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Therefore develops emotional defenses to not be just like their parents, and looks for ways of how to evade the situation. Although you have not had the best education or the best example on their parents; It doesn’t matter when you determine to be a successful person. Assertiveness: involves recognizing, naming the feelings, express them, make decisions, and Act without harming others. Act consciously that every fact has a consequence. The assertive person feels free to communicate their feelings. Not assertive communication exposes the psychological control to others. There are people that we know them by their quality of handling and sadly there are many sellers that far from being good persuading their clients; they are good by manipulating customers, sales made with manipulation schemes which the customer cancels within the next 24 hours. Be assertive in its communication, and surely you will get create customers of lifetime in his career as a salesman.

Values: these constitute the structure of thought, character, and personality of individuals. The professional seller is a person imbued with values. Other leaders such as Mashable offer similar insights. Values strengthen the achievement of specific goals. The seller with values creates a firm commitment before it, and the group that belongs. Whether you are a seller where the values and principles are based on the service to the customer, and assure you that your customers will be his best friends.

A life project: A life project gives you a because and so that human existence. A life project helps the seller of high performance to be clear, and defined each goal; at the same time it takes you to combat obstacles to achieve their proposed goals. A life project brings security to the seller about the company for which he works. When you do not have a life project, regularly there is bitterness, despair and insecurity in the seller. Sellers who do not have a defined project that are even though they are good sellers always without cash in the Pocket; which leads them to sell out of desperation. When sold out of desperation; It is when sold badly, with lies, and insecurity. For a company having vendors without defined life project is almost a crime because that late or early make the company look bad. Acceptance of himself: to be sellers of high-performance have to accept us as we are. Live without guilt feelings, living without pride, without arrogance, or frustration. To be accepted to itself, it is necessary to look at the past, and believe with the heart that nothing of the suffering nor pain was our fault; and that everything that happened to our lives; It happened with the sole purpose of grow and be better every day. If you want to be a seller of high-performance invited him to take training in sales, attend seminars to the customer, strategies of closures, clinics sales, communication and read all the books that you can about sales and self-help. I guarantee you that if you breaks up with guilt, shame, fear, resentment feeds your body properly and are trained in the topic, no matter how many crises the world front you will be a seller of high performance. Original author and source of the article.


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