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BA Earpiece Transmitter

Posted by Juan on May 20, 2012 with Comments Closedas ,

Price below.) 4. Telephone – not included kit. (This kit does not fit all phones.) BA Earpiece with a wireless inductive receiver. Buyers prefer it. 1. Earpiece. (Inserted into the ear.) 2. Wireless inductive receiver.

Why wireless? – Because the induction transmitter (which in each figure by number 2) do not need to connect to the phone via cable, it works with bluetooth and a radius of 10 meters, which is very convenient if the exam ban to go with the phones. Fits all phone numbers where there is a bluetooth.) 3. Wired microphone. Why Wireless? – Since the transmitter is connected to the induction (which is on each figure by number 2) using a wire. (Very convenient if on the exam otstegnetsya, do not fall somewhere, and will hang on the wire, never lost, the radius of audibility of a few meters, so it will be heard. Price is lower. 4.

Telephone – not included. (This kit fit all phones where there is a bluetooth.) As well pass the exam! 1. Buy earpiece 2. Find a person 'X' assistant, who will send you the information in the earpiece on the exam. 3. You must prepare the sources from which people 'X' will take the necessary information. (For example, books, internet – make a bookmark) 4. You must have a cell phone, but a person 'X' can help you from a payphone, mobile phone, home phone calls over the Internet and TE even from another city and another country. 5. If you use an earpiece thoroughly clean the ear canal (to do this each time you use an earpiece). Beware of imitations! 1. Be sure to check presence of logos! Example. 2. On the original headset must be present logo. – If the system is connected via connector hands-free (when it's wired inductive transmitter connects to the phone) a proprietary hologram should be located near the plug which is stuck to the phone. – If the system is connected via bluetooth, brand name is on the bluetooth-transmitter (a transmitter induction wire in contact with phone using bluetooth on up to 10 meters). Example. Article author: Dmitry Medvedev. 2010

Castle CAT

Posted by Juan on May 6, 2012 with Comments Closedas

Assume that the car is not installed car alarm, immobilizer, and there is no mechanical means such as locking gearshift, lock or hood lock on the steering wheel. 1. Hijacker can open the car door crank lechinki lock picking, or just break the glass. Find the key to the lock on the ignition or steering lock to break the staff, especially on domestic VAZ is not complicated, will only connect the wires on the lock ignition and start the engine. To avoid this, and though as that prolong the hijacking to install car alarm with shock sensor. 2.

Hijacker opened the car door, immediately under the hood zapischit siren car alarms and car thief can easily open the hood and try it obeztochit, first removing the terminals from the battery if the siren with independent power supply, then disabling it will not lead to silence, (if the car alarm with pager, then immediately zapischit charm of car alarm) wiring on the ignition will not start the engine, you will need to find and connect the engine block and start the engine, to search for the lock can take quite a few time. Solution 1. installation of car alarm with pager Starline b6, that would be in touch with your car. Solution 2. install an additional lock (you can lock and Wireless) Solution 3. establish a lock on the hood of the Guarantor. 3.

Theft has in its arsenal scanner alarm systems. Proskanirovav car alarm car appears as if from your keychain. Remain connected wires and the engine wound up. Solution 1. installation of car alarms with dynamic code. Solution 2. installation of an immobilizer. Decision 3. installing the lock on the checkpoint. 4. Hijacker all still crawled car alarm or as a neutralized screaming siren, connected all the locks and started the engine. Solution 1. Mechanical protection. Installation of an additional lock on the steering wheel or set the lock on the checkpoint. Solution 2. Install car alarm or immobilizer with a wireless locking engine. Such a lock is better to install a engine compartment and close the hood on lock. 5. Hijackers sometimes work with a pickpocket under the scheme: a pickpocket takes out the keys (usually it happens in large shopping centers), pendant from the alarm and sends ugonschiku that suits the car and opens it all locks keys and leaves. Solution 1. Never carry the keys to the ignition keys from mechanical locks and alarm keyfob. Solution 2. Establish a secret lock engine. (Sekretki) 6. Sometimes, the car is stolen simply by immersing the tow truck. Decision to install GSM GPS car alarm with motion sensor and microwave sensor. The general solution of the more mechanical locks and blockers (on the hood, at a checkpoint on the steering wheel), the larger and more cunning than the engine block (wireless blocking) the longer time required to hijack a car thief. For example: ugonschik see Castle CAT and threw his venture to do not dig with a lock.