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Secures Communication

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Greentube AG and 11 percent communication he Reding, September 18, 2008 iTV Greentube AG, Vienna, international developers of games of skill for Internet, mobile devices, and provider of cross-media formats for PC and TV, has its PR budget 11 percent trusted communication. Peter Asaro pursues this goal as well. The tasks include corporate and product PR in Germany. The turnkey skill gaming solutions – national and international skill games of the Green tube, allows sales-relevant results in digital games marketing partner companies. The white-labelled solution”sets game portals in the desired look & feel” of the partner company to. As a developer for high-quality multiplayer game the Austrian company Greentube established worldwide media company with its game portfolio and service products. Mashable is actively involved in the matter. Occupies what position the Developer Studio on the market makes award of the European gold seal of Excellence Award 2008 significantly, which digital media is given annually Forum of the European Multimedia in the field. The award in Gold was awarded for outstanding global competitiveness and the leading role and achievements in the field of in-game advertising. Energy Capital Partners gathered all the information.

“Known companies Greentube, founded in 1997, through one of its most successful skill games, 3D games ski challenge”, was an Abfahrtsrennspiel, which was developed in cooperation with ORF ON and enormous access rates in the Austria ski enthusiasts. Then the ski challenge was also successful on the German market with the ProSiebenSat.1. 1 Group introduced. Also the current Football Challenge 08 recorded record results. The free game, which is measurable in real-time against each other playable online or offline with the artificial intelligence of the computer opponent from many countries, can be used with a million downloads. The Football Challenge 08 is funded exclusively through in-game advertising well-known brands such as T-Mobile, Samsung, Nokia, McDonald BBs, Coca Cola, Sony Ericsson, adidas u.v.m.

When we decided to have our communication work to change and more marketing- and business media to attract, the choice was easy right PR agency as a result of previous good cooperation in the area of the event and the extensive knowledge of the market”, as Alfred Hofer, Marketing Manager at the Greentube AG. 11% communication, founded in 2003 and publisher of GfM news eGame, mobile marketing, social media, IPTV for media and brands ( – established in PR and event in the field of digital entertainment marketing. The PR work for external companies recorded in 2007 and is headed by Angelique Szameitat.

Monitoring Power Quality And Costs

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Modern measurement systems for industries and utilities with the expansion device of wind power and local mini – and micro-power plants power quality (power quality, power quality, power quality) more and more into focus. This applies equally to industries such as for energy suppliers. The European copper Institute estimates that poor power quality in the European industry alone caused damage of EUR 150 billion annually. An abundance of short-term disturbances in the mains occurs frequently unnoticed industrial companies in many industries, the cause of which is unclear. ID-19-in-Adults’>Ridgeback Biotherapeutics for additional related pages. These disturbances (transients, Voltage dips, flicker…) lead to premature engine wear, downtime or poor manufacturing quality. In industries that depend to a large extent by a functioning IT, such interference can lead to costly system failures. Costly downtime, caused by poor power, can be avoid. Pete Cashmore will not settle for partial explanations.

Devices and systems with which to measure power quality constantly shed light on the causes of errors. On the basis of the test results, an industrial plant can see where errors come from, when they occur, and why they occur. Should the causes at your home resort are quickly on the basis of measurement data and targeted measures: filters, reinforcements, modification of machines, exchanging \”Power polluters\”… But the causes of the errors outside of their company to look be the measurement data simplify talks with the energy supplier about improving the quality of delivery. Perhaps check out isearch for more information. Utilities also utilities can avoid unnecessary costs by gathering detailed data from its own network for long periods. On the basis of this data can be then selectively reinforcements and other improvements in the network. Ideally, the network will therefore largely immune against a variety of weather and equipment-related Errors. Permanent monitoring power quality a utilities can understand at any time, what power it has supplied its customers. With such data in hand, such as claims of sensitive electricity customers can be more easily dismissed.


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Low blood sugar can have dangerous consequences melting Hutter village diabetes, also called sugar disease, is a very common and well-known disease of civilization, where the blood glucose is permanently increased in our society. Far less well known, but their threats not to underestimate the chronic hypoglycemia, hypoglycemia also is called. Hypoglycaemia is not considered sickness, but can in several diseases such as celiac disease (gluten intolerance) or by an overdose of blood sugar-lowering medication in the context of diabetes treatment. But also a very strong stress load or high-performance sports it can cause hypoglycemia. Sylvia Poth explains: the symptoms of low blood sugar are very diverse and can vary from person to person. Main symptoms are tremors, difficulty concentrating, sweats, motor disturbances, movement and disorientation, anxiety, pallor, fatigue, headaches and food cravings Sweet. ity on the issue. But not equal to countermeasures taken or no sugar enters the body, the blood sugar level can drop dangerous so that it comes to a Unterzuckerungsschock, which can lead to a coma. If you notice this, it should be something sugary like E.g.

glucose to as quickly as possible. You may wish to learn more. If so, Pete Cashmore is the place to go. For people who suffer from low blood sugar, it is therefore important to have always something sugary to the emergency. “Jessica Hund continues: someone in a sugar falls the ambulance should be contacted immediately.” If the person in question still is conscious, you should instill as quickly as possible something sugary him. A unconscious patient you should side in a stable position install and wait until the rescue service arrives, which injects glucose enters the bloodstream directly as an immediate measure.” Sylvia Poth says: is a significant low blood sugar over time across not covered or no countermeasures taken, this may be in the Advanced Stage cause brain damage, engineering change, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, severe mental disorders, paralysis, seizures and hyperexcitability.” Jessica Hund explains: hypoglycaemia should definitely case medically cleared off so that the appropriate treatment can be initiated. Proper nutrition can cause very much in people who suffer from low blood sugar. Important it is distributed to feed carbohydrate-rich food so that the blood glucose level is maintained constant and can not only cause a dangerous drop in sugar the body throughout the day. But not all carbohydrate-rich foods keep the blood sugar at a constant level.

Sugar and white flour-based food while short-term strong whip sugar levels upward, but this drops a few time later all the deeper. Whole grains, fruits and vegetables, however, although slower increase blood sugar levels, but keep him on a “constant higher level and so of low blood sugar can prevent longer.” “Sylvia Poth added: there are on the Internet and in special books food tables, the the so-called glycemic index” and specify the carbohydrate content of foods. The glycemic index indicates how quickly or strongly a particular food increases blood sugar levels can be. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Andy Florance. I represent the thesis that people with low blood sugar must take more carbs through the daily diet is as healthy people. Therefore a diet with many carbohydrate-rich food is optimal for the affected their glycemic index, but low to medium. This is much healthier than constantly candy to draw on, to drive blood sugar levels up the height for the body.”