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Market Fiber

Posted by Juan on November 23, 2011 with Comments Closedas ,

The broad scope defines a wide range of mineral products, manufactured by leading manufacturers, which include: – thermal insulation panels for metal, brick and concrete building components. Typically, they are pressed into between corresponding elements of design – mats for insulation and roof of underground structures. These products must be protected from moisture by installing a vapor barrier with a 'warm' side – special wind-slab, which is recommended as the windscreen of the soft slabs of wall and roof constructions. Especially for the 'ventilated' facades are designed ready-layer insulation plates with layers of different densities. They are placed so that part was more dense on the outside (from the ventilation gap), and less dense – was attached to the wall (bottom). – Semi-rigid plate, withstand the mechanical loads up to 5 kN/m2.

These boards are used, such as sandwich panels of reinforced concrete (type design 'sandwich'). Often, these boards have special grooves to drain condensate. This is especially important where the device is not possible to vent the air gap. For example, in the same concrete sandwich panels, the more so that the outer cladding has a low water vapor permeability. – Rigid plates, withstand up to 12 kN/m2 – boards increased rigidity, designed for flat roof insulation and are the basis for the roll roofing and mastic. There are special plates that, when used in As the top layer (with a two-layer insulation of the roof) attached to the roof of the desired grade. Glass Glass wool – a material that is the fiber that the technology preparation and properties have much in common with mineral wool.

To obtain a glass fiber using the same raw materials, and for the production of ordinary glass or waste glass industry. By the properties of wool is slightly different from the rock and slag wool. The differences are due, in part by the fact that the fibers of glass wool has a greater thickness (16-20 microns) and 2-3 times greater length. Due to this glass wool products have a high elasticity and durability. Glass-wool practically uniform and resistant to vibration. Thermal conductivity in the range 0,030-0,052 W / m K. Temperature resistance of conventional glass wool – +450 C, which is significantly lower than that of mineral wool. Thermal insulation materials made of fiberglass – good sound proofers, as they have a fibrous structure and absorb sound well. Have a high chemical resistance, do not contain corrosive agents, not hygroscopic. In the antiseptic treatment and lack of odor prevents the emergence of pests and mold in structures. This non-flammable material does not emit toxic and hazardous substances under the influence of fire. Steklovatnye products are widely used for thermal insulation of building structures. Glass fiber – soft and flexible material. Its products can coat the rough surface, as well as use in structures of any shape and configuration. At the same insulation products of glass are different forms of stability, can withstand aging without undergoing deformation. Fields of application are almost the same as for production of mineral wool. Nomenclature of thermal insulation products with glass wool includes: mats (soft board), sewed mats, semi-rigid plate on a synthetic bond, plates with high stiffness, to withstand considerable loads. Rigid plates, lined steklovoylokom are a good windscreen. On the long side panels can be connected together in a tongue and groove, which provides secure attachment and no gaps. More information about the situation in the market of glass wool and you can see in the report of the Academy of IKAR industrial markets' Market Fiber insulation in Russia. "

Sewing Machine

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How to choose a sewing machine? You decide to buy a sewing machine and can not decide which one? It is not surprising, because to date there is really such a huge selection. A sewing machine is not so commodities to be bought casually and make it really easy. Step 1. We leave in search of the necessary model sewing machine hike in retail stores or supermarket of home appliances can not give the desired results. You come up with incompetence and a small selection of vendors. It is best to go to a specialty store apparel technology, where highly skilled professionals will provide you with advice and a huge range of essential goods. Step 2. Decide what kind of sewing machine, you need to buy Modern sewing machines are significantly different from those that were produced decades ago.

They have much larger set of features than their predecessors. At the same time, you have to wonder: should such a number of operations performed for you? Since these sewing machines differ from conventional still and price. Hence conclusion before say to yourself, buy a sewing machine, you need to decide what you want out of it, that is to have a specific purpose – for what you need it for home or for a more professional use. Step 3. On how much to expect also an important criterion is the price. Decide how much you are willing to pay for a sewing machine, which costs may vary over a very wide range depending on the functions performed by the machine.

Step 4. Determined with a brand sewing machine sewing machine brand of choosing, look at what qualities emphasizes the firm, be sure to check with a shop assistant, check feedback on her sewing machine. It is advisable to store employee showed you are interested in the model and its operations. Tip: You trust only those brands that are willing to provide information about service centers in your area about the possibility of purchasing additional accessories, the model number, a complete set of products. Also, when buying a sewing machine, will not be superfluous to ask about the warranty, that you must provide the firm. Step 5. Clarification of formality not hesitate to ask about the timing of service, because this term should mean 'free repair' sewing machine after the expiration of the warranty. Ask questions about where exactly to address during the warranty and which after its completion. We also recommend that look at the documents, which must be specified exactly who provides guarantee – a shop where it was purchased products or manufacturers. Buying a sewing machine, it's worth checking the presence of instructions and equipment listed in it, that is if everything is available, which should go complete with purchased goods. Conclusion In high demand among buyers enjoy sewing machines Brother, they provide a line of high quality and have a reasonable price. Pay special attention to this. Listen to the above tips and you are guaranteed buy a sewing machine ideally suited, and will use it for years!


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And it works, themselves understand, without the general's effects – the most in any difficult situation: no write-downs of the weather, high winds, swaying trees, solar flare, a lot of people, vehicles and other targets that must be track. In general, it was done "for sebe. Were taken into account, and my moods, especially my wife. Tolerate hate repairs. Flatly refuses any of the builders at bay to the house. And if you notice that I'm trying to damage the finish laying of cables – divorce! In short, the installation has been excluded.

Is that very quickly, while his wife watches TV. Therefore, do not have to on-site and in the offices of the programmers. They have developed a mathematics to the system of "Next" to work without alteration of the old installation, but it's a few cameras that are more or less cover the perimeter of the barely form. Prior to that, it was believed that suggestive objective overview camera should blend in with the location rotating. The whole theory KSIZ proceeded from a "single point" from which align the district for guidance. And if not for my wife, then all would be well and continued to exist. By the way, KSIZ – computer system of artificial vision, the theory of which was described in SpetsLabe 8 years ago. And only now we have reached a practical embodiment. Rather, the past two years, as now. The military quickly smell This technology, today it is used in their protection of perimeters.

Serial Production

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Serial production type is characterized by constant release of quite a large range of products. It determines the method of the party organization of production, when run in production parts or assemblies by the parties of a certain size at a certain steady succession of them over time. This allows you to organize the rhythmic […]