Good Master

Posted by Juan on November 4, 2016as

Thus it broke Abro as Mr. had said to it, (Gneses 12.1; 4) Abro, was a man who if detached in its city, therefore, had an excellent standard of living, relatives loved that it, neighbors who if related very well with it. Suddenly! God asks for to it to abandon everything that it conquered throughout its life, to go for a locality, that is not disclosed to it. But readily it it obeyed the voice of God, therefore, ' ' ele' ' the corporeal property was not imprisoned. God in this last hour of the church in the phase land, this, the search of Christians, who are not imprisoned to its patrimonies, to its proper concepts, for it to be in service.

Therefore, if its patrimony will be imprisoned, inside of your heart, you does not obtain to obey the voice of God. It sees the example of the rich young. E, setting it way, ran for it a man, which if kneel ahead of it, and he asked to it: Good Master, that I will make to inherit the perpetual life? Jesus said to it: You call why me good? Nobody has good seno one, that he is God. You know the orders: You will not adulterate; you will not kill; you will not steal; you will not say false certification; you will not disapoint somebody; it honors your father and your mother. It, however, answering, said to it: Master, everything this I kept since my youth. Jesus, looking at for it loved, it and it said to it: It lacks a thing to you: it goes, vende everything how much you have, and of – to the poor persons, you will have a treasure in the sky; comes, it takes the cross, and it follows me. But it, sorry of this word, left sad; because possua many properties.