Wireless-Site-Survey.de Goes Online

Posted by Juan on April 14, 2014as

Wireless-Site-Survey.de is finally ready, the project of HEXCOM finally goes online! the HEXCOM UG provides project of wireless site-Survey.de online starting immediately his new site and focus is the Wi-Fi wireless site-Survey.de, clearly measurement addressed networks so that all operators of 802.11 a / b / g / n wireless LAN, no matter whether planners, installer or Troubleshooter, is everyone on wireless-site-Survey.de anytime, day and night welcome. From a technical standpoint can expect visitors to wireless-site-Survey.de Know-How transfer from the practice for the practice, supported by ever again gehrenden online seminars (webinars) around the topic of wireless site survey and wireless analysis and a soon coming wireless site survey blog, where short and almost clear to the point all important around the Department explains wireless site survey, such as: signal-to noise ratio, signal-to noise ratio, and many more. Also solutions for wireless site survey and wireless analysis not on wireless-site-Survey.de missing, here stands clearly “Distribution product line TamoSoft the HEXCOM UG in focus, among others with the products of CommView WiFi (wireless LAN Netzwerkanalyser), TamoGraph (wireless site survey software) and CommView WiFi VoIP module” (wireless LAN VoIP analysis module). Of course is planned here continue, so that timely Distributionsproduklinie nuts about nets will be built-in and solutions for the wirless Channelanalyse (WiFi Eagle), for the wireless spectrum analysis (AirSleuth) and the wireless performance analysis (NetSurveyor) rise on wirless Site Survey.de available. For more information about wireless site Survey.de at: more information about HEXCOM UG found under: about the HEXCOM UG: the HEXCOM UG is manufacturer and distributor of measurement technology for IT networks, with the core focus on network analysis, network engineering and data forensics. Since its inception the HEXCOM, it has become the passion and task to offer state of the art solutions for resale, in addition to long-time and highly developed its own products became the HEXCOM UG, distributor of TamoSoft, ZTI, nuts about nets and albedo Telecom.