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Geneva – Citroen

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At the 81st international automobile salon in Geneva (1-13.3.2011), Citroen is a product range which should embody the values of the brand – creativity, technology and courage. At the 81st international motor show in Geneva, the French car manufacturer Citroen presents itself with a new product range. This should expressing values such as creativity, technology and courage in the first place. The vehicle Portal introduces some new models and innovations. “Citroen a representative of Creative presented a number of innovations, for example the new DS4, as already the DS3 with its new models in Geneva technology” is from Citroen. With the current model, the manufacturer continues its DS philosophy. The DS line represents a special combination of design, driving experience, architecture and facilities. Also the motorists seem to appreciate this mix.

60,000 Internet users from over 60 countries voted the DS4 recently to the most beautiful car of the year”. The DS4 takes the form of a hohergelegten four-door Coupe that combines dynamism and versatility with a new driving experience. Several other Citroen models are already equipped with the e-HDi micro-hybrid technology, now used in the Berlingo, which will be shown at the fair for the first time with this engine. The Hydraktiv chassis for the C5 and the C6, the desired combination of dynamism and comfort manages the manufacturer. In the segment of electric cars, Citroen has more new products. The Citroen C-zero and the Berlingo first electric are two models that are powered with electricity to 100 percent. Surprising and expressive colours and materials are in Geneva with the C3 red block and the C6 presented Noir et Blanc.

Point System

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Information about the point system in road traffic and reduce the point – scoring, point reduction in driving schools, expungement. At technology investor you will find additional information. The Kraftfahrtbundesamt (KBA) is in the city of Flensburg in North Germany, here are managed in the central register of traffic offenders (VZR) the so-called index of traffic offenders. The VZR records all Ordnugswidrigkeiten and crimes in the road. The point system distinguishes between felonies and misdemeanors. You can be geandet depending on the severity of the offense with one or up to seven points. In addition geandet pass on the roads with bans and fines.

Entries in the central register of traffic offenders (VZR) due to administrative offences, will be deleted after two years plus an overlay of time of one year. But more points collected, is a repayment inhibition. This means that delete is not after two years but the points are drawn with. Then, the first entry is deleted after five years at the earliest. You want to overlay time (above deck period) at the KBA prevent that entries be wiped, although possibly before repayment maturity, the same person has collected more points and the KBA knew nothing of it.

Entries in the (VZR) for offences, will be deleted after five years. In certain cases, E.g.: Court decision, there can be up to ten years. Novice (probationary) erases any points in the VZR. Basically, the expungement begin legal force (nonrepudiation), and not the day of the offence. Without a request, points delete automatically after the expiration period. When reaching certain scores, the authority shall take actions. -The data subject is cautioned at 8 points. He gets a note on the voluntary participation of a point reduction seminar. -The point reduction seminar participation is prescribed with 14 points. In addition indicated the possibility of a verkehrspaychologischen advice. -The licence is withdrawn with 18 points. In driving schools for a participation of a point reduction seminar in a driving school, you can point reduction seminars Delete points. With a score of up to 8 points, 4 points are deleted. Prerequisite is that it voluntarily taking part. At nine to thirteen points, still two points will be credited after a voluntary visit of a building seminar. No more points are credited at a prescribed participation. No points in the balances are written. You can make only a point reduction seminar in five years.

Nokian Tyres Gmb

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Nokian tyres is the only tire manufacturer the world, which focuses on the needs of customers in the conditions of the North and designed products for them. Nokian tires for the tire change cheap as winter complete wheels on wheels are available at the on-site tire service. Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 – strength and stability for […]

Caterpillar BM Volvo

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Mudslinging: Tractors against ultra-mud Kempten, January 2010. Tractors stuck up to the steering wheel in the mud, mud whomsoever the harvester tractors pull a winch from the swamp: tractors in extreme situations. Already some trekkers in the wet land is literally wallowed despite all-wheel drive. “The country technology video mudslinging the movie” agricultural video shows […]