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RAMPF Tooling Promotes Model Construction Young

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Efficient tooling systems virtually a hull meet Wildungen did not close while the young of the Bundesfachschule model construction from bad captains, gave yet a good insight what can expect the future model maker. Recently, RAMPF Tooling experts informed about 40 students about new systems and processing techniques of block material, surface resins about laminating pastes to the resin. Culminated in the production of a boat’s hull after the resin infusion process. The program of the seminar was very extensive. About 40 students of the Federal School of model construction from bad Wildungen got not only a comprehensive theoretical insight into the world of tooling, but could even work with. So, the participants of the various products of the brand of RAKU-TOOL parts and patterns could customize. RAMPF Tooling, Bernhard Deliege, Matthias Traxel and Marcus Vohrer, experts in different production pathways as: casting, layer construction and milling. Highlight of the event was the production of a ship’s hull Resin infusion process.

Typically, the resin infusion process is used in the production of large components. Hull model, the young hobbyists could learn what is important in this technology. The different working steps demonstrated Deliege, Tamiz and Vohrer in detail. Ranging from inserting the tissue package dry to the injection of the Reaktionsharzes by means of pressure gradient, which is produced by a vacuum. Also the students supported the various work steps. By the students themselves with, the greater the learning effect is”, explains Bernhard Deliege, Sales Manager North at RAMPF Tooling. Ulrike Hunter

SRH FernHochschule Riedlingen Awards Five Scholarships Of Germany

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Five students of the SRH FernHochschule Riedlingen, Germany have reason for great joy five students of the SRH FernHochschule Riedlingen, Germany have reason for joy: were selected by a jury of professionals from a variety of applications and get a scholarship of Germany on financial assistance for their studies in the coming winter semester. We are very happy, that we can offer this support to our students and expressing thus a recognition of their motivation”, underlines the Rector of the University, Prof. Dr. Julia Sander. The scholarship of Germany, where public and private sponsors two semester long share the cost of 300 per month, requires very good school or academic achievements, as well as a strong social commitment. The FA.

lock the sponsors, who are the SRH FernHochschule Riedlingen, Germany Germany scholarship could win for the drive technology of Ertingen, the EnBW Regional Directorate of Biberach, Volksbank Riedlingen, the BKK VerbundPlus as well as the city of Ellwangen. The grants were in the Bachelor’s degree business administration, economic psychology, food management and technology, as well as the master’s degree awarded health care management: Britta man of Mietingen at Laupheim, Julia Gronau from Weimar, Ulrike Thiele from Leipzig, Wouter Valentine from Falkenstein at Regensburg, as well as Christina Halbinger from Kennel Bach bei Bregenz. The Germany scholarships are awarded annually to the respective winter semester. Under most conditions Mikkel Svane would agree. Applications can be submitted until May 31.

Arkadin Appoints Chief Partnership Officer Didier Jaubert

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Experienced Manager to corporate development continue Frankfurt, the 15 September 2013 Arkadin, one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing service providers for location independent collaboration with a broad portfolio of solutions for audio, Web and video conferencing, and unified communications, today announced the appointment of Didier Jaubert Chief partnership officer. Didier Jaubert is thus responsible […]

Employers Underestimate Security Risks By Home Office

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Iron Mountain study: 60 percent of German employees send and receive business emails on your private account Hamburg 27 August 2013. 1 Of the service provider for information management and data protection, Iron Mountain study, that are the details of German companies by the behavior of employees exposed to a significant risk at their home […]


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1. official guide to Micros-Fidelio 7.12 (5) the first guide titled fit for Micros-Fidelio front Office 7.12 (5) has appeared in the Leonidas-Verlag. A guide for employees, trainees and job students who want to learn how to use Micros-Fidelio 7.12 (5). This guide explains the functioning and application of the widespread hotel software Micros-Fidelio. Image […]