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Juan Jose Suarez Coppel

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Petroleos Mexicanos, through its subsidiary p. M. More information is housed here: Viacom. i. Holdings has bought more than 50 million shares in the Spanish company. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Energy Capital Partners. The acquisition it has through ctuado shopping in the market and through operations with various entities. The Mexican company and Sacyr Vallehermoso, maximum shareholder in Repsol, have assured the Minister of industry that will keep the spanishness of the oil company.

Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), through its subsidiary P.M.I Holdings, has acquired 56.377.090 shares of Repsol YPF, 4.62% of the capital of the oil company Spanish, by about 1.15 billion euros at market price, as reported by the Commission national of the market of Valores (CNMV). In a statement, Pemex has pointed out that the purchase was completed in accordance with the provisions in the shareholders agreement with Sacyr Vallehermoso on August 29. The acquisition it has through ctuado shopping in the market and through operations with various entities, which include HSBC, Credit Agricole CIB, Natixis and group Financiero Inbursa, added the company. The Inbursa group is controlled by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, who also is a Director of the Caixabank, another shareholder of Repsol rrencia Spanish. The financial advisor for the transaction has been the French entity Credit Agricole. August 29, Sacyr and Pemex reached an agreement to organize the voting rights of their respective shareholdings of 20 per cent and 4.81% in Repsol, while the Mexican Group undertook to acquire 5% more before one month of the Spanish oil company and thus reach a joint 29.8%.

According to the shareholders Pact reached by Sacyr and Pemex, the two companies pledged to not exceed this percentage and thus circumvent the legal obligation to submit a takeover bid by the oil, which should reach 30%. Under this Covenant, Sacyr and Pemex are convenient to separate the functions of the President of the Council of administration and the Chief Executive of the oil company, charges now levied on Antonio Brufau, whose management has been challenged publicly by Del Rivero. The agreement, with an initial duration of 10 years extendable automatically in terms of five, seeks to develop common vision on Repsol and contribute their knowledge and experience to participate, collaborate and influence better management (of the company). The director general of Pemex, Juan Jose Suarez Coppel, foreshadowed that State company will finance 70 percent of the operation with debt and 30% with own resources. Both the Chairman of Sacyr Vallehermoso, Luis de el Rivero, as general director of Pemex, Juan Jose Suarez, guaranteed this week to the Minister of industry, Miguel Sebastian, that they will maintain the spanishness of oil company Repsol. The Government of Argentina requested the holding of a meeting of YPF to report on the intention of Pemex advance in stake in Repsol, which controls Argentine oil company in which the State of the South American country maintains a golden share. Source of the news: A Mexican oil company acquires more than 4% of Repsol YPF for nearly 1,150 million euros

United Arab Emirates

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The bag of Israel yesterday lost 7%. Under normal circumstances, what happens in Tel Aviv Park on Sunday – working day in Israel – goes unnoticed. The joint value of the 25 companies listed in its selective index exceeds narrowly the 87,000 million euros, less than it adds market capitalization in Telefonica and Repsol. But the session yesterday was special. It was the first after the lowering of the credit rating of the United States by Standard & Poor (S & P) s, in an economy closely linked to the first power of the world. His fall that he could not prevent the temporary suspension of the meeting, yesterday, is the best indicator of the nerves that reign today in markets around the world, as they are also drops the bags Bangladesh, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Source of the news:: the markets are today prepared to live a day full of nerves

The Spaniard

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He wanted to downplay the confusion with the national anthem. Talk with your computer to see if he attends the Tour de France. Became champion of the Giro in Milan this Sunday. Pinto also showed his support to the rider after his victory. Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador on Monday received the homage of the community […]

Sergio Pezzotta

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The club’s facilities were closed for partners and the stadium for the match River Plate-Belgrano, was only enabled by disposition of the security forces. Low a big soccer crisis that has accelerated in the last three seasons has shifted to segunda Division argentina at River Plate, than more official tournaments team has won in his […]

Inevitable Compromise

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Nicolas M. SARRIES will be ratified on June 27 in the European Parliament. Experts see positive measures, as delaying the retirement age. Other proposals are difficult to apply, separated the wages of the evolution of prices. The keys of the Pact of the Euro Convened dozens of demonstrations the 19-J. After being approved both by […]

Judge Determines

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The street Jose Maria Osborne changed its name under the law of historical memory. According to the ruling, this name evokes not the uprising or the Francoist repression. The judge says that the Sevillians associated this surname to wineries, wines or bulls. Osborne served on the side of Franco during the Spanish Civil war until […]

Martinez Valero

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About to glimpse a historical club to the first Division, the second has sparked an unusual interest. Promotion has catapulted the emotions of football. Some, so ominous and provoking tension as attacks with stones by violent followers of the Granada to the bus of the Elche after the draw (0-0) last Wednesday in the first […]


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The national police arrested about eight o’clock in the afternoon yesterday at his home to Ivan M. g., aged 23, as suspect of having given to test a concoction cooked based Thornapple, a toxic plant that produces hallucinations, two young men of 18 years who died hours after having attended a rave on Sunday a […]