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Freshness Indicator

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Bizerba labels with time-temperature indicator (Switzerland) / Balingen is proven in the day business when Kneuss Guggeli in Switzerland Magenwill, August 2009 – realize the possibilities!\” What gets us a Swedish furniture store for years, of course also applies to other fields. When the Swiss company Ernst Kneuss Geflugel AG has been recognised the possibilities, that means the relatively new system label with time-temperature indicator (TTI) up refrigerators of the consumer for compliance with the cold chain from the production. The TTI OnVu label of the Balinger technology manufacturer Bizerba and of the Swiss group Ciba proved here after a year. \”The OnVu label are our customers and their consumers the necessary transparency and more confidence\”, Kneuss Guggeli assured CEO Daniel Kneuss. At Samsung you will find additional information. Even our company has discovered gaps in the cold chain thanks to the new labels and can close.\” The TTI labels made it possible for the Kane customers, but also for the own sales outlets, the correct cold chain to demonstrate. Kane has set the OnVu label as first supplier of fresh goods in Central Europe in the sale of its Bachofe Guggeli and had only good experiences. Consumers were and are very interested in and look for the exchanges to this label\”so Kane. Quality and freshness were today more than ever a differentiator in the grocery trade, so his conviction.

And both will improve OnVu. The TTI-label with a special ink\”, so Marc Badi, Sales Director at Bizerba labels and consumables, as additional label on each sale package applied. Displays the degree of discolouration of this label, whether fully or only good edible goods or whether she is already spoiled. The customer can then compare the degree of color saturation with a reference symbol and thus decide whether the product was actually transported and stored according to the imagination of the manufacturer.

Congress Centre

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The meeting place for exhibiting companies the success on a fair begins for exhibiting companies, exhibition service provider, stand builders and agencies already far in advance. To bring current trends and findings the specialist audience, Michael Kolb has launched the Conference and fair Ulm four years ago. The recognized trade show Infotainer who can draw on the experience of over 8,000 trade fairs at home and abroad, has won more and more applications in the first three events as possible participating locations are available. such as these. To keep the quality high, we have limited this year the capacity to 200 specialists”, says Michal Kolb. Venue for the fourth meeting of the fair this year is the great Hall of the Congress Centre of Neu-Ulm (Edwin-Scharff-Haus) – a very pleasant ambience for the trade fair professionals.

We will give many ideas for the successful trade fair appearance that day, speakers and presentations, as well as the associated exhibition are first-class,”Kolb, which again the event promises in cooperation with the marketing Club Ulm/Neu-Ulm. New standards for seminars through the open space method able to deepen their findings with a new seminar form visitors and participating exhibitors of the 4th Conference and fair Ulm between the lectures. We have organized a so-called open space conference to”Michael Kolb says, in working groups under the guidance of are formed due to the topics, to specifically deepen the trade priorities.” So, the resulting demand for information will met best, the trade show Infotainer adds. At the end of the 4th Conference and fair Ulm, all present participants will receive a book”with the logs of all working groups. So they get a perfect overview of”all working groups with profound ideas and solution sketches to probably 20 to 40 questions for the success of the fair, the 41 year-old trade show Infotainer adds. The open space technology is a revolutionary Conference model, which leads to unexpected breakthroughs and amazing Produces results. Contact information is here: neil cole iconix.

Gamescom Lioncast Announces Sales

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Leading provider of alternative gaming accessories with four million euro sales Berlin, 20.08.2013. The eyes of video game fans from all over the world look these days banned to Cologne. It is expected that both Sony and Microsoft on the gamescom, which from August 21 to 25 in the Cathedral City takes place, announce the […]

Swiss Software

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German entrepreneurs in the United States is the concept, success comes the United States are the birthplace of Microsoft and Apple fans just as fascinated look overseas. Here, names such as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have become legends. There is a chance in such a market for immigrant in the United States German at […]


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Also the range of warehouse facilities that allow a proper storage of hazardous materials, has increased with the increasing regulation and the related control of the operating supervision. Ranging from simple Kleingebindewannen or drip pans out to hazardous materials depots, are equipped with ventilation etc., a wide variety of environmental storage technology for the respective […]

The Second Generation Of The Wireless System From

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The second generation of the wireless Personensuch and backup system with precise localization using patented EkoTek introduces multi tone technology. The second generation of the wireless Personensuch and backup system with precise localization using patented EkoTek introduces multi tone technology. The radio specialist offers some innovative improvements in the second stage. These include EkoTek slave […]

International Group

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The presented bottle packaging in various sizes and formats, a secure shipping and transport offer, aroused the interest of the public. During the two-day fair saw the multi-member Rajapack team, which consisted of sales and multi channel marketing staff, a total of over 500 contacts and inquiries, which are analysed and processed after the fair. […]

Etienne Pfimlin

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CE qui permettra au groupe d ‘eviter d’ autres deboires lies ala crise actuelle of the Subprimes. Les pertes you groupe subscription au subprime sont ridicules, de l’ordre de 300 Moi. . Corn ce sont toujours 300 million de trop selon de nombreux societaires. Malgre tout Pflimlin continue sa d ‘ expansion strategy et s […]

Wireless Internet

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Videos in brilliant quality, directly from our Treasury! But it gets better: we show you our most popular clips, and provide the latest pictures on the net. And the best for the end: all there is to the absolute zero cost! Hard to believe, or? But we expect something in return. Your brain – and […]