“Ciao Amore, Come Stai?

Posted by Juan on May 27, 2024as ,

Just in time to the beginning of the holiday period, published the new author of her first book Petra Muller amore Ciao, come stai? with original Italian recipes Ciao amore, come stai? with original Italian recipes the book: A witty, amusing and entertaining novel with authentic background, a travel in foreign areas, humorous and subjectively tells flooded by private thoughts, experiences, and feelings. Monika, a normal German woman, meets the Italian Maurizio in an Internet chat. Soon, she travels to him to southern Italy and spends ten wonderful days in his lovable family. You experience an unforgettable holiday in which more and more the differences of the two mentalities crystallise. It is not always easy to adapt the ideas of Maurizio’s in their way of life for Monika. Graphic is life, which described in detail joys and problems in southern Italy entered on land and people. The reader is stimulated so many times not only to think, but also to laugh. Love goes as is well known through his stomach, so original Italian recipes are described in detail to cook at home. In a question-answer forum Alina de Almeida was the first to reply. The novel is very suitable as holiday reading and awakens the desire for a trip to Italy. He is appealing for all ages.