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LED reading lights for eReader should be light and easy. As the reading lamps by Ozeri. Two levels of brightness and light button cells to facilitate the clamping fixtures. LED reading lights are among the most popular accessories for eReader like Kindle. EBook reader is available with two different techniques, which recommends the purchase of a reading lamp on a Variant? Firstly there is the eReader with electronic ink, also E-Ink. The eBook reader with LCD technology are the other Variant. Andy Florance is the source for more interesting facts. Both device types have advantages and disadvantages.

The E-ink device has a low power consumption. Can the reader open leave pages arbitrarily long, without additional energy consumption. The contrast with E-ink is unique and offers a quality of reading the reader was printed text on paper. Andy Florance spoke with conviction. Disadvantage of this technique is inadequate due to the lack of backlight brightness. Here it is necessary, to provide additional lighting for example in the form of a LED light the other model, equipped with a LCD display, in contrast to the E-ink solution has a well-lit Screen. Coloured pleasant quality content can be shown here. An external light through, for example, a light is not necessary.

In addition, the device is equipped with multimedia players. In addition to the simple reading music or even video formats can be played. Disadvantage of this technique is that the letters are not as razor sharp appear, such as the E-Ink model. Duration this tiring the eyes and fatigue the reader rather. Also, the battery life is significantly lower because LCD technology uses significantly more energy. The display of an E-Ink eBook reader has no backlight, as already mentioned. This can be read perfectly with the eReader in daylight. But once it dawns, the reading is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s why a good reading lamp belongs to this eReader. There are many different LED lights for eBook reader on the market.

Instruments In The

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The family of USB-stick analyzers ELAN ultra mark a new era in the field of mobile and modular instrumentation for PCs and notebooks. The successful launch of the 75 MHz USB oscilloscope USBscope50 was the starting point for the development of a complete family of USB based PC measurement technology in the USB flash drive format. Three new USB instruments, a 12.5 MHz function generator, a 100 MHz pulse/clock generator and a 50 MHz Frequenze / period counter expand the meter family with regard to the komplettierender test and analysis capabilities. Digital storage oscilloscope the USBscope50 is a digital storage oscilloscope with 75 MHz bandwidth. The USBscope50 can either or in conjunction with other modules as multi channel storage oscilloscope as a single storage Oscilloscopes work. On the side Kaskadierstecker up to 4 modules can zusammensteckt be.

Then you realize a multi channel storage oscilloscope with an analog bandwidth of 75 MHz per channel simultaneously. About the Kaskadierstecker all scope modules share the stage and the status of the trigger, the simultaneous Channel detection, as well as the common triggers. There are 3000 points per channel with pre – and post trigger available as acquisition memory. Every oscilloscope module is connected to the PC via a USB-HUB 4-channel with each a separate USB cable and can be configured by channel-specific. The USBscope50 is so compact that place it in a jacket pocket finds, offers however possibilities that offered generally by much larger models.

It is powered directly through the USB connector. As the probes can default x 1 or x 10 probes with BNC connectors are used. Depending on the sample type, the USBscope50 offers a range of 0.3V to 3V or 3V up to 300V at a galvanic separation of 300V according to Roland. The galvanic separation protects the connected PC surge from damage. The USB Scope50 can either be inserted directly into the USB port, see photo, or via a standard male-to-female USB-cable.

Wireless Headphones NVi

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Women are not so excited about technology as men. This is a widespread assessment. Maybe there’s simply just too little technology, manages to inspire women. Flensburg, May 19, 2011: there are more often men than women who are interested in technical products. Especially when the product is mainly defined by technical properties. When the music […]

WiFi Wireless Printing

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SATURN at the Hansaring attracts new offering but in turn: with a resolution of 4800 x 2400 dpi, the printer meets highest quality standards. The possibility of the efficient use of the raw material on both sides guaranteed to print paper. Documents can be also scanned without much effort, and it can be further processed. […]

Container Tracking Prevents Theft

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The new container tracking of HIMATIC GmbH protects the range of HIMATIC GmbH, Meerbusch round theft new devices for the detection of the container off. Many companies in the waste and recycling sector know the problem that entire container be stolen not only goods from the containers, but some. The more valuable goods, the greater […]

Bizerba Bizerba

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Only when the entire transport chain avoiding changes in temperature, the quality of the goods is ensured. The TTI system label is a signal generator for wrong storage and transport temperature (time temperature indicator). It works on the basis of a color, which is charged with UV light. The more light is used, the longer […]


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The handy mini microphone improves the signal / noise ratio in a variety of situations. It secures such as better understanding at talks in the moving car, walking, in noisy environments or at conferences. By Jack, the microphone can be connected to other audio sources. It then acts as a portable audio projector. This is […]

HealthCare Control

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Z-Wave Alliance presents trends in the home automation on the CeBIT Copenhagen/Hanover, February 10, 2011 Z-Wave and poly-control: two companies like lock and key. At CeBIT, the Danish home automation expert poly control shows its current product highlights, including the door lock poly-lock and the control unit poly pad as a member of the Z-Wave […]

Wireless Alarm Systems

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For your safety at home and in business long ago the “Wireless” technology has entered (wireless) high tech alarm systems in the area of intrusion alarm systems and in the safety technology in General. Because it is mature and proven technology, mass produced, they are technology quite inexpensive to purchase, and because of its easy-to-install […]

Mobile World Congress GmbH

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see. The Bosch Group is a leading international technology and service companies. Motor vehicle and industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology, 283 500 employees in the fiscal year 2010 generated a turnover of 47.3 billion euros according to preliminary figures. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its more than 300 subsidiaries and […]