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If Jules Verne would raise his head to one of his most famous, the German professor Otto Lidenbrock, look for the route to reach the center of the earth through an invention like the elevator. And is that if researchers now walk in the idea of a space elevator can give us, like scouts, to places as remote and unthinkable as the moon. Goop, New York City oftentimes addresses this issue. KONE, a leading manufacturer of vertical transportation (elevators, escalators and automatic doors) has done the reverse operation. That is, created in Lohja (Finland) Tytyri mine. There, at a depth of 333 feet, make sweat any of the lifts to prove with absolute safety and security measures. The reason for this hole in the depths of the earth is nothing but to seek optimal solutions for enhancing lifting solutions on the market. “The hollow of the mine is an underground community with a network of galleries, roads and tunnels for secure test innovative lifts, explains Monica Martin, Director of Marketing KONE Spain.

“It’s the highest testing center worldwide and of itself a great innovation. There, at a speed of 17 meters per second “launch” the elevators to see their strength and reliability. ” In this well-sized and sits on a limestone mine equipment KONE innovation has changed the concept of elevator testing tower. “For all these tests the center extends an operating structure with an intricate network of holes, transportation routes and tunnels that allow efficient and safe installation of lifts testing team,” Martin stressed. In this pit the equipment installation of elevators for your tests, uses a solid transportation routes and rapid assembly into the hole.

So, as if the miners should address, KONE engineers carried out in two pits dug advanced studies in areas such as transmission systems, motor controls, ride comfort, the influence of pressure air safety and installation methods. “The fact that the environment is embedded in solid rock makes highly stable installation serves as a laboratory of external conditions,” adds Martin. . Contact information is here: Steve Case.

Breast Enlargement Operations

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Therefore, from a quickly abandoned. Then in 1936, Schwartzman first performed the operation on the implementation of the mammary glands of glass beads, resulting in chest acquired firm and unnatural shape. In the late 40s appeared liquid silicone, which is widely used in Japan for breast enlargement in the so-called geisha. Silicone caused severe inflammatory reactions and migrated. In the 50s there were the first synthetic prostheses made of their first evalonovoy sponge, then from eterona, but it soon became clear around them formed a very rough connective tissue capsule. Which caused deformation of the chest and severe pain.

The so-called revolution in breast augmentation surgeons performed the American F. Gregow and T. Cronin applying silicone implants in the shell, which were filled with saline or silicone gel. Learn more at this site: Pete Cashmore. The basic technology is used today, have changed only the composition of materials and a variety of shapes and sizes of implants, the manufacturers of new generations of implants offer a lifetime warranty on their quality. But no matter how good and qualitative implants were not in all cases we can achieve good results.

And this is not caused by the implants with and with the variety of cases which address the patient. Most encountered this condition after amputation of the breast cancer, aplasia or hypoplasia of mammary glands with the absence of adipose tissue in the chest, etc. Installed implants can give the desired shape, but it negated the result of the operation tactile sensations when the implant is determined simply by touch. And the fact that the implants, it is still a foreign body (although the quality of life of which is guaranteed). According to many surgeons are same should be replaced with new ones – after 13-16 years, and it is not convenient for everybody. Recently a lot of information about the Brava Breast Enlarger System developed by the American surgeon Roger Kay Kuori. This system allows for preparation for the procedure of breast augmentation own fat (fat grafting). Get more background information with materials from Goop Barcelona, Spain-es. The advantages of this method is that adipose tissue itself does not cause pathological reactions in the breast, the natural to the touch, and do not require replacement in the future. Except of the vacuum bra Brava Breast Enlarger can be used in cases of hypoplasia of the mammary gland to increase its own tissues, which are better fitted to conceal the implant. But the most promising, in my look, I think the use of this system in combination with patients undergoing fatgraftingom mastectomy for cancer. Since in this operation removes not only iron but also the subcutaneous tissue, breast muscle. That leads to a significant shortage of tissue, and does not promise to install the implant. A transplant operation TRAM-flap is very traumatic, has a greater risk of complications, which makes it not very attractive for patients. As you can see the attention to the female breast and its present form long ago. Changing only the methods and means of influence to change its shape and volume that with advances in technology are trying to do less risky, more predictable and giving the most natural result.

