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In Search Of The Perfect Work

Posted by Juan on May 28, 2011 with Comments Closedas

Hello. Today I would like to speculate on the ideal job. Of course, it should be a matter purely personal to each individual. And for every person they differ in importance or other aspects. For some of the more important the prestige of their chosen work, for others in the first place the high paid and still others simply do so as a matter of who they really like, and still get good money for it. What do you think a good option Bole? In my third version of the most desirable, at least, me.

I personally could not deal with the case, which, in the first place, I did not care. But it is not so simple. Once again convinced that all human beings are very different. Here is an example of one of my friends. Yeah, he, like anybody, there were many problems in the past about the choice of a favorite cause. He threw the Institute, although he studied there for a prestigious profession (Specialty – applied computer science in the economy in both), and pretty well, but at one point realized that it's all just not for him. He all said that it was "cool" is prestigious and that then he will earn a lot. But there was one "But" – he did not think so.

He realized that he could not life do all these things that the programmer will come from it worthless. He is just, even if much wanted, I could not concentrate on your studies, because There was no interest. Most curious that after that he had options to get a completely normal work, for a person with no education. But no. After working a bit, he gave a certain amount of time throwing the next lesson. The most terrible thing to the time was that he did not know what he wants. Throwing one thing, another begins, and it lasted long enough. Yes, human nature to explore and try everything. But somehow he has this phase lasted for a very long period time. Now he is quite successful in the tourism sector. And looking at how it relates to their work, it becomes clear that a person really enjoy this activity. I think he is very happy in this regard. Correct someone said: "If work does not bring pleasure, it does not work, and routine." And here's another example. I will not describe it for a long time, I will tell only the essence. My best friend in finding the right work it was not too short way, tried many occupations. And, too, soon found something for everyone. And what seems to be different from my friend? And that's what: they had different goals and requirements to your favorite cause. For the friend – the process itself is important work, and for other – the return on the work process, that is, he gets satisfaction from how many earns for him the main thing. Though the work had a dull, in my opinion (Deputy Chief Financial Officer campaign), but he did not seem unhappy or depressed. It works well, well earned and well rested. Also quite happy. And no matter what attracts you in a particular case: prestige, salary, some moments directly associated with this occupation. The important thing from what it was in the work you get satisfaction.

Internet Webmasters

Posted by Juan on May 8, 2011 with Comments Closedas

Apologize in advance for experienced freelancers and webmasters for simplicity this article – not for you we focused when writing this stuff:) Those who still responds to the suggestions like "Earn $ 500 to $ 2000 per month, not leaving your computer. No special knowledge is required! ", We are only regret. Sooner or later, you realize the futility of their efforts. We intend to not consider options for working with Internet organizations, Internet representation of the companies working "in the real world," etc. Let's talk about individual earnings in the Internet, so to speak, in its purest form. So, how is a "cycle of cuts" in our beloved World Wide Web? Obviously, that the main source of any income here – Internet resource, it is the same site. How exactly makes this site: distributing goods by advertising, selling links from your pages or otherwise, for the second question. Accordingly, money online earn a master of the resource – the webmaster, or who performs work for webmasters.

It's usually the so-called freelance – freelancers, usually work remotely and on a one-off orders. And the "financial power" is not always on the side of the first. The owner of a private page about pets, the appearance he is a desire (and ability), it may order the design of expensive highly skilled professional with a reputation and waiting lists for months in advance. Here we have set for themselves in two ways: build your own project or start offering its services to "needy" for webmasters.