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The Future Starts Every Day

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VMI members discuss with futurologists Cologne – launched an exclusive program the Visual Merchandising initiative E.v. for their members in Zurich and Bern. Top-class lecturers, visionary, innovative entrepreneurs and researchers discussed deriving trends and developments for retailers with the Auditorium about social changes, and it is. Concrete, already proven solutions for Visual Merchandising were presented as well as research projects, which will influence future solutions or determine. The programme made in Bern, connected with visits to Westside\”an excursion to the Mirgros, one of the most modern shopping centres in Europe. Sony is full of insight into the issues. People develop technologies and technologies the company. Today adolescent children will understand so well the world and their relationships like never before in the history. That was the quintessence of the lecture by future researchers Moshe Rappoport, without a doubt the highlight of this Conference of VMI.

Moshe Rappaport is Industry Solutions Lab in Zurich, one of eight research and development centers of the company worldwide, where over 3000 scientists and engineers working on Executive Technology briefer\”in IBM. The Zurich laboratory produced two Nobel Prize winners for Physics (1986 and 1987). Technological developments must be assessed in their practical application\”, Rappoport said. The focus is not the technical possible, but the benefits. Always the question what the user can use therefore arises and it learns just who can knows its markets, analyze them, and listen to.

In this way, the most advanced chip designs that brought computing power on the plastic cards (customer cards, bank cards, etc.) originated in Zurich, and here also the ideas for the Metro were forged future store. At the latest since the global opportunity to use the worldwide web information technology influenced the development of companies and the emergence of new forms of distribution. Amazon and eBay it would without does not give, offers of today’s scope (for example, in the retail sector) are not controllable without information technology do not build and large international companies.

Long-term Research Trends For Germany

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New priorities for research and technology which products and services we need in the future and how researchers can develop the best? How can it succeed for example, to bring new medicines without tests on humans or animals on the market? And how can we dramatically reduce the energy consumption of a city, to curb climate change? To adequately meet these and other challenges in the future, the Fraunhofer-Institute for industrial engineering IAO and for system and innovation research ISI on behalf of the Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF) have identified long-term research trends. Seven future of new cutting are a result of this so-called foresight process, where numerous experts of from various disciplines who collaborated between September 2007 and the end of 2009. These are characterised by their high innovation potential and bring together different strands of research. So for example feeds ProduzierenKonsumieren2. 0 “from production, service, and.

Environmental research and biotechnology, material, and social sciences. The future field transdisciplinary models and multi scale simulation integrates knowledge from nature, engineering, structural, agricultural, social, humanities, human, law and economics. These promises are the disciplines spanned networking, which is necessary to establish in the future for example the holistic model of the human body. Now, are the results of the foresight study under available and can be commented as of 30 June 2010 and debated in a moderated dialogue ( The results incorporated into the connection within the framework of the development of the high-tech strategy and the elaboration of the research agenda in the program work of the BMBF: selected future fields and topics are included in the program work of the BMBF. We are called upon to discuss the findings with representatives from science, economics, politics and social groups.

Lisa Neumann University

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Terminator abilities to everyone on the one hand, the virtual world in the computer, on the other the real life on your doorstep: there will no longer be this strict separation. Smartphones and special glasses allow people already, display virtual members in your field of vision. The online portal for auctions explained in what […]

Physics System

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And as a consequence appeared emf (electromotive force) induction, which is actually a magnetic, rather than the electromotive force. That's convention has got to the perceived reality. Popular metrology handbook says that concepts such as angular momentum, angular momentum, angular momentum and angular momentum – are synonymous, only selected in different origins. After all, they […]