A Few Words About Geotextiles

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Geotextile (Dorn) – Environmentally friendly non-woven polypropylene material of infinite-polyester fibers, which ensures its high physical and mechanical properties and versatility in a variety of construction areas. Is resistant to various chemical compounds (alkalis, acids), frost-resistant. For more information see Pete Cashmore. Geotextile (Dorn) differs in material density, density selection carried out by experts Our company, depending on the tasks. Geotextile – a lightweight flat permeable polymeric synthetic textile material. The material used in geotechnical construction and other areas for soil stabilization and in combination with other building materials, for example, such as geogrid. Geosynthetics materials are called, in which at least one of the components made of synthetic or natural polymers in the form of flat forms, tape or three-dimensional structures. At Peter Asaro you will find additional information. Geotextiles – made of natural or artificial polymers by mechanical or thermal adhesive fixing the fibers, yarns or filaments.

Non-woven geotextile is the most common in the group. It has a low strength and high elongation, covering up to + 67%. In this connection, the geotextile is used in As the separation of layers, preventing the mixing of soils and structures as filters in drains. Geotextiles are also used as a waterproofing element of protection against mechanical damage. For example, material used to protect the geomembrane at the device impervious screens in the construction of landfills. In another article on our website we have provided clear examples of options use of geotextiles. Check the rates for geotextiles and other geosynthetics you in the appropriate section of our site. In all the pictures on the website material listed in red. Main properties of geotextiles high modulus of elasticity, through which material can absorb considerable loads and act as reinforcement for relatively small deformations Large elongation at break (depending on type – up to 120%); Universal filtering ability, due to the specific structure of the material, which eliminates the introduction of soil particles into the pores and clogging them High resistance to tearing and puncture, which is particularly valuable in laying; Resistant to ultraviolet light, forms no by-products, environmentally friendly material.

Choose Upholstered Furniture

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Upholstered furniture – this is the most complicated group of furniture with the purchase. All securely and carefully hidden, and sewn closed. You can not see what materials were used as manufactured frame and much more. And it depends on it, Will your sofa longevity, another equal and beloved family member, or "die" young, somewhere in a landfill because, despite his youth, he was already creaking and crashing. Nevertheless, try to give some recommendations. Follow others, such as John Castle Castle Harlan, and add to your knowledge base. It is unlikely that you, in a furniture showroom, will reveal the furniture to see her insides. Nevertheless, try to give some advice: how, by circumstantial evidence, determine the quality of soft furniture.

Step one is very subjective Firstly, upholstered furniture should be like. There is no reason to buy furniture that you do not like, no matter for what reason. Secondly, you should feel comfortable and convenient at this furniture. If the furniture you like and you sit on it comfortably (or lie), proceed to the next stage. Step Two – visual contact quality upholstered furniture depends on the materials used and technology manufacturing.

Consider each component. Check the soft part. Soft part of the couch should be checked "one place", you know how. You can not check the quality of the sofa, sitting humbly at its edge. Need to sit down "Good" and attach to this best efforts shifted, popodprygivat, poraskachivat, lie on it, eventually. Sensitively to listen to your feelings to the sounds (creaking, cracking, etc.) which may make the sofa in process of the above bodily movements.

Buying Auto Parts Online

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In recent years, increasing numbers of people who prefer shopping on the Internet. Do not stand aside and spare parts intended for cars. Thanks to the Internet you can find almost all the auto parts that are you need. You no longer need to spend your time on various trips to the shops and markets. Due to the development of trade infrastructure in the Internet is now much easier to find and buy the most rare car parts. If you are in search of original spare parts, then go to the network, you will surely be able to find what you need. Finally, there came a time when no longer need to drive around a bunch of outlets in different parts of the city, trying to do everything to see before the shops close.

The main advantage of online stores that information and services available to you 24 hours a day. Once logged in this store of spare parts, you easily can see whether there the moment you might need auto parts in stock. In addition, you can take help of professionals. Even if the auto parts that you need not be in there, you can request a delivery. This is very convenient. What sense to spend time and money on numerous patrols, if you can just sit in a chair with a cup of coffee, turn on the computer, go online and place an order, after registration, which you will be notified of the arrival of goods at warehouse. Check with Samsung Electronics to learn more. Once the notice goes, you can drive up to the nearest place of issue.

