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Long-term Research Trends For Germany

Posted by Juan on August 30, 2019 with Comments Closedas ,

New priorities for research and technology which products and services we need in the future and how researchers can develop the best? How can it succeed for example, to bring new medicines without tests on humans or animals on the market? And how can we dramatically reduce the energy consumption of a city, to curb climate change? To adequately meet these and other challenges in the future, the Fraunhofer-Institute for industrial engineering IAO and for system and innovation research ISI on behalf of the Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF) have identified long-term research trends. Seven future of new cutting are a result of this so-called foresight process, where numerous experts of from various disciplines who collaborated between September 2007 and the end of 2009. These are characterised by their high innovation potential and bring together different strands of research. So for example feeds ProduzierenKonsumieren2. 0 “from production, service, and.

Environmental research and biotechnology, material, and social sciences. The future field transdisciplinary models and multi scale simulation integrates knowledge from nature, engineering, structural, agricultural, social, humanities, human, law and economics. These promises are the disciplines spanned networking, which is necessary to establish in the future for example the holistic model of the human body. Now, are the results of the foresight study under available and can be commented as of 30 June 2010 and debated in a moderated dialogue ( The results incorporated into the connection within the framework of the development of the high-tech strategy and the elaboration of the research agenda in the program work of the BMBF: selected future fields and topics are included in the program work of the BMBF. We are called upon to discuss the findings with representatives from science, economics, politics and social groups.

Windows Phone

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With an announcement on the official blog of Windows Phone, came the news that the mobile operating system of Microsoft came to its version RTM (Release to Manufacturing or in Christian: list to be used), the work of the development team has finished, and the process of final integration with the hardware, software and networks, the market and its partners is already underway. OS isn’t any mystery at this point, betas and technical previews for developers have already been launched, and we have seen some devices filtered with Windows Phone 7 in operation. Says proud Terry Myerson’s Microsoft blog, this has been the most tested enterprise mobile platform so far (the marketing networks), and they have valid feedback both of their partners, and developers and early adopters to perfect the system until you reach this instance that is ready. Quite similar to the process you are applying with your software for PCs. The only differences that highlight the RTM version of the previously seen technical preview are some integrations with Facebook (buttons I like embedded, the possibility of updating the State easily, and filters for contacts).

I’m not particularly a fan of Microsoft products and their networks of marketing (except perhaps of Office that is undoubtedly the best in what makes), but lately they have claimed quite with good new versions of their stuff, Windows 7 is an example, Office 2010 another. Although first impressions of the OS for mobile were not very favorable, as they stand out in Engadget seems that Microsoft listened to these views and improved the problems. Is that really need to enter the mobile market with force if they don’t want to be overwhelmed by those who today are at the forefront of technology, where mobility is what matters most (or most sells, that is what also to enterprises more care). Because then you will have to see when phones carrying Windows Phone 7 start to circulate which is the acceptance of users, we are those who ultimately decide the success or failure of a product (networks of the) market). Points in favor that can give Windows Phone 7 phones an advantage are the integration with Xbox, and also it seems that the integration of Foursquare which was Inti, in addition to the aforementioned with Facebook, functionality that will surely be popular is very attractive. Who of you are planning to buy a phone with the new mobile OS from Microsoft?

International Association Data

Posted by Juan on August 5, 2019 with Comments Closedas

Head along the way should make the decisions that affect the entire enterprise. And it is extremely important that decisions that affect a large area, on other people, the strategy or structure of the company, not were wrong. Or, the more stupid. Whenever Robert Bakish listens, a sympathetic response will follow. At the heart of stupidity are distorted information and ignorance of the data. The word "data" means information that is used for decisions or conclusions. " These may be true, false, distorted, incomplete, etc.

If the data on which you base that something is wrong, then the most brilliant ability to draw conclusions you can still take a stupid decision. In the administrative technology of L. Ron Hubbard has a unique tool: a series of instructions on how to analyze and investigate the situation, called "Data". These are the methods of collecting and analyzing information that allow to find the truth in the most complicated issues. These instructions are essential for people conducting the investigation: managers, investigators, journalists, parents, etc You can buy books that contain these (and many others) instructions in the office of wise (The International Association of Entrepreneurs) or at any consultant who works with her. In this short article I want to talk just about one moment in this series of instructions. This is a question of how people evaluate the accuracy of the data. Basically score reliability of the data, most people going two ways (and both of these methods can make you into an abyss of lies and errors, making your decisions naiglupeyshimi).