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Hammurabi Laws

Posted by Juan on March 7, 2017 with Comments Closedas , , ,

Man has given too many laws and rules from the famous code of Hammurabi. Most of them have been and they remain unjust. And all at some point have been victims of the application of any arbitrariness. But all dictate laws from small. We say what should be guided by any opinion.

At least we try to have these rules apply only to us. And in some cases, only to others. There is such a legislative device that it is impossible to proceed in certain societies or institutions. Bureaucracy destroys any attempt to create and feel free. We ended up tired of so many useless regulations. And the worst is that sometimes even the same ones who impose them want them comply.

There are few options, or resign themselves to the complete subjugation or break the rules. But we fall into a somewhat complicated matter: break the rules. Some people, especially young raised the possibility of not to submit to any mandate. Passing over any law, rule or regulation that comes from others. But is that advisable? It is at least possible? Ponte to think, live outside any law. Nobody comes up with, in fact, no one makes even the more anarchic. Of course, unless they prefer to live in prison. And I know few people as well. When they are in prison, however; they have to accept to eat at certain times and comply bad than good. Not even prisoners can do what they say should be done. But why. It is very easy: because it is impossible to live out every rule. When you try, life becomes an insane experience. It will not nor arrives nowhere. And is not be an inevitable evil with which we have to learn to live. It is not, it is precisely what has made the progress of humanity. Why we’ve come this far, by understanding some rules and follow them. Not all are inappropriate, much of them are logical, fair and very necessary. Just to know how to distinguish them from the arbitrary. A world without rules of any kind would be chaotic. The society only works if it is organized. Nothing can work if everyone does whatever you desire. We would suffer to see how trample on laws that are precisely designed to protect our rights. Those rights attending the majority of people. Although nobody should be obliged to follow laws that means they are not fair or reasonable. Unfortunately the world is not perfect and we always find some rules with which we do not agree. And those rules are the candidates to not be respected and, hopefully, to be abolished at some point. Other recommended reading: Your chances of making money with Internet subtleties to excite women techniques psychological of defence personnel (I) to remember best what Estudiado original author and source of the article