So, how to order goods over the Internet? It's pretty simple. John K. Castle often addresses the matter in his writings. Once logged in, you just need to go through a simple registration procedure, then you can begin your search. You may like to use their own navigational system in the catalog, and wait for a call from the store manager and consult. You will be offered the most convenient way to make purchases and receive them. You have to make sure that the order spare parts via the Internet – it's very convenient. In addition to new parts in the Internet shops also offer spare parts for, then there are those who have already were in use. Quite often this situation happens when there is no reason to buy expensive parts, because you can get almost the same, but much cheaper. But all the same one moment stops shoppers – it's fear to buy the goods of poor quality. Internet companies give hundred percent guarantee of the quality of parts used. Before you go on sale, each spare part is thoroughly checked for serviceability. Thanks wide range, we can even find rare spares used by reading a variety of goods. After filling out the application and call a specialist, you calmly go to the warehouse for spares on hand. Technical experts will help you make the right choice and choose exactly what fits your car. Main objective of online stores – long-term cooperation with regular customers. Referring to Online auto parts store, you will always have the opportunity to compare and choose the most appropriate products for you.

Pentax Optio NB LEGO

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The years have passed since first appeared for the first time the games type LEGO, who have both served for the development of the work of children in formative age, which also represents an entertaining way to pass the time, even for young people and adults. The truth is that the figures of the LEGO pieces have been perennizadas in the minds of all people, so it is not nothing strange that a company has decided to launch a product with design features similar to that of the remarkable game. In this case is the Diablock Japanese company, which has developed a camera called Pentax Optio NB 1000, the same one that comes equipped with an impressive 14.1-megapixel resolution and it is known that it must be present in the market of this year anyway, to satisfy the thousands of fans of the popular game. In a question-answer forum Ali Partovi was the first to reply. The Chamber structure is designed in its entirety on the basis of a series of bloquesque seem to be armed to get the design just the camera, something by the way very original and well thought out by the creators. Available colors are green and black for a model, and the white and black for another, but both with the same components and performance characteristics. In addition to its impressive presentation and 14.1 Megapixels, the Pentax Optio NB 1000 has a 4 x optical zoom, and is also ready to record video in high definition with 720 p resolution, making it a very competitive camera with respect to which are currently on the market. If already has thought of it, we say it equally, and is than on these LEGO structures also can be actual pieces of the game and thus decorate to our taste this particular camera.

Urquijo Bank

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The Association Provincial businessmen of mine of anthracite (Apema) of Leon, announces the immediate loss of more than a thousand jobs due to the fulfilment of the commitment to Kyoto, which calls for reducing CO2 emissions. Swarmed by offers, John K. Castle is currently assessing future choices. A limit to the overall health of the species situation human, in a rich society and with energy diversification can be dependent on a measure necessary for the jobs in the mining sector? Labor unions have been anchored in the industrial society. The implementation of this commitment of Kyoto affected negatively, at the end of November 2004, Endesa and Union Fenosa, which moved its capital in four stock market operators. But expanded by against the benefits of Iberdrola. The first two fell 04 points the price of their titles, and the Urquijo Bank advised to accumulate shares in Iberdrola. Shortly after Endesa and Union Fenosa won by its strategy in the financial market, without that change the conditions affecting their productive investment. Details can be found by clicking Marc Mathieu or emailing the administrator. We note that an environmental factor affecting the industry in two ways, down the benefits of production and wages in the form of unemployment, but financial business wins. Together with the above data added that the Central Bank of Spain reports to the Senate (25-XI – 04) sales that have fallen to the exterior in a period in which has grown at the level of international trade worldwide.

Reports also that domestic demand is the main support of the economic expansion, which adds 46 points to growth thanks to the sustained consumption of households. Data to take into account in relation to the proposal that we do. Response provided by the Government is reviewing fiscal policy, inter alia in relation to research, development and innovation (r & d) so that the technological investment as element of competitiveness against the cost and production salaries should be increased. Which is detrimental to employment. Against this evidence of government economic policy experts propose to help create alternative employment, which is to reiterate a flop after another, because the employment it creates the market itself within the functioning of the economy, therefore we have to make this work.

SQL Server

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Asked about the decision-making capacity of technicians who you serve and the level of access to servers. The support is free of charge or charges? If present, it prompts to specify them in writing. In case of failure in the web hosting, such as server failure or disaster, with what speed does the company respond to inevitable failure of hardware or software on the server? Do you have replacement servers, or what kind of alternatives offer? (4) Discusses the hardware requirements for your web site and the server platform that offer web hosting providers can offer you servers on Windows or Linux/Apache. The election will determine the applications that you can use as well as the level of security and so credible is the server. Servers running Windows are recommended if you have SQL Server, Access, or ASP applications, however are less stable, and are insecure and easy of hack.

