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Full shelves thanks to RFID, self service via mobile phones and a skin test Tonisvorst free top – with the mobile shopping Assistant MEA, the retail group Metro Group offers customers the possibility to organize all steps of the shopping via mobile phone. In the newly opened real future store in the North Rhine-Westphalian Tonisvorst, the buyer can scan the bar codes of for each product with the camera of his mobile phone itself. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ali Partovi. The product codes in the virtual shopping cart are stored using a special software. Shopping explains finally ended a bar code for the final price will appear on the display. Get all the facts and insights with Robotics, another great source of information. The customer scans it on a station of number of and can pay there cash, card or fingerprint. For this, he puts his finger on a reader and shortly thereafter receives his receipt. This procedure is safe according to the Metro Group.

The so-called Lebenderkennung contribute to prevent the use of counterfeit fingerprints. So the sensor can tell not only the finger structure, but also temperature and Surface tension of the skin. The future store of the so-called radio frequency identification RFID is use. The smart chip, a tiny computer chip with an antenna, embeds it in a label. This is attached to pallets, cartons or individual articles in the central warehouse. A reader, objects can be identified then clearly and by radio. When shipping the goods is automatically compared to the order.

The computer system then delivers the delivery to the future store. There, readers capture the pallets during delivery. The accounting of incoming and output automatically thanks to RFID. About loading and unloading with simultaneous quantity check be accelerated significantly. Since no visual contact between reader and label is necessary, the security of identification even when dirty or wet labels increases”, so Frank Falter, Manager of key industries management of the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen. The update of the products in the ERP system of the market creates for the market leaders are the overview, which products in stock and when he must order. In the showroom, the desired items are always in stock. The future store tested new ways of customer service. In the newly designed Department beauty & more”, customers receive tips and tricks for beauty care. Through an interactive consultation Terminal customers can independently determine your skin type and according to professional advice.

KAIROS-bamboo Workshops For Recovery

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COMPANY KAIROS has created its own “stimulus package” for entrepreneurs. Byron Trott oftentimes addresses this issue. FRANKFURT, April 4, 2009. So-called bamboo-evening workshops is the entrepreneur network Frankfurt company KAIROS, the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs, the recovery task of an entrepreneur at the center of attention. Five to 10 participants work out a solution to the problem on a night together. This solution is always surprising due to the powerful and intelligent interaction of experience and knowledge from different sectors, always structurally sound and gives the power to exceptional growth spurts the main person. The bamboo was for company”KAIROS model for the creation of this stimulus, because it is the fastest growing plant in the world.

One day, individual varieties grow up to 1.6 meters. Powerful and intelligent they survive even the most difficult situations. All entrepreneurs KAIROS train every week, by the way, consistently and regularly their Entrepreneurs-top services for growing their business and are well equipped for the Special Mission during the bamboo-evening workshops. They are all skilled in dialog management, presentation techniques and motivation, the understanding of spiritual laws, the development of own stance, the market position and the matching measures. You are permanently, to take advantage of opportunities for the success of own and own growth at all: the moments of Cairo named after Cairo, the Greek God of the right moment. The first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs-top services, where train company KAIROSist currently 38 businesses and entrepreneurs in the three cities of Frankfurt, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg and Mainz their entrepreneurial skills. Based on the cooperation the weekly morning workshops in Frankfurt and Ginsheim-Gustavsburg from 7: 00 until 9: 00, in Mainz are the weekly night workshops from 9 pm to 23 pm. Offer the same content as the morning workshops, set the night workshops in Mainz itself but to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who can better build an evening appointment in their daily planning. Interested entrepreneurs can participate up to three times as a guest on a morning or night workshop, before they decide on a membership of companies KAIROS.

Harald Widmaier

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Founder of Baden-Wurttemberg research practical and new Remseck. All year round new interior design ideas from dining room to find bad. This is the promise of Harald “Harry” Widmaier, who has made a career out of his passion. (A valuable related resource: Peter Asaro). For this, the family father spends almost every free minute in […]

Swiss Software

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German entrepreneurs in the United States is the concept, success comes the United States are the birthplace of Microsoft and Apple fans just as fascinated look overseas. Here, names such as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have become legends. There is a chance in such a market for immigrant in the United States German at […]


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Also the range of warehouse facilities that allow a proper storage of hazardous materials, has increased with the increasing regulation and the related control of the operating supervision. Ranging from simple Kleingebindewannen or drip pans out to hazardous materials depots, are equipped with ventilation etc., a wide variety of environmental storage technology for the respective […]

The Second Generation Of The Wireless System From

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The second generation of the wireless Personensuch and backup system with precise localization using patented EkoTek introduces multi tone technology. The second generation of the wireless Personensuch and backup system with precise localization using patented EkoTek introduces multi tone technology. The radio specialist offers some innovative improvements in the second stage. These include EkoTek slave […]

International Group

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The presented bottle packaging in various sizes and formats, a secure shipping and transport offer, aroused the interest of the public. During the two-day fair saw the multi-member Rajapack team, which consisted of sales and multi channel marketing staff, a total of over 500 contacts and inquiries, which are analysed and processed after the fair. […]

Etienne Pfimlin

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CE qui permettra au groupe d ‘eviter d’ autres deboires lies ala crise actuelle of the Subprimes. Les pertes you groupe subscription au subprime sont ridicules, de l’ordre de 300 Moi. . Corn ce sont toujours 300 million de trop selon de nombreux societaires. Malgre tout Pflimlin continue sa d ‘ expansion strategy et s […]

Wireless Internet

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Videos in brilliant quality, directly from our Treasury! But it gets better: we show you our most popular clips, and provide the latest pictures on the net. And the best for the end: all there is to the absolute zero cost! Hard to believe, or? But we expect something in return. Your brain – and […]