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The Sims 3 is the continuation of the most famous simulator of life, developed for the Maxis. The first heading of the series made success enters the most diverse public for making possible the control of the life of the personages in the game, the Sims, since its basic necessities, as to eat and to sleep, until its jobs and relationships. The third edition of the game must keep the same formula of success that consecrated the series, at the same time where the jogabilidade expands the barriers of the surmounting introducing new elements and correcting some problems of the past. With improved graphs, and much more possibilities of personalization of the Sims, the fans of the series must be surprised at love new version of the simulator of real life. In this version the game leaves of being focado in the basic necessities of the personages, since they become more independent, being capable to eat, to durmir and to go to the bathroom alone. The great prominence then starts to be in the destination of each one of its Sims, since tasks more important as relationships, work and family if they become total controlled for gamer, with a great variety of possibilities. The function to define the appearance and the clothes of the Sims also will be extended, and all the aspects of the personality and the behavior of the personage will be en vogue. Without screens of loading confusing uncurling of the game, its Yes goes to leave house and to go until the city, the house of other personages, exactly that you did not play, to go to work, to find the friends, if to amuse, to have children, if to marry and much more. Robotics describes an additional similar source. Without the possibility to interact with foreigners, it substitutes them to the game for ghosts, that can even though have children and be controlled for the players.

Golden Fleece Polymers

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Viscose and acetate fibers, nylon, nylon, polyester, Nitron, chlorine, vinol – just 15-20 years ago we did not yet know most of these names. And try to imagine today without these fibers further development of the textile industry or solution of important technical problems in the aviation, automotive, electrical engineering and in many other industries! And yet, what is created – just the beginning, "application" of his new polymeric material. Last year, our country has developed more than 300 thousand tons of various chemical fibers. In a few years, and this production will account for millions. Search takes a slightly different approach. But, of course, not only in quantitative growth. Today, the scientific laboratories around the world to create new types of polymers and fibers on their basis, new methods of improving the properties of these materials, the new, improved and economical methods for their production. And often the question arises: what is a fundamentally new and practical importance can we expect in the coming years in this area? Perhaps, in a large industrial production will always appear entirely new types of fiber? Or produced in mass quantities now 10.12 core of this material to satisfy the consumer, and scientific and technological progress will focus on ways to improve the well-known properties of fibers and improvements methods of production? Different opinions expressed on this crucial issue, and I would like to express their own, of course, undeniable point of view. There is no doubt that the next few years will bring us a lot of discoveries and will new fibers, mainly synthetic, with valuable technical properties.

They are not intended for mass production, because their scope – just a special area. In most cases, their Production will be limited to hundreds or even tens of tons per year. But it will be tons of precious because each of them does not replace the hundreds of tons of others – the mass – chemical fibers.

Guimares Games

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The career of soccer trainer is not easy and the place never estseguro. When the results are not the waited ones, happen the psychological clssicachicotada one. Exactly thus he seems exaggerated me to have sidodespedido of the Sporting the half one of the time, when he occupied as the place, only the 3 points of […]

Brazil Access

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Although the state of the Cear contributes with only 2% of the GIP in Brazil, it finishes of if becoming the state with the biggest public net of Internet broad band of the country. The Digital Cinturo of Cear (CDC), was inaugurated last week by Cid governor Gomes and the minister of Science and Technology […]

AlGalnP Brightness

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It is more a AlGalnP-and AeGAs-emitting diodes, that is, red and yellow, and less in InGN, that is, in green, blue and white. 15. Why do I need to stabilize the current through the led? As can be seen in the current operating conditions is exponentially dependent on voltage and low voltage changes lead to […]

Understands More

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3D understands the functioning of the television sets. The television sets 3D come conquering each time more adepts. This technology nothing more is of what a game of special projected lights in incidence with lenses. How functions the TV 3D? Basically the TVs of 3D shows for each eye a short while different image, what […]

Internet Fax – Still Alive and Well!

Posted by Juan on August 3, 2017 with Comments Closedas is an Internet fax leader for companies, has coverage made most European countries with the incorporation of local and personal issues in France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Finland, Romania, Portugal Denmark and the UK. The service we offer can replace physically, fax and telephone line for sending and receiving fax. With […]


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Use of the TIC in the Ida Education de Jesus Tagliati Is well-known, in the history of the humanity, a great concern with the form of if repassing the knowledge acquired for the future generation. The intriguing question, that never kept silent, is: how to make it? Of form to propitiate an education of quality […]

Earphone Wireless

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Music is in all place. It is a good part of the life of the people. Some until relate musics with pieces of its history. A majority of the people nor obtains to live without music. To hear music also is the entertainment form accessible, especially for people in transit. It is very useful in […]

Canyon Duel

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They are two rounds, that you place as hunting and hunter: in the first one, it is necessary to pursue the adversary, without inside losing it of sight, keeping a distance of the tolerance limit; in round following, the papers if invert e, then, the objective one starts to be to foil its persecutor. However, […]