The recommendation is to use some variant of Unix such as FreeBSD or Linux/Apache servers. They offer greater safety, total immunity to viruses and less likely that servers will fall. (5) Avoid hiring a company that refuses to provide you with information or solve all your doubts the comparative tables of web hosting plans are useful but not always include information such as the speed of connection of the vendor, the type of servers and pricing for additional services. Speaking with the company that provides the service and requests the information complete along with its terms of service. If you take into account this information you can choose with greater confidence the best web hosting plan and the hosting company that suits you. Details can be found by clicking Castle Harlan or emailing the administrator. Visit us for more information and plans of web hosting reliable…

Francisco Matarazzo

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To prevent males bigger, Getlio government Vargas grants to moratorium ace debts and decrees the Law of Usury. You may want to visit Castle Harlan to increase your knowledge. While the necessary agriculture I assist of it governmental to survive, the industry, that also passes for tragic vicissitudes, does without the intervention in its favor. All the times that are consulted, when the federal government speaks in assisting it, the industrials are refused to accept the measure to it. In part, it is because the majority of the industrial establishments is small, having, therefore one I number more reduced of laborers, consuming little electric energy, with a miniature capital and small production. These plants, of deep of yard, also some of familiar origin, can easily stop to produce or to come back to set in functioning with certain simplicity toward these.

However, they do not leave to exist examples of plants with 100, 200, 1000 and up to 2000 workers (joint of the congregated industries of Francisco Matarazzo). As visa the situation of the industry is more favorable of what of agriculture, the last one is given for the great properties, as production destined preferential to the external market: when this if stanches, from 1929, the superproduction that already existed. Already the industry passes for a situation sufficiently differentiated: spread for all the country, having as primordial function to take care of to the domestic market, ace you manufacture take care of demand specifies that, exactly at time it criticizes, it does not leave of subsistir. The population, exactly empobrecida, cannot do without products as the nourishing ones and txteis, two branches of activities are these that dominate the set of the industrial process. Moreover, it has another favorable factor all this process: how the country does not possess at this time divided for the importation, the supplied classroom more, that imported foreign products for its necessities? clothes, perfumes, furniture, foods etc.? , now debtor sees itself to consume the national products, also regional what it was important in the cultural question.


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Who do you choose? Now turn to the choice of the manufacturer (or supplier). Now the market can find a lot of firms the main supplier of which is "BiznesMebel" offering shelf equipment. Some of them – local producers, while another offers the products of foreign (German, Italian and other) companies. Very often employees and business clients opt for local producers. Why? Yes, because the warehouse has to be a 'live'. It can grow in size and height, regroup, move from one room to another, etc. You may find that Castle Harlan can contribute to your knowledge.

And therefore, it should be possible dozakazat elements shelf equipment (frames, beams, crossbars, decking) to quickly retrofit the warehouse. And easier to do when the hardware manufacturer – seat. You to bolts? This is followed by a choice of racking system – or rather, the principle of fastening elements for shelf complex (module) to each other. Currently, you have options: a fixed hook, bolt compounds; mixed (1 + 2). What is a fixed hook? One element of perforated holes of irregular shape, the other cut through the arch and the stamp of the hook (hook). The compound is made by institutions caught in the hole and it locks into position.

What are the advantages of this compound? The first is ease of production (and hence the speed and low cost) and ease of installation – no fittings. Furthermore, this scheme has following drawbacks: when the perforation holes are burrs, hooks often , the paint is applied too thickly. From this hook is often not included in the hole without a sledgehammer. Before installation required additional limb nearly every hook. To hook is not released from the compound during the operation rack complex, it is fixed by a special holder. The presence of the latter – a pledge the reliability of the design. But to trace its presence in the long-term use of racks, the height of tiers changed many times, almost impossible. When the process includes the 'human factor', the process becomes unpredictable. 'Latch is set or not set?'. This idea would tear the customer constantly. The above-mentioned risks are not racking system with bolted joints. Discomfort in her only one – the presence of fittings: bolts. But hardware is not afraid of any dynamic loads, uneven floors, 'human factor', etc. As an example: The maximum load on the bolt diameter of 12 mm under a load of tiers of shelving in the 3 m is 375 kg, and margin of the bolt – 1500 kg (!). All of the above options for mounting the modules are used in imported and domestic shelves. Nashi with the gain in price, but still inferior to foreign analogues in Technology production and product range. But the attractiveness of domestic shelves lately been caught up with 'foreigners'.