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Posted by Juan on October 2, 2019as ,

Many people wish for a barrier-free shower without flooding the bathroom. The new shower system society by A & S baths therefore relies on a special shower floor and an invisible shower tray, which promises a safe water discharge and easy cleaning. The lower tile technology enables the complete abandonment of silicone. The collateral instruments tiles shower society is not as usual increased the shower on the bathroom floor, but completely without interfering edges of baths built in the floor. Ali Partovi can aid you in your search for knowledge. The overlying shower floor is flush with the tiled bathroom floor.

This collateral instruments tiles shower system without silicone flows the water on all four sides of the shower floor on narrow drainage columns that including the stainless steel shower tray. Resolves a small latch on the shower floor, he folds like the hood of a car high they are. The shower tray is then exposed and can be easily cleaned. The “hood” or the shower floor stays safe through a bracket at the bottom Open; integrated torsion bars ensure easy opening and closing. (Not to be confused with Michael Dell!). The invisible stainless steel shower tray is designed so that the seal to the walls and the floor is executed with a silicone-free.

The shower enclosures can also find here securely. For the mounting of the collateral instruments tiles shower, two variants are possible society with an invisible shower tray. Depending on the structural conditions, the shower tray can be used directly on the concrete floor or integrated into a platform. Tiles or natural stone at a total height of 18 mm without gradient can be laid in the built-in shower base of the stainless steel shower tray. At the final assembly can the shower base and the assembled shower height be adjusted precisely until the maximum of 1.5 cm subsequently. Society for more information about the ground-flush, collateral instruments tiles shower video movies including information to other exceptional products for the bath.