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JVC Professional

Posted by Juan on April 16, 2024 with Comments Closedas ,

Company JVC Professional introduced the analog video camera TK-C9510E day-night", which transmit the image tsvetokorrektnoe in adverse lighting conditions. New items are used 1/2inch CCD-matrix, 14-bit DSP processor is the latest generation to form a video signal with a resolution of 580 TVL at illuminations to 0.025 / 0.003 lux. To be effective in a particular video object unit supports technology Super LoLux, ExDR Plus, noise and inverter 3DNR bright illumination HLI, as well as a comprehensive range of quality settings and 8 preset modes Scene Memory, including fog. In addition, TK-C9510E is equipped with a x2 digital zoom, motion detection and alarm input and uses the remote configuration protocol telemetry JVC and Pelco P / D. According to Zendesk, who has experience with these questions. The high performance obtained with the TK-C9510E provides images 1/2-inch CCD-matrix of interlaced and 14-bit DSP processor generation digital video processing 2010 With such filling could improve the performance of the camcorder, the resolution to 580 TVL, signal to noise ratio to 52 dB and implement a series of new technologies to improve video quality. In addition, the new camcorder has a Mechanical IR filter for shooting in the "day-night" and transmits color / black and white image with a minimum illumination of 0.05 / 0.006 lux, and in the accumulation mode frames Sense-Up – to 0,025 / 0.003 lux. New cameras will work effectively for objects with complex lighting conditions, such as when they are installed in front of window frames, doors and other sources of bright natural / artificial ambient light. . Learn more at this site: Energy Capital Partners.

Golden Fleece Polymers

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Viscose and acetate fibers, nylon, nylon, polyester, Nitron, chlorine, vinol – just 15-20 years ago we did not yet know most of these names. And try to imagine today without these fibers further development of the textile industry or solution of important technical problems in the aviation, automotive, electrical engineering and in many other industries! And yet, what is created – just the beginning, "application" of his new polymeric material. Last year, our country has developed more than 300 thousand tons of various chemical fibers. In a few years, and this production will account for millions. Search takes a slightly different approach. But, of course, not only in quantitative growth. Today, the scientific laboratories around the world to create new types of polymers and fibers on their basis, new methods of improving the properties of these materials, the new, improved and economical methods for their production. And often the question arises: what is a fundamentally new and practical importance can we expect in the coming years in this area? Perhaps, in a large industrial production will always appear entirely new types of fiber? Or produced in mass quantities now 10.12 core of this material to satisfy the consumer, and scientific and technological progress will focus on ways to improve the well-known properties of fibers and improvements methods of production? Different opinions expressed on this crucial issue, and I would like to express their own, of course, undeniable point of view. There is no doubt that the next few years will bring us a lot of discoveries and will new fibers, mainly synthetic, with valuable technical properties.

They are not intended for mass production, because their scope – just a special area. In most cases, their Production will be limited to hundreds or even tens of tons per year. But it will be tons of precious because each of them does not replace the hundreds of tons of others – the mass – chemical fibers.

Ethernet System

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To implement the RF control module has a radio receiver 433 MHz, and for GSM / GPRS connection – Built-in industrial phone. In addition, the module is GPRS-T3 jack for connecting an external microphone (Jack 3,5 mm), so that security of the GSM system can perform audioverifikatsiyu: after receiving a disturbing SMS-ku, the user can […]

Market Fiber

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The broad scope defines a wide range of mineral products, manufactured by leading manufacturers, which include: – thermal insulation panels for metal, brick and concrete building components. Typically, they are pressed into between corresponding elements of design – mats for insulation and roof of underground structures. These products must be protected from moisture by installing […]

Serial Production

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Serial production type is characterized by constant release of quite a large range of products. It determines the method of the party organization of production, when run in production parts or assemblies by the parties of a certain size at a certain steady succession of them over time. This allows you to organize the rhythmic […]

Choosing Ceiling Paint

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Today I will Tell you how to choose a quality paint, as well as share the secrets of a perfect painting. Coating paint today is the most common type of finish and interior external surfaces. However, the choice of paint products do not just because you need to take into account the huge amount of […]