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How Amplifiers Work

Posted by Juan on July 6, 2011 with Comments Closedas

Output voltage of power amplifiers in preview mode usually has two values: 70 V and 100 V. Since the warning system is translation equipment, the output stage of amplifiers, transformer, and therefore requires high-speaker with transformer input. Some models have separate outputs for connecting 4 or 8-ohm monitor . devices (power amplifiers and assistive devices) can be divided into two types: desktop and uninterruptable Rack-Mount (a device installed in the 9 ‘closets). Desktop equipment – it siliteli uninterruptable power or combined, which may work independently without devices. The objective of these devices – to enhance the sound signal received from inputs and transmit them to the speakers. The most simple, but very popular Amplifiers PA-920 PA-935.

Output power These devices 20 and 35 watts respectively. They have two microphones and one line input and a separate input for connecting pbx. First Mic input and exchanges are a priority. Has separate tone controls for low and high frequencies. Amplifier PA-1000 PA-1000BR have a power output of 30 watts, two microphones, one niversalny inputs with individual Adjusting level input for initiatives pbx (only for PA-1000BR. The first microphone input and login pbx priority. In the model PA-1000BR has a built-in digital tuner with 6-programmed settings. Both amplifiers present peak led output power. Amplifiers Inter M A-60 and A-120 output of 60 and 120 watts accordingly has three mic (first – priority) and two universal inputs, separate tone controls for low and high frequencies and light output. Amplifiers Inter M PA-2000 and PA-4000 belong to the category average desktop equipment.

Step By Step Guide To Choosing A Computer Chair

Posted by Juan on July 4, 2011 with Comments Closedas

Every day people are starting to spend more time on the computer. In connection with this selection of computer chairs become an important issue which largely determines the productivity of your work at the computer or comfort rest him. Just a long stay in a sitting position – it is also a big load on his back, so the correct choice of ergonomic chair will help you prevent back problems in the future. Before you start selection of computer chairs think about how you sit on it. Computer chairs have a lot of regulators, such as controller slope, elastic back, and many others. To a greater extent, it is proper adjustment of the chair that fits your situation, determine the comfort of your stay at the computer. The following tips will help you choose the chair, prolonged exposure to which will become your most convenient.

What would be an ergonomic chair? Ergonomics – the science of workplace equipment, which aims to reduce worker fatigue and discomfort. This means that the ergonomic chair should be adjustable. No adjustment shall be limited to high chairs. In an ergonomic chair should be adjusted all the way up back angle and height adjustment. In addition, in an ergonomic chair should be sturdy frame, quality made back support, particularly in the lumbar area, and high-quality interior, which will ensure the maintenance of your back without losing form. Ergonomic chair should ensure that support the back, to help you choose a more comfortable posture and not allow slouch.