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Corporate Colors

Posted by Juan on June 27, 2020 with Comments Closedas

Spot paint are needed for accurate color reproduction, such as corporate colors, to obtain a uniform sealing of large areas or at 1 -, 2 – ,3-color printing. Spot color is printed with a separate offset shape and separate printing unit machine. Therefore it is necessary to achieve such separations, in which all elements, printing ink spot, would be placed on a single film. And it can be done by assigning all the different colors in the file the desired color. The color must have the attribute spot color. .

And the names and composition of the same spot color in different project files must match exactly. If this is not, then we can get two different color, instead of one expected, even if the names are different only a single space in the title. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary troubles, it is recommended to control the process of naming spot color throughout work with files. As we know from the two sides of the coin, so in this case there is an inverse side of the problem – the presence of extra spot colors. Absolutely normal action, with the design of color, is the use of spot colors from various libraries, which generally are composed of graphics programs. However, after work, you must cancel the attribute spot for those colors that will not be used for print as a spot. Undo command attribute spot becomes unambiguous indication to the program, that color is a triad, with the color name will no longer have any meaning.

List Release Promotion

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