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Posted by Juan on April 1, 2020as

The mediation made for instruments is fact of that the human being if relates with the things of the world through intermediate tools. These instruments of the technology make a mediation enter the concrete action on the world and the world. The signs are posterior forms of immediacy, that they make a nature mediation semiotics. Filed under: David Treadwell. It has one of signs that still a concrete existence has, for example, the masculine bathroom and the feminine bathroom, you has for a hat for the boys and an umbrella for the girls, this is sign, therefore it represents the idea of feminine masculine and. Everybody shares the idea of this representation. The citizen is not only active, but interactive, because it forms knowledge and if it constitutes from interpersonal relations intra and.

in the exchange with citizen and I obtain proper that if they go internalizando social knowledge, papers and functions, what allows the formation of a knowledge and the proper conscience. One is about a process that walks of the social plan (interpersonal relations), for the individual plan (intrapessoais relations). The pupil is not so only subject of the learning, but, that one that learns next to the other what its social group produces, as: language, and the proper knowledge. The proposal innovative in the process education learning must be an efficient instrument capable to extend the possibilities of knowledge of the pupil, to the measure that considers necessary joint of the spontaneous concepts (previous knowledge) with the knowledge that if leave to take the pupil to construct (scientific knowledge), and that it explores the interaction possibilities intra and intergrupos aiming at to a didactic work capable to privilege the ZPDSs of the pupils. The levels of development of each being are represented by the Real and the potential. The Real is acquired or formed determining what the child already is capable to make for proper itself, it discloses the possibility of an independent performance of the citizen.

The potential becomes related it capacity to learn with another person The zone of proximal development is mentioned, thus, to the way that the individual goes to cover to develop functions that are in matureness process and that they will become functions consolidated in the level of real development. The zone of proximal development is, therefore, a psychological domain in constant transformation; what a child is capable to make today with the aid of somebody, it will obtain tomorrow. It is as if development process progressed more slowly than the learning process; the awaken learning development process that, to the few, goes becomes part of the consolidated psychological functions of the individual. (OLIVEIRA, 1995, P. 60). Consideraes final The intersubjetividade is in gnese of the individual activity and participates of the construction of the forms of independent action or auto-regulation. An individual construction is not known the one hundred participation of the other and the social environment, what it becomes essential the intersubjetiva relation, therefore is in this relationary space that has the possibility of the knowledge. Of this form the school is the place where the intentional pedagogical intervention unchains the process teach-learning.