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Night Vision LED

Posted by Juan on March 28, 2012 with Comments Closedas ,

Lighting system in the photo and video cameras in the lighting systems, video surveillance is extremely important. Many of diffractive optical devices without additional lighting give a very low quality. A highlight in his turn may increase or decrease the characteristics of the observed objects. Low light object can even lead to a false image. All these problems can be avoided by careful application of additional lighting. When calculating the lighting systems are accepted parameters such photo and video cameras like: aperture optical system, the sensitivity of the camera, light spectrum, intensity, etc. Comparison of LED and conventional light sources.

A. Spectrum by the spectral composition of traditional halogen light sources like blackbody radiation. Efficiency of halogen lamps so low and declining due to optical components. Diodes also are semiconductor devices that convert electricity directly into light. The effectiveness of radiation in this case is very high, because radiation in the visible spectrum. B. Lifetime Hours Some ordinary light is less than 40 hours. Of course, the greater reliability of LEDs give the running time is greater than 100,000 hours, that is 11 years of continuous operation.

However, it is necessary to take temperature range devices. C. Mechanical stability of LEDs mechanically very stable. Because design of the diode consists of optical fibers by mechanical damage diode is out of work. Well, unless the hammer is not hitting. Such durability diodes allows their apply as light sources attached to any moving parts. But itself fiber not so mechanically staunchly. Therefore at blows and damages anyway is likely to reduce the light intensity. We offer a large selection of miniature video cameras, including camera with Night Vision LED-backlit display. Cameras in motion sensors and recording on an SD card. Wireless and wired models of street cameras and cameras for home use.

HDM Video

Posted by Juan on March 21, 2012 with Comments Closedas ,

It is no good on the interaction of the amplifier and speaker systems, and in First of all much worse quality bass. Therefore, the transfer of audio signals into the second zone is usually a "low-current" form through a well-shielded interconnect cables. You can send and zvukodannye in amplified form – there are models with built-in volume control gain, but, again, the sound quality will be compromised. Already being actively used the system in which the audio signals are transmitted in digital as practically ne exposure to external interference. Of particular interest are wireless systems that use Wi-Fi-between Connecting to the central controller and receiver, transformative "figure of analog sound. But the most difficult question – to send the image into the second zone. Usually there is sent a simple composite video – the most noise-free, but less quality than the other types (S-Video, component, HDM1). Translation of long-range component of better analog or digital video signal is practiced infrequently.

Using the HDMI interface is hampered by the fact that it is very difficult and expensive to make long enough HDMI-cable without irreversible loss in image quality. Today the price of the connector can easily reach several tens of thousands of rubles, and the warranty – no … However, developers gradually overcome these problems by increasing the length of HDMI-conductors, has presented a workable model HDMI-cable length of 20 m. You can solve the problem by installing a special video amplifiers which increase the signal / noise ratio and thus immunity povyshayuschihtem line. It is true that such measures are relevant only when the funds videootobrazheniya require high picture quality. In most cases, play, say, television in the kitchen and enough "composite". Management of the second zone can be implemented in several ways. The most simple – lack of control, that is, all adjustments and settings performed in the base area one remote.

Selecting Original Gifts

Posted by Juan on March 15, 2012 with Comments Closedas ,

Several times a year we are faced with a difficult problem – to choose a gift. It would seem that it may be easier, went to the Internet, found online gift shop, and saw your favorite thing and bought it, but .. We want that it was Really original gift, and not simply a banal souvenir. On one side is now in stores so much all that willy nilly a loss, on the other hand, if we look more closely – there is nothing .. Since virtually all the same standard set.

In our online store, we tried to select a good range of original and not "beaten" gifts. Choose a gift is a science! Let us define for a start, to whom, and on what about you want something to give. Mother, grandmother – perfect robot vacuum cleaner, it is almost completely self-contained, self cleaning, moving around the apartment, he finds his base for recharging, charging and can be given by Scheduled to go to get out again. Also a great gift for an elderly woman – a timer for medications, older people often forget to take medication, this timer includes 5 small compartments for the drug itself a timer which will give them to forget about pills, automatic blood pressure cuff. Friend, colleague – anti antison sleep with him will not be able to fall asleep to anyone, neither the student for a synopsis, nor the driver on the track, dog repeller – in our while more and more dogs began to attack people, slippers, heated mirrors, powered by USB, a desktop paper shredder, ashtray ionizer Breathalyzer – keyring and much more.

The girl, a wife – a gift fit digital watch wireless temperature sensor outside, juicy gift – sponge – massage, personal alarm for security – if you hear a deafening pulling checks loud sound that will attract the attention of passers-by digital scales with body mass index, body fat, heated slippers, powered by USB. Brother, father, grandfather – a wonderful gift antihrap by purchasing this device you treat yourself and friends a peaceful sleep, a digital Voice recorder with a wireless microphone, an ionizer for shoes, a universal remote that is suitable to almost any body, – audio and video equipment. Children will be delighted sets of very electromechanical designers who first need to collect and then they will also move, as we have a large selection of online animated toys, they will satisfy any child, regardless of sex or age. We are also pleased to offer you a huge assortment of Christmas and carnival costumes for children and adults, as well as any goods to celebrate the New Year, such as Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas decorations, electric lights and garlands for the premises, candle holders, bags and socks for gifts and more. Call us and our attentive and courteous staff will help you to choose an original and memorable gift for any occasion!

CCD Micro

Posted by Juan on March 8, 2012 with Comments Closedas ,

Wireless mikrokamery applied in different fields of activity, performance covert video surveillance most frequent use of miniature cameras relaying pictures and sound over the air. Guard CCTV does not limit the scope of micro cameras, they often occur when using a cord model airplanes and helicopters as a pilot to maneuver the eye while on […]