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Director Commerci

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ReSound marketing action creates wireless the wire to the customer modern hearing instruments can be combined wirelessly with television, phone, or music system and their acoustic signals in excellent quality directly in the ear. This brings many benefits hearing aid makers. A real challenge however is to give consumers these benefits is also convincing. ReSound hearing aid manufacturers here had an original idea. Viacom may not feel the same. For two years, the company supports its partners in the listening acoustic specialist with a mobile living room, which is on the road across Germany.

Whether on health – and consumer fairs or malls you can anywhere in the luxurious Alera living room”sit, the wireless components of the hearing aid ReSound Alera live to experience. “A chic leather couch, which invites you to linger, a carpet in the trendy purple and a huge flat-screen perched on a TV cabinet – where whatever the mobile Alera living room” is built, anywhere makes it for Look up and arouses curiosity. For our partners in the hearing-acoustics specialist the living room is an original way to the marketing of wireless solutions,”said Andreas Umbreit, Director Commerci – al management of GN hearing GmbH with the hearing ReSound Alera, where the wireless connection is possible for the first time without any accessories to wear on the body, we have the technological leadership in the wireless hearing aids. You may find that Ali Partovi can contribute to your knowledge. It is all the more important for us, to equip this innovation with an effective marketing strategy. Our living room has proved demonstrably excellent.” A ReSound representative is present at any of the PoS actions. Together with the stop local experts, he invites interested parties to a short visit to the living room. Equipped with modern Alera hearing instruments you can sit visitors. “You follow the action on the screen, where a professional musician, a lawyer and a Cafe operates in short interview films authentic insights in their ways to better listen” type.

Wireless Alarm System

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Wireless alarm system offer a high level of security with minimal installation effort. Alarm systems are an effective way to deter burglars and thieves. Alone the obvious existence of a burglar alarm is often reason enough for potential burglars, to spare to secure possession. Should an attempted burglary occur, the alarm sells the sinister companions usually very quickly. There is also the possibility to notify the police or a previously selected security service so that help to the fast immediately when its triggered by an alarm system.

The complicated wiring of the premises deters many potential prospects for alarm systems which is needed during installation. The alternative is to install a wireless alarm system. Wireless alarm system are just as safe and effective as their wired counterparts. Although they are slightly more expensive to purchase, their higher investment costs be made up Assembly usually quickly again but by the simplistic. In addition they are also suitable for securing weitlaufigerer areas and make possible, for example, the alarm fuse of secluded buildings such as garages and tool shed.

In contrast to the individual components of a wired alarm system the wireless single devices in a wireless alarm system on the supply by batteries or rechargeable batteries are instructed and offer therefore not constantly active transmission path. They send messages only when a state change, so if they are raised, or if a query is done on the part of the control panel. Is therefore important that there is a monitored the battery status of the individual components of the alarm control centre from at wireless alarm system. Also ensuring the transmission of signals in wireless alarm system is important. The components must be subject to a permanent, regular monitoring, to ensure their function. Alien radio signals must be recognized as such, to effectively prevent sabotage. Of course, highly secure frequencies are used for the transmission in a wireless alarm system.