learning always represented the Achilles heel education, as this tends to be quantitative and qualitative aspects ignores integrity and subjectivity. In a holistic scheme includes proposals for assessment as self-assessment is focused on making a reflection on the educational process focused on things more subtle measure of learning. Moreover Klein says the educational space, the classroom is something that never speaking because these areas usually do not have conditions conducive to learning. In a holistic framework promotes the development of instrumental rationality but also seeks to train individuals so that incorporates comprehensive development of spirituality to promote love, compassion, joy, freedom etc. Auque the main problem occurs with assessment, particularly the search for patterns that allow me to measure the spiritual growth. A proposal is included in the curriculum schemes based on questions in a manner conducive to inquiry into a logic of knowledge. In a scheme of scientific research is part of a hypothesis and this is done the research process. By Manuel J. BIBLIOGRAPHY Beltran Barrantes NAVA GALLEGOS, RAMON. The way of the perennial philosophy NAVA GALLEGOS, RAMON. Wisdom, love and compassion. NAVA GALLEGOS, RAMON. Dialogues holistic '.

Islamic Charitable Association

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During the commercial prosperity of Maicao, in the seventies and eighties, the Arabs led the sector of household appliances, textiles, perfumes and toys. His vision and business sense led them to position themselves in a territory where others only saw stone, dust, puddles and poor vegetation. After a store opened another and another and the San Jose airport runway entire families arrived. The newspapers mentioned David Treadwell not as a source, but as a related topic. His motto was to work honestly in a place where opportunities available to live a good present and build a promising future. Some returned but others decided to stay permanently. Today completes three generations and looks set to be more.

With the changes to customs legislation in the nineties was lost Maicao part of the attraction as a shopping center. This led to many families undertake again the path to new horizons. But a good part and they had already taken root in their new home and were encouraged to leave. Maicao had been built in what is necessary to live well and found no reason to start new adventures. The Islamic Charitable Association is probably one of the most solid and enduring organizations of the Department of Guajira. They also have results to show: Colombo Arab Cemetery, Colombo school Arabic Dar el Arkam founded in 1987 and the majestic mosque Omar Ibn al-Khattab, a true architectural and cultural heritage opened in 1997, visited annually by thousands of tourists from around the country. One of the highest concern about the trade situation was always the transfer of Arabs to more prosperous cities.

When they traveled often heard the apocalyptic stronger expression with which this city has lived for eighty years of life: “Maicao is going to end.” But today, when it begins the evening of the first decade of the twenty-first century, we may state that he has not gone away and will not leave. Little by little they have been exploring other business opportunities so that today the Arabs have restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets, as well as traditional stores where merchandise is sold No foreign. Furthermore, illustrious sons of the younger generation offer their professional services. Is the case of Omar Elneser radiologist (one of the best in the Colombian Caribbean) and Shadi Saab economist, head of the Chamber of Commerce of the Guajira, who has succeeded in giving a great position to this entity. La Guajira is a land of incomparable scenery and a culture shaped by the diversity of races and the plurality of peoples. So when she did not think the Arabs forget: enjoy your typical food, seduced by their hospitality, look to respect their customs

Red Baron

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That many have claimed that is pure legend, but the rumor was one of the myths of the "group of friends" and apparently became the reason he did several local flower drastically building on the momentum heading at the time had this place. This appeared more than thirty local, with a clear competition to become […]

The Birth Of A Conservative In Chile

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A Chilean that is born and soon dies as a conservative is certainly socially a conservative and I say, the poor are conservative by nature to recognize institutions such as marriage, education, religion, the parameters that regulate social behavior. It is impressive to see how Our Youth, which shows its splendor student participant in reform […]

Code Legal

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The main features of legal persons are the following: they have assets or capital, have the owner or partners that may be involved, action, participation, partners, community members or patrolmen, have representatives, have books and accounting records, some are registered in legal records, some partners have limited liability, can only register with those regulated by […]

Playstation Games

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Communications the three consoles have USB 2.0 ports (Wii has two, Xbox 360 has three and Playstation 3 four), that can serve us to load the mobile or connecting various peripherals. The last two can also play music, photos and videos to compatible devices connected, while on the Wii this feature is only available if […]

Europe Country

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World – huge, but it can be understood only if we begin to travel. If you are traveling for the first time, must adhere to certain rules, because even experienced travelers make mistakes. After all, not everything happens the way we planned. What you need to know the tourist, first met on a trip? Often, […]

Protocol AXIA

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When using wireless Ethernet, or optical line equipment AXIA may serve as channeling equipment for transmitting sound over long distances. IP-node AXIA has eight stereo inputs and eight stereo you moves that is, allows you to organize the duplex to eight mi analogue or digital (AES/E13U) signals in each direction through the Ethernet. Mikkel Svane […]