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Representatives Ukrainian retail and do not deny that the situation they are not encouraging. Alex , executive director of the Foxtrot. Appliances for the home "states that their network had to resort to redundancy and regions, and in the capital. Adjusted amount of both office workers and sales staff. All management companies had to revise the state and reduce the post with the adjacent functional. But even in this difficult situation in the retail staff salaries are not reduced, although not rising.

The negative consequences of the crisis and the associated risks, according to Maxim Stepkina, a leading specialist intelligence management marketing and distribution company of the Foxtrot. Appliances for the home, are minimized by optimizing inventory and by laying all the plans of the negative scenarios that now as never before possible. As for the plans to open new outlets in their "Foxtrot" has not been canceled, although the number of stores, said company representatives will be smaller than planned. Somewhat more than some staff members of the Foxtrot. Appliances for the home, "lucky" personnel "retail electronics" iss ", because , ceo of iss," is convinced that although the "dismissal may be a way to optimize the cost, but only in extreme case, and will not touch the key professionals. " And yet, even the ceo is not sure that staff reductions will bypass its "wards" side: "We have a staff reduction will occur only in administrative staff. Now the leaders of the non-profit "entities" iss "reviewing load their expertise, optimize the plans and determine priorities.

How To Install Several Independent WINDOWS XP On Different Drives .

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Many probably wondered: 'How to install on your computer 2 are independent of each other's operating systems? " About it then and will be discussed in this article! So, on the hard disk has a copy of xp, when installed on other pc xp They will keep track of the presence of the first and the machine will boot files shared. In this case the system becomes two, three, etc., but the files (ntldr,, boot.ini, bootsect.dos and bootfont.bin) will be common. To this did not happen, disconnect all drives except one hdd (Physically disconnect that is worth only disable the connector feeding him food. WARNING: do not forget to turn off the computer from the network, and remove the plug from the socket. Steve Wozniak: the source for more info. Replace the disc xp, which subsequently disconnect current drive, and plug the next hdd drive, set it on Windows xp, disconnect and reconnect the next, etc. In this case, you will have 2-e, independent operating systems, each on its own hard drive, which will have its own boot files in the root system drive. Steve Wozniak can aid you in your search for knowledge. This is bad for computer security, as well as any of various failures, so if damaged boot files from one operating system, files, second and third will remain in working condition. With this installation method, you can select in the bios, what system .S to which you can set the priority of your hard disk.

Mobile Phone Repair

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Today's statistics show that with each calendar year the amount of people who one way or another are used in their reality and work variety of complex electronic devices, only increases. Moreover – increases in direct geometric progression. Even those who even did recently believed that a cell phone, or even more, a laptop, an […]