Internet Connection

Posted by Juan on April 22, 2018

Share an internet connection can be very convenient and useful in many cases, are examples of its usefulness: allow other computers in our household have up-to-date antivirus. Share network access to other members of our home with a single connection. Share access to the network with a neighbor or relative that is within walking distance. Enable the internet on a desktop PC when we only have access to a wireless network through a Laptop. To access the network from a (Iphone, Ipad, Android) Smartphone in cases that in our home there is no wireless or 3 G coverage but have cable in our desktop PC. The following method allows you to share the Internet connection you have between the two teams, creating a network of local area either by a cable or a wireless connection, it may also be from PC to PC, PC to Laptop (Netbook) or vice versa, is possible from a Laptop to an Iphone which will see in another article.

Options there are several options depending on which way you connect to the internet: 1 – your internet access is broadband via a cable or ADSL 2 modem – your internet connection is through a wireless network. 3. Your internet connection is via a dial through a modem connection. In the first case these using the LAN port of your computer, by what your option to share the internet with others would have to be through a wireless network or installing a PCI or USB network adapter card (all PCs or Laptops nowadays bring a single LAN or Ethernet network adapter). In this case if you connect to the internet with a Laptop (all bring wireless network adapter), you can share it with another computer. The second and third if your LAN port is free by which you can share your internet with another computer using an Ethernet network cable connected to this port.