LCD Light

Posted by Juan on July 21, 2011as

Currently, e-books no longer a novelty, but not as common as the paper counterparts. It may affect different feeling. When light hits the paper, he reflected, as if reading from the device display that in this If the matrix of translucent light to form an image and creates a different feel to which many readers are not accustomed to, with the exception of the device with electronic paper. The first in a mass use of the device came with a monochrome LCD-screens that were released in 1998, and Softbook Press NuvoMedia. Later they were modified and the device came with full color screens and advanced functionality.

The first devices are not widespread, despite the very good technical performance. The same can be said about the products of other companies to specialize in this area. Later, there were books on the basis of cholesteric liquid crystal displays, but, despite a significant increase in resolving power, and battery life proved to be little demand in connection with a long drawing of the screen and lack of illumination. In 2007, the market for electronic books has experienced growth due to the emergence of screens with the technology of electronic paper. E-paper forms an image of reflected light as ordinary paper, and can display text and graphics on indefinitely without consuming electrical energy at the same time and allowing to change the image later. Such devices can operate for several weeks during active use. But while Readers considerably inferior to smartphones and PDAs.