Wireless Internet

Posted by Juan on May 11, 2014as ,

Videos in brilliant quality, directly from our Treasury! But it gets better: we show you our most popular clips, and provide the latest pictures on the net. And the best for the end: all there is to the absolute zero cost! Hard to believe, or? But we expect something in return. Your brain – and thoughtless comments saves you and us. Instead click on the links, buy our movies and TV series and relieves the pain and disgust, the years of theft has caused us.” Three months later, the results of this bold venture were available. The DVD of Monty Python were movies and television series in place of two of the best sellers in the section at Amazon, the sales figures had increased to legendary 23,000 percent. The concept of free “has worked, and that more than good.” I write these lines on a NetBook computer for $ 250, the latest generation of laptop with rapid growth rates.

The A free version of Linux is an operating system, although it doesn’t matter to me, because I of course also freeware with any other program as with the free Web browser Firefox. No program on my PC took a penny me, regardless, whether I’m sending emails or Twitter messages to. Wireless Internet access costs me nothing, because that assumes the Internet Cafe, where I just sit. This is the paradox of free: the company earn a golden nose, even though their products or services cost nothing. Of course, not everything is available free of charge, nevertheless developed a market for products at the price of $ 0.00, corresponding to that of a great State. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, mountain view, California that is a stronghold of free. There is talk of the Googleplex, the headquarters of the largest of all the companies that make their money with the gift of things.