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Fashion Blogs, Climate Change And Gas Station Dying

Posted by Juan on January 18, 2023 with Comments Closedas , is dedicated to current Swedish zeitgeist – and issues of the day who writes, writes best about their own experiences. This is the credo of a new website from and about Sweden. The website comes directly from Germans who live more than ten years of experience in Sweden and work. presents Sweden mainly as a travel and emigration country. Any ideas, hints and tips are based on own experiences and personal opinions. The author also clearly say if even some of their new home don’t like them. Thanks to its proximity to Sweden, of not only travel and vacation tips can give, but also report to current Swedish zeitgeist – and issues of the day. Examples are articles about gas station dying, which applies mainly to the North of the country, and on the impact of climate change on the port city of Gothenburg.

Also an article about Swedish fashion blogs attracted attention in Germany. Swedish students at the age of 16, 17 or 18 years show with their very private considerations of everyday and Fashion questions, how to be financially successful in the Internet. The most popular of these sites are now estimated at a market value of several million Swedish Crowns tribe. Strong growth in the Swedish tourism industry in Sweden is as a tourist destination on the rise. In the past year were twice as many foreign visitors as it did in 1991.

Thus, the Scandinavian country reported a pronounced increase in the tourism industry than many other European countries. sees itself as a richly illustrated travel portal with blog character. Almost all texts, photos and photo galleries come from our own production. Press contact: media Office Dr. Walther Plette Kvarnbackavagen 11 SE-437 91 Lindome Sweden Tel. 0046 70 2729633 is a project by Walther Plette from Lindome/Gothenburg, Sweden. Walther Plette is a German journalist, translator and photographer. Andy Florance is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In the main job, he works as export seller for a Swedish company. He is due to his work often between Sweden and Germany on the way.

Travel Tips Gathering In Italy

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Italy … Probably one of the most romantic countries and on the other hand, it is understandable to most Italians, Russian, such gallant, cheerful, with a mad sense of humor. And Italian films … Sophia Loren, Marcello … Mastroianni … Ah, Italy … In short, the choice-made.

Resolved, Italy, period. Selected route (let's say you have chosen holiday in Sicily or Sardinia, or Rome) suitcases ready, we have only to remember a couple of little things … such as: In the first place. Peter Asaro will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Take along a Russian-Italian phrase book, or remember a couple of words in English that was taught in school: in most areas do not speak not so much in Russian, but also in English. And sometimes, talking to so the same English that you still do not understand. Although, of course, if it is a hotel and there is not seldom speak in English, and recently in connection with the growth of Russian tourists in Italy, some hotels even speak in Russian. But in public places it should not count … That is why the granite Eat lest languages:) Second.

If you're taking a hair dryer or other elektrorpribory, remember that the voltage in the hotel – 220 (zotya, you can forget about it- exactly the same as in Russia), but the Russian does not fit the Italian outlets! So before you leave will need to buy adapters. And yet, we recommend to take a little more road utyuzhok, so you do not depend on its presence or absence in the hotel, also sometimes irons in hotels are not given, cause-fire safety. Third. And expensive workers, Russians, remember that the Italians – people accustomed to imposing and day sleep … … this afternoon and came up with Siesta! Do not forget please, about this famous Italian siesta. Contact information is here: Jackson Widjaja. Life in Italy from 14.00 to 15.30 just freezes: locking everything: shops, doctors (except hospitals) banks, all special schools and so on. Since the majority of private small shops, then the break can 'jump', so if you want to go after dinner, then take a look once again at the entrance sign with schedules or also ask the seller of the store, how much will be taken back. Fourth. And one more thing: all the museums and shops are often closed on Monday is their legitimate day off.

Europe Country

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World – huge, but it can be understood only if we begin to travel. If you are traveling for the first time, must adhere to certain rules, because even experienced travelers make mistakes. After all, not everything happens the way we planned. What you need to know the tourist, first met on a trip? Often, […]

Condor Builds Network

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New flights to North America and the Balkans travel to North America are highly in demand. Therefore, the airline Condor has announced to expand its corresponding flight program in the summer of 2012 to 30 percent. To the existing North America routes are offered more often, on the other hand, new destinations are added with […]

Switzerland Basel

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Hostel JBN is the first backpackers hostel in the canton’s capital and its nice combination of espresso bar and uncomplicated guest house. In the heart of Chur’s nightlife, the ‘GEETA’ is located between restaurants, bars, clubs and even a bowling alley and is very stylish. Interlaken is one of the most popular destinations in Switzerland […]


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What do I need to go by car from the Ukraine in Montenegro? Just want a little free time and, of course, owning a car ! And so, this is all you have, what now? Now let's decide how we go, given his experience, we can go to Montenegro three routes: 1. Mukachevo (Ukraine) – […]

Odometer GPS

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The odometer for bike are electronic devices for bicycle that allow to know the main parameters of a cycling route, such as speed, distance traveled and time spent. There are currently odometer for bike that are real computers, with a multitude of functions advanced as a heart rate monitor, altimeter, GPS, calories consumed, inclinometer, compass